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Relation to KAL flight 007
I was just reading this after reading something else, which led me to this website: describing the incident. A
2 messages
11-29-05 04:38 PM
Time Range
I've heard people say that the time at which this show is taking place may not necessarily be in the present, in fact, I even think one of the p
Das Mole
2 messages
11-29-05 01:15 PM
Lost podcasts?
Has anyone else been listening to the Lost podcasts? They are available to download through iTunes. Most of them have a little interview with one of
1 messages
11-29-05 07:15 AM
Thank you Canada (their preview)
Well... That is the zip file, the format is MPEG That gives [i]a little[/i
2 messages
11-27-05 01:45 AM
Next Episode Predictions
Well, I don't think there's a thread specifically created for the purpose of speculation on next week's episode yet, so...I thought I'd ma
Das Mole
6 messages
11-26-05 06:55 PM
Crossword puzzle
Okay, help me out here folks as I only have a TV, no TIVO, no fancy-pants recording equipment, just a 32" run of the mill teleovision set.%0
4 messages
11-25-05 03:32 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread 11/23/05
Please keep all discussion of tonight's show here until the westies have had a chance to watch the show. http://community.realitytv
20 messages
11-25-05 03:17 PM
Jerky screen shots
I've noticed at times there is a jerkiness to some screen shots. Often they occur when there is alot of action (i.e. when Sayid & Mr. Eko are f
3 messages
11-24-05 12:23 PM
Ana-Lucia theory...
First time posting on this thread, so please forgive if this has been mentioned, but does anyone else think that she is a bounty hunter possibly a
17 messages
11-24-05 10:19 AM
Lost sigs, anyone? [View All]
I finally decided to make myself some Lost sigs and would be happy to make sigs for others (just tell me the characters/theme and I'll come up w
84 messages
11-23-05 07:31 PM
Best Episode Ever !
It was, perhaps, the most interesting and engaging episode that I've ever seen. This week's Lost marked the second consecutive episode - yet t
4 messages
11-23-05 10:47 AM
Ana & Sayid ???SPOILER?????
I was watching the housewives tonight and I saw the preview for next show. It showed Sayid tied to a tree and Ana sitting across from him. He asks "
8 messages
11-22-05 12:53 PM
Others and the plane crash
After last night's episode about the tailies, I wonder if the plane crash was an accident or if it was lured to that island. If I remember right%2
9 messages
11-18-05 04:14 PM
Easter Egg Spoilers
I think this is new. It's from Kristin, but she has quotes from cast members and a video with Damon Lindelof explaining a couple of the eggs.%
0 messages
11-18-05 01:35 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread 11/16/05 [View All]
Please keep all discussion on this thread until the westies have a chance to see the show. Let's find out what happened to the tailies on
65 messages
11-18-05 01:18 AM
Walt's Audio/Whispers in the Woods [View All]
Thanks to TJ for posting the audio of what Walt said in the tent! I'm techno challenged in that I don't have TIVO/DVR...heck, whe
21 messages
11-17-05 03:58 PM
lost rhapsody
lime helmet me if you've seen this before st http://community.realityt
14 messages
11-17-05 02:30 PM
Good Morning America
Has anyone else been catching the "lost" scenes that "Good Morning America" has been showing? GMA has started a segment, about an ho
2 messages
11-17-05 01:51 PM
Major Lost Spoilage Info
The first part of today's Ask Ausiello is entirely Lost info. Read it [ here]. It talks about th
Devious Weasel
11 messages
11-16-05 10:17 PM
Two Questions [View All]
OK...there are two questions that I'd really like to be able to answer, here, and I don't know if either one is answerable. 1) Ho
Das Mole
22 messages
11-16-05 01:31 PM
Tomorrow's episode and Anna Lucia
This is an article I found about this weeks show and developments in Anna Lucia's character. I guess there is one tiny spoiler, but not something
0 messages
11-15-05 12:41 PM
WOOOO!!! And? HOOOO!!! Our three week hell is finally over! It's pre-show time!!!%
7 messages
11-14-05 10:49 PM
The killer - what we think we saw [View All]
It looked pretty simple. "Establishing shots" of high grass indicate two groups in the same area. Shannon running in the woods.
26 messages
11-14-05 05:07 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode until the "westies" have a chance to see it. The three weeks are finally over!%0
43 messages
11-13-05 06:37 PM
Count the Tailies
After watching this week's episode, in which Ana Lucia details what happened to 12 of the 23 tail section survivors, I've got yet another ques
2 messages
11-13-05 10:48 AM
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