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with a long haired Jackie Warner. I loved the first show. And I love watching Nikki though I'd probably want to pop her one in real life
2 messages
09-13-10 12:44 PM
The Great Food Truck Race
Food Network's second foray into TAR territory involves seven teams of food trucks on a cross country tour from Los Angeles/San Diego to New York
12 messages
08-31-10 05:34 PM
Discvery Channel- two new shows
I was amazed at "Beyond Survival with Les Stroud" and at "Six Versus the World." Those two new shows had me holding my breath before each new
0 messages
08-29-10 06:08 PM
HGTV's Next Food Star-2010?? [View All]
Anyone watching this? Anyone care? After several seasons, I don't remember seeing the last few season's winners on ANYTHING! I know Mel
37 messages
08-24-10 09:29 PM
The Bachelor Pad
I watched ABC's version of Big Brother last night. I guess it's a clever way to launch a reality show with an "All-Star" version but I didn'
2 messages
08-11-10 07:12 PM
Robin Hood Rally Reality Show
Came across this the other day... The robin hood rally show show will feature amateur drivers entering in their own cars in various rally-style races
0 messages
08-05-10 02:29 PM
Total Drama World Tour.
And this time, the action starts in the States [i]before[/i] Canada gets all the spoilers -- marking the first season where we all have to
18 messages
08-03-10 03:27 PM
Deadliest Catch: Season 5
Avast ye landlocked Lubbers.... Drawback ya boombrakes, and scrape the Daggerboards. It's season 5! Where's my Rognild? Ca
15 messages
07-28-10 04:48 PM
You're Cut Off. [View All]
[b]The Simple Life[/b] multiplied by 4.5, with no retreat zone, no breaks, and apparently no ability to go out and find a pawnshop. T
32 messages
07-28-10 02:51 PM
True Beauty [View All]
Am I the only one who noticed and watch the new True Beauty show that aired on Monday?
Earl Colby Pottinger
35 messages
07-22-10 03:29 PM
Celebrity Rehab #4 cast announced.
And appearing on the only reality show where you generally hope everyone wins (and know you'll be lucky to get one): Jeremy London
3 messages
07-19-10 05:44 PM
Aspen- New Extreme Comedy Series!
Make sure you check out the new comedy reality series coming soon, Aspen! A hillarious series set in Aspen! Check out the website http://a
0 messages
07-13-10 07:01 PM
The Bakery Bunch
Help! This combines the multiple-birth shows with the cake and bakery shows. Not a pretty picture. The bakery-owner wife's voice is so irritating%
1 messages
07-12-10 11:40 PM
Ochocinco: the ultimate catch.
I haven't seen that much ego on the field since the last time Chad stood there by himself.
0 messages
07-11-10 11:04 PM
weightloss show
hi I would like an application for the weight loss show if you could please email me and applicatin to
1 messages
06-30-10 06:52 AM
Extreme Home Makeover on Long Island
Hey everyone, I'm new here. I have a job with as the Long Island reality TV examiner, so I write about reality tv as it relates to
0 messages
06-28-10 04:12 PM
Ice Road Truckers [View All]
Brrrr. Has anyone else been watching this. Really pretty cool how they can run the big trucks over the lakes and permafrost up there.%0
43 messages
06-25-10 10:25 PM
Bridal Bootcamp.
Take ten brides-to-be who feel they're too heavy to get into their perfect wedding dress. Send them to a weight loss facility (basic military wit
0 messages
06-10-10 07:46 AM
Celebrity Rehab Season #3
Well looks like it is coming back. It has been renewed and some rumors about the cast are coming out. Didn't see any confirmation on VH1 so far,
6 messages
06-02-10 11:40 AM
new show called Jersey Couture
Does anyone know anything about the new show on Oxygen called Jersey Couture? I have been seeing previews everywhere for it and it looks amaaaaaaaaa
3 messages
05-20-10 10:11 AM
Chefs vs. City [View All]
This will be on the Food Network, starting on Fridays, August 7, at 10pm. It looks like a mini TAR-style challenge for each show arou
53 messages
05-06-10 01:27 PM
New reality show: Very Good Trip
Hello reality TV fans, My name is Sara, and I'd like to share with you a new reality show called Very Good Trip. It's a new adventu
0 messages
04-20-10 11:33 AM
Tough Love Couples
So, did anyone else watch last night's episode? I've seen Tough Love before with Steve helping girls through his program, and am looking fo
2 messages
04-19-10 06:02 PM
Sober House with Dr. Drew
At first, I didn't know exactly what to think of Dr. Drew. He always seemed to offer halfway decent advice, but I could never help but think tha
1 messages
04-18-10 07:00 PM
Sneak Peek - Episode 2 of "Paris Hilton's British Best Friend"
Hey Paris lovers! Here's a link to a clip from the second episode of "Paris Hilton's British Best Friend." The second episode airs tomorrow
0 messages
04-12-10 02:30 PM
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