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Lost numbers and the Cultural Revolution in China??
I was reading an article in the NYtimes about the Cultural Revolution in China and something popped out at me. There was a Red Guard group
1 messages
04-10-06 12:08 PM
East Coast Discussion Thread for 04/05/06 Episode [View All]
Let's hope more information is revealed about the hatch. Keep the chat here until the westies have had a chance to watch!
28 messages
04-10-06 10:10 AM
Kristin Newest Spoilers
These are HUGE. I understand Kristibn has a good reputation for spoiling non-reality show, so I expect these are probably accurate. Follow this li
6 messages
04-08-06 08:51 AM
NO, not another rerun
I've been excited that a new episode was coming on this week and looked to see what next week's show will be about. But it's another rerun. %0
17 messages
04-07-06 02:07 PM
Producers Stay "Lost" Next Season
Look like they've locked everyone in for next year......YEA! [ _eo/18746|Producer
1 messages
04-07-06 01:59 PM
Henry gale and locke
Since henry came to the show, Am I the only one that thinks his interaction with locke is much more different than his interaction with jack, or a
4 messages
04-06-06 09:59 PM
The Numbers [View All]
We were talking in the bar last night and I mentioned that DH has a theory about the significance of some of the numbers. It was suggested that this m
29 messages
04-05-06 11:35 PM
Preview Clips - *** SPOILER *** for some
Spoiler for those that don't like to watch the previews. Has anyone else watched the preview clips for tonight. They are on AOL. Not su
1 messages
04-05-06 02:59 PM
"lockdown" map only seen in blacklights
What's the significance of this? Why can it only be seen with hthe black lights and the black lights only come on for 30 second while the hatch d
5 messages
04-04-06 07:25 PM
Henry Gale's story makes no sense [View All]
Why would Henry Gale spin a story that is demonstrably false? He chose a false name connected to a corpse on the island. The
23 messages
04-04-06 11:25 AM
The Sickness/ Disease
The Sickness has come to play a big part in the mystery on the Island. I thought that we could have a post dedicated to it. My thoughts:
10 messages
04-02-06 08:00 AM
East Coast Spoiler Thread Discussion for 03-29-06 Episode [View All]
Please keep discussion of tonight's episode here until the Westies have had time to see the episode. http://community.realitytvworl
25 messages
04-02-06 07:26 AM
We know that there was a Widmore Construction sign in the London skyline when Driveshaft was fired from that diaper commercial. Now, Widm
4 messages
03-31-06 02:10 PM
I REFUSE to believe...
... That "LOST" now OFFICIALLY sucks. I don't have the link, but I guarantee you all that I DID read the following filth in "US
19 messages
03-31-06 01:43 PM
Henry Gale
Shall we chat about our newest Lost member? Here's a link to the actor's list of credits. His name is Michael Emerson. http:%2
Canada Girl
11 messages
03-30-06 01:04 PM
Locke ?
Does anyone have any clue as to how Locke ended up in a wheelchair? I appoligize if this has been discussed before http://community
maroonclowns mom
2 messages
03-30-06 12:50 PM
Henry's map
What a crappy map. Walk through the jungle until you come to the forest? And how does Henry know where the beach camp is located?%0
3 messages
03-29-06 09:59 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread For The 03-22-06 Episode [View All]
Let's keep the discussion here until the westies have had a chance to see it. Or at least I think tonight is a new episode...
40 messages
03-28-06 00:36 AM
G vs. E
I had suspected a long time ago and last night's episode confirmed it for me. The whole conflict with the Others is going to be a battle of Good vs
1 messages
03-24-06 12:50 PM
More Literary References
LOL. Gale asks for Stephen King. Is that a shout out to us? Dostoyevsky's [u]The Brothers Karamazov[/u] :[link:books.
3 messages
03-24-06 09:28 AM
Lost No more
Ha ha, I know what they are doing. They are getting everyone cheesed off, then they will take it off the air because of low viewer watching. I`l
maroonclowns mom
2 messages
03-23-06 09:07 AM
ABC Lost Site Journal
Has anyone read the latest lost journal? Someone knows they are holding Balloon guy in the hatch and it is her/his brother. Just go to ABC's Off
1 messages
03-13-06 01:32 PM
E.W. Lost Theory
Hey, any Entertainment Weekly readers here? There was a good theory printed in the March 3rd edition by Jeff Jensen. You can read it here:%
Cathy the Canadian
0 messages
03-11-06 07:22 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread 03-01-06 [View All]
Let's keep discussion of tonight's episode here until the westies have a chance to see it.
28 messages
03-10-06 09:04 AM
What is with Zeke's fake beard? Is is so that the Oceanic gang won't realize that The Others are working and are not lost themselves? %0
8 messages
03-06-06 11:16 PM
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