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That's Amore.
I think at some point, every reality show producer has to sit down in front of a mirror, stare into its surface, and ask hirself the following q
1 messages
03-10-08 08:08 AM
Gone Country on CMT
Is anyone watching this? I just watched the first two and it was pretty entertaining. The basic format is the usual of has beens or never quite ma
11 messages
03-09-08 06:36 PM
Oprah's Big Give: Episode #1
Use it as an East Coast Spoiler Thread, if there's enough people who care that much. Use it for discussion. Use it for anything you like. But m
2 messages
03-03-08 09:44 AM
Pussycat Girls: Girlicious
*groan* So, I'm the only person watching? We've now got another good reality show rule to add to the vat of knowledge we've b
2 messages
02-29-08 05:54 PM
Amazons Wanted for Reality TV
Amazons wanted for Reality TV ! Fantastic news!! A Reality TV crew in Australia want to send in cameras to film Camp Amazon NZ during
The Jenga
4 messages
02-25-08 10:04 AM
Bad Girls Club, Season 2
We're about 5 episodes into this show, and have one casualty already. This is my guiltiest pleasure, and every Tuesday I watch it live, not o
1 messages
02-21-08 02:03 AM
Bravo's Most Outrageous Moments Show
Top 20 were as follows: #20. Project Runway 1, argument between Wendy Pepper and Kara Saun. #19. Showdog Mom and Dad, the
11 messages
02-19-08 08:18 PM
Best Dance Crew on MTV----Entertaining!
I am not in the demographic for MTV, and I do not like hip-hop....however, America's Best Dancecrew on MTV is very entertaining. They have ense
mocha madness
0 messages
02-11-08 06:48 PM
The Revamped Trading Spaces - Ex-spouse episode
I searched to see if anyone had posted about this episode, which aired last Saturday night I believe (01/26). I didn't spot any such thread
4 messages
02-04-08 01:52 PM
Real Houswives of Orange County3...Back Like a Bad Habit [View All]
Bravo once again brings back the Real Housewives of Orange County for a third try at making the most unlikable people this side of the Real World Kids
mocha madness
30 messages
02-02-08 06:01 PM
DD and I watched this lastnight. We decided that our "team" name would have to be Team DAW :) but the a FUNNIEST.NAME.EVER was Silent But Dea
9 messages
01-31-08 02:23 PM
Paige Davis talks about her return to TLC's 'Trading Spaces' sive-paige-davis-talks-about-her-return-tlc-trading-spaces-6443.php
10 messages
01-28-08 04:11 PM
scott baio is pregnant now (we know he already had it
you know....he is a really good actor...he had me believing he was shocked about the baby, about being annoyed with renee and the unpacking. %0
2 messages
01-28-08 02:42 PM
Freaky guys on TV. I don't get whats going on?
How did this freaky guy get his own reality show? They’ll give anyone with half a brain their own show these days apparently. He’d be my last ch
2 messages
01-25-08 05:41 PM
Super Nanny [View All]
Is anyone watching this? I tivo'd last night's episode and saw a few minutes during lunch today. Two of the boys (ages 3 & 6)
67 messages
01-15-08 01:29 PM
He reminds me of someone...
Wasn't sure what forum to put this in, so here it is... This was making me crazy the past couple of days. Take a look at Corbin Bernsen
0 messages
01-14-08 07:00 PM
Paradise hotel 2!
I can't believe it's baaaack! Anyone watching on February 4th? *rubs hands with glee*
0 messages
01-10-08 00:05 AM
Top this Party - New Reality TV Show
Lifetime is supposed to come out with a bunch of new shows, one that is a reality tv show based around the work of a party planner for the rich. Loo
2 messages
01-08-08 03:53 PM
Iron Chef America [View All]
Looks like Food Network is looking for another Iron Chef and is holding a competition to find her/him. I love watching Iron Chef - it amazes
38 messages
01-02-08 06:46 PM
Tila Tequila's "A shot at love"
Ex stripper turned Myspace persona turned Celeb turned reality TV star who still strips occasionaly, Tila Tequila, just wrapped her show "A shot
3 messages
12-25-07 01:36 AM
Clash of the Choirs [View All]
Anyone planning to watch? I admit it intrigues me and I will probably watch to see how the show will be. I sing in my church choir so I guess that%2
49 messages
12-24-07 06:19 PM
Next Great American Band [View All]
Okay, so this show is coming up on Friday, Oct. 19th and I am hoping it will replace (in interest) my beloved Rock Star. It looks like it coul
64 messages
12-23-07 08:51 PM
Rock of Love [View All]
OMG, I actually watched it...and might watch again. DamnyouVH1! Premise: Poison's lead singer Bret Michael's is looking for love.
102 messages
12-21-07 01:05 AM
London Ink
Anyone see this? After Miami and LA, I think I'll stay with the Miami cast. I much tattoo shows can you watch anyway?
2 messages
12-10-07 11:15 AM
Casting Call--Looking for Homeowners Considering a Move!
A new TV series is looking for homeowners whose home no longer suits their needs. If this describes you, we want to hear from you! Should I Stay o
0 messages
12-05-07 05:01 PM
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