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Tomorrow's episode and Anna Lucia
This is an article I found about this weeks show and developments in Anna Lucia's character. I guess there is one tiny spoiler, but not something
0 messages
11-15-05 12:41 PM
WOOOO!!! And? HOOOO!!! Our three week hell is finally over! It's pre-show time!!!%
7 messages
11-14-05 10:49 PM
The killer - what we think we saw [View All]
It looked pretty simple. "Establishing shots" of high grass indicate two groups in the same area. Shannon running in the woods.
26 messages
11-14-05 05:07 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode until the "westies" have a chance to see it. The three weeks are finally over!%0
43 messages
11-13-05 06:37 PM
Count the Tailies
After watching this week's episode, in which Ana Lucia details what happened to 12 of the 23 tail section survivors, I've got yet another ques
2 messages
11-13-05 10:48 AM
I was looking at imdb for Cindy and it has her credited with various episodes in season 2, but also parts 1 and 2 of the pilot. Does anyone remembe
1 messages
11-13-05 09:57 AM
From spoilerfix
filler filler not that earthshattering filler filler filler filler filler filler filler 11/10 - Kate's original crime that s
2 messages
11-11-05 10:50 PM
Teddy Bear [View All]
Question about the teddy bear...I notice some of you said it was the item taken by Desmond before he ran from the hatch..but isn't it the same bear
22 messages
11-11-05 10:33 AM
My vincent theory
Daughter on vacation so I`ll try this myself. I still think something is up with Vincent. He sure was in last night`s episode a lot.
maroonclowns mom
4 messages
11-10-05 03:57 PM
11/23 Episode title & Description
From rch_lv.htm?prog_num=001648 "Collision" - Tempe
2 messages
11-10-05 03:19 PM
Spoilers from
The site has thumbnail photos of the next two episodes as well as the previous episodes, and also gives descriptions for those episo
13 messages
11-10-05 01:35 PM
Relative positions of groups on island
Something seemed out of kilter last night when the tailies were returning to the main group. Here's why. Maybe my recollection of past events is wro
1 messages
11-10-05 10:11 AM
Another Thought Regarding
The upcoming death. I know, I know. What new twist could be added? What complication could be introduced? How much spoiler space is
Devious Weasel
20 messages
11-09-05 11:22 PM
Arrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! * * * So. What will YOU be doing on Wednesday evenings till "Lo
9 messages
11-09-05 05:31 PM
Lost Podcast
Does anyone know where this is? I can't find it on It is supposed to be there today. http://www.thefutoncritic.c
3 messages
11-08-05 08:17 PM
Lost Seminar
I found this link that some of you may be interested it. It is a two hour long discussion. The description is below. If you go to the link, scrol
1 messages
11-05-05 09:51 PM
Good twin/bad twin?
This [ ure_lost_dc|story] was in USA Today yesterday. [i]The "Lost" novel,
2 messages
11-04-05 06:51 PM
Pairs of legs
I was tryng to count the paris of legs of the Others but was unable to get an accurate read. What I thought I noticed was the same pair of muddy bare
7 messages
11-03-05 06:43 PM
filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler thanks to Ain
J Slice
36 messages
11-01-05 05:36 PM
I missed this weeks show.....
So whats the scoop? Angel
brown eyed angel
2 messages
10-28-05 03:48 AM
East Coast Spoiler Thread 10/12/05 [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode on this thread until the west coast peeps have had a chance to see it. http://commu
30 messages
10-27-05 05:40 PM
No spoilers, just some fun
Check out the "6 Degrees of LOST" photo contest at ontestcache.asp?contest_
0 messages
10-25-05 07:02 PM
TV Guide spoilers [View All]
Don't go if you don't want to know... ds/User_files/4346c4fb467b7621.jpg %0
28 messages
10-25-05 11:07 AM
Hurely's flashback is a hint to timeline
When Hurley asks the record store clerk on a date, he gives away a timeline. Go here for more. http://blogs.twincities.
0 messages
10-24-05 10:22 AM
Aaron - name meaning
I don't know if the writers are into symbolism, or are just picking names out of a hat - but for what it's worth... Aaron - "Shinin
Cathy the Canadian
5 messages
10-22-05 07:48 PM
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