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Let me take you home! _WI
MCV Corporation
2 messages
01-12-16 03:35 AM
Let follow me after a date! _Sc
MCV Corporation
1 messages
01-11-16 05:08 PM
Great Reality Show: You wanna date at the first sight.
[code] 6RU [/code] 6RU
MCV Corporation
1 messages
01-11-16 05:06 PM
Your Baby Reality Show: I'm Old Enough! MaE This is the reality show about the first journey of children, they can help their
MCV Corporation
2 messages
12-16-15 00:00 AM
You wanna date? 6RU This is the official Youtube channel of "Punchide Date". The program is pr
MCV Corporation
2 messages
12-11-15 03:57 AM
The Amazing Show: You Wanna Date?
This is the official Youtube channel of "Punchide Date". The program is produced and based on MCV Corporation Format "Punchi de DETO" of
MCV Corporation
0 messages
12-09-15 00:02 AM
Storage Wars [View All]
Can I get an opening post for this thread? Opening-opening-opening -- opening post right over there! Anyone want to go for a second post? Any
22 messages
04-16-13 01:46 PM
Double Divas
It's sort of a Say Yes to the Dress, underwear-style. From Lifetime's website: Boasting a hilariously unfiltered cast exuding Southern ch
1 messages
01-11-13 01:06 AM
The Great Food Truck Race
it's backkkkkk! This time around, all the teams are new businesses. The show is giving them fheir first truck which they have to return when the
4 messages
09-03-12 07:35 AM
Famous Food. [View All]
So who thinks 'Boogie' Mike Malin is doing this for revenge? 'Once I was a lowly [b]Big Brother[/b] contestant. But now I co-own m
33 messages
08-24-12 05:16 PM
Food Network Star - 2012 Season [View All]
Anyone watching? I only saw bits of the 2010 season with Arti. I do not like Indian food, so I never had much interest in her show. I
25 messages
07-25-12 03:53 PM
1. So it's official: [i]everyone[/i] has more talent than [b]Idol[/b]. 2. 'Quddus'? 3. In imme
6 messages
06-18-12 08:54 AM
Around The World In 80 Plates.
Select Bravo as your serving dish. Gather twelve professional chefs of varying experience who would normally appear on [b]Top Chef[%2
9 messages
06-15-12 05:54 PM
The Choice.
Once upon a time, FOX had a proud reality show tradition. A tradition of ripping off everyone else's reality shows, producing cheap, extra-st
10 messages
06-08-12 06:19 PM
The Voice Season #2: auditions begin. [View All]
Super Bowl survivors start here.
56 messages
05-23-12 09:45 AM
Last Dance: Exotic Dancer Reality Show (Casting Now)
Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you about a brand new reality show out of Atlanta. Last Dance is like Biggest Loser meet I Love Money with
1 messages
03-21-12 02:16 PM
NEW Reality Show Star Date is NOW CASTING
A major broadcast network, the award-winning production company A. Smith & Co, and MysticArt Pictures are searching the nation for single men an
0 messages
03-01-12 06:08 PM
FaceOff Season #2.
Premieres tonight (1/11) at 10 p.m. on SyFy -- for ninety minutes, which means we're facing some kind of mega-challenge for the first round
5 messages
02-02-12 09:51 PM
Rachel vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off
Anyone watching? I set TiVo to record it as soon as I saw the first commercial. I'm 8 minutes into the first episode, and Lou Diamond Philips is
9 messages
02-01-12 04:34 PM
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Am I the only one who still watched it? And cried like a baby during it? I didn't know it was ending and saw the final episode this
0 messages
01-17-12 11:21 AM
The Sing-Off: Season #2.
[b]NBC: Reports Of Our Cheapness Have Been Understated.[/b] ds/User_files/
18 messages
12-20-11 04:08 PM
Who's Still Standing
And after the premiere, that should be [b]Who Can Still Stand To Watch This Show[/b[? Meet the latest in NBC's never-ending attempts
0 messages
12-20-11 07:40 AM
Around the World in 80 Ways ds/User_files/46fab79c53f2b133.gif On Sunday nights on the History channel. With "Boston%2
5 messages
12-14-11 02:14 AM
the next iron chef - super chefs
Anyone else out there watching this? Love to hear thoughts on these egotistic chefs!! Though, i do have a fave or two. http
10 messages
12-09-11 10:48 AM
Ton of cash.
VH1 generally likes to turn their reality shows into nightmares. This time, it's a logistical one. Picture this. You get fourteen con
11 messages
10-27-11 05:55 PM
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