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That Dumb Show with Chris Knight & Adrianne.........
Brady something or other? Who can remember? We saw them get engaged (ugh!), then saw their wedding (double ugh!).... And
6 messages
09-12-07 08:29 AM
Fat March
Anyone looking forward to it? Will it have it's own forum, or will we h
17 messages
09-11-07 09:20 AM
Design Star -- Finale in Hawaii!
so i wasn't able to find any official thread for HGTV's Design Star, so i decided to post a new one, hope it's in the right area everyone?
2 messages
09-06-07 08:01 PM
The Singing Bee
I caught the first little bit and the last few minutes of this Tuesday night. (In the middle, I put a kid to bed.) I actually kind of enjoyed
12 messages
09-05-07 08:30 PM
Who wants to be a superhero?: Season Two.
'It stinks of evil!' Actually, it stinks of cheese. ds/User_files/
11 messages
09-04-07 09:13 AM
Lauren Jones Anchorwoman......Hilarious
This is on Fox....naturally, but a Tyler, Texas TV station....lagging badly in local ratings brings in hot model Lauren Jones to be an anchorwoman
mocha madness
4 messages
09-02-07 10:37 PM
the 2 corey's
i couldn't believe i was watching larry king last night and who does he have on??? the 2 corey's....and guess what? they ar
16 messages
09-01-07 10:47 PM
Is anyone watching this show on E!? It is sort of "Newlyweds" style, but with Brits. I am catching up on the past episodes whene
0 messages
09-01-07 01:15 AM
Worst Upcoming Fall TV SHows
Things aren't lookin so hot: [url] /index.aspx?a_id=7660&src=dx29[/url] T
1 messages
08-31-07 06:29 AM
Scott Baio is 45 and a Desperate Attention Whore. [View All]
Anyone bother? Can anyone [i]be[/i] bothered? And if a regular coach can take you out of the game, is a life coach allowed to take y
24 messages
08-28-07 03:45 PM
Without Prejudice
Has anyone heard about a new GSN show called “Without Prejudice?” It’s a new show where a group of people judge others based on first impress
5 messages
08-21-07 06:21 PM
The Next Great Supermodel
NOW CASTING THE NEXT GREAT SUPERMODEL TV Land and Wilhelmina Models, Inc. are partnering to find The Next Great Supermo
TV Land
0 messages
08-21-07 02:58 PM
CMT's Celebrity Bull Riding
Is anyone watching CMT's Celebrity Bull Riding? I flipped by last night and watched it and actually enjoyed it. Because the sport is so intense%
2 messages
08-21-07 02:41 PM
Flipping Out
Okay, first the bad news. Any of you out there reading this who thought you had a chance of winning the worst boss of the year prize, you've al
4 messages
08-19-07 02:30 PM
The Next Internet Millionaire - Web reality show?
Has anyone heard anything about this one? I read about it on another site and it looks like Trump on the web... with better hair... lol. %0
2 messages
08-19-07 02:57 AM
John & Kate Plus 8
I am fascinated by this show. As a mom of one 2 yr old, I can't imagine having a house with six 2 yr olds plus two 6 yr olds! The kids seem pr
1 messages
08-10-07 10:23 AM
HGTV New Reality Series--Guess What You're Moving Out
CASTING CALL FOR NEW HGTV SERIES --- GUESS WHAT…YOU'RE MOVING OUT! Do you have a friend, brother, sister or cousin who is all gr
0 messages
08-08-07 02:53 PM
Speculation about Tori having her own Bravo TV show
[link:" yer/?id=124124"|Is she really a psychic? She looks like she belongs on Desperate Housewi
0 messages
08-05-07 10:27 AM
Little People Big World Arrest! reported that the star of the show Matt Roloff was arrested for DUI last month. You know he seemed like a know it all but I didn%2
3 messages
08-01-07 07:03 PM
The Next Best Thing [View All]
West Coast: you've still got time to get in on this one. We finally found the call-in show I might actually place votes for. We're still in t
26 messages
07-26-07 12:46 PM
The Next Food Network Star [View All]
This is the third go around for this show and it seems like they have given it an over-haul. The challenges were a bit higher stress and their living
60 messages
07-24-07 03:28 PM
Hey Paula
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/469cbcf7443f9705.jpg[/center] Somehow I managed to catc
7 messages
07-24-07 01:07 PM
Anyone watching 'A Model Life'??
The first episode, that I saw, was a little different than 'Top Model', and the super model running the show seems to be so much more sincer
2 messages
07-24-07 10:17 AM
Tori and Dean
OH MY GOD !!...Now Tori is a minister??? I think this is the height of self indulgent conceitness. Being a minister is a profession that is
2 messages
07-21-07 03:25 PM
new reality television show
Hey, has anyone seen heard about a new reality television show called The Winning Team? I replied to a Craigslist advert advertising for a casting
0 messages
07-19-07 03:19 PM
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