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What happened at the end of Lost
The show went over an hour and my Tivo cut off during the song at the end right when they showed the bald guy. Did I miss anything? Also
shakes the clown
31 messages
10-10-04 02:35 PM
SPOILERS: ABC listing description for Lost, Episode 7 (11/3)
Inserting some space so that this doesn't show on the topic listing page... ====================%
0 messages
10-11-04 10:13 PM
Dear Webby- thanks for the LOST forum! sincerely, Bawdy :-)
11 messages
10-13-04 09:50 PM
No Lost on the West Coast!!!
Okay, okay. [i]Some [/i] people think that the debates are important for some odd reason, but they are not....I repeat....NOT as impor
Sagebrush Dan
3 messages
10-14-04 07:24 AM
Isn't it about time they did something with the bodies?
They're in the tropics where it never gets cold and things rot fast. So, why hasn't anyone inhaled deeply and realize it's time to bury the o
Sagebrush Dan
4 messages
10-14-04 08:30 AM
Did anyone see "Lost"? Wow, I thought it was really good. And weird. Where did they crash- Jurassic Park? Anywho, I'm lovin' Matth
86 messages
10-14-04 06:47 PM
for ex: what happened? why did so-and-so do this? What is going on here? and so forth. I just caught my first ep., and others
8 messages
10-15-04 04:31 PM
SPOILERS: ABC press release for Lost Episode 5 (10/20)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-12-04 AT 01:38 PM (EST)[/font] SPOILER SPACE - SPOILER SPACE - SPOILER SPACER - SPOILER SPACE
13 messages
10-18-04 11:30 AM
Lost- characters
Let's post here to discuss the characters on the ABC show Lost. ds/User_files/40b68c6
32 messages
10-18-04 05:44 PM
Lost- Discussion of the Plot
Let's post here to discuss the plot of future episodes and/or spoiler info. ds/
31 messages
10-18-04 05:49 PM
"Lost" Love List
Vote here. Rank 'em. Limited to the guys or gals on the island, please. Also, you can have a section for your vote for hotties.
10 messages
10-21-04 09:51 AM
What exactly is the 16 year distress call?
We missed taping a bit of that episode and missed hearing the old distress call. So what exactly was said in french and how did the people
Canada Girl
1 messages
10-21-04 12:17 PM
SPOILERS: ABC press release for Lost Episode 6 (10/27)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-12-04 AT 01:37 PM (EST)[/font] SPOILER SPACE - SPOILER SPACE - SPOILER SPACER - SPOILER SPACE
6 messages
10-21-04 12:36 PM
End of 10/20 episode please??
*sigh* OK it's been the day from hell here. Had to take orcling for emergency Dr's apt and forgot about the timing issues ABC seems to be
5 messages
10-21-04 02:58 PM
DriveSHAFT website
I found a website dedicated to Charlie's band, "DriveSHAFT": veshaftband/%
5 messages
10-21-04 03:04 PM
How about...
a quick summary of what happened last night 10-20-04. I was out of town and missed it, Please, please, please. Beg, beg, beg. Thank you.%
5 messages
10-22-04 10:45 AM
Bush or Kerry? Election '04
Who will it be, Bush or Kerry?
4 messages
10-23-04 11:39 AM
Episode titles to episode 10.
I know some of this is already listed but I thought I'd post this anyhow. 6. 1- 6 105 27 Oct 04 House of the Rising Sun %
9 messages
10-24-04 10:40 PM
Looks like Korean woman can understand english
She totally reacted to the news that all the water bottles had been stolen, just a face in the crowd of people, but you can tell she knows what'
Canada Girl
13 messages
10-27-04 10:39 AM
10/27 - pre-show spoilerish stuff
Spoilerish stuff.... ******* ******* filler ******* *******%
6 messages
10-27-04 03:14 PM
Lost Gets Picked Up aspx?news=171312 [b][i]'Lost' Gets Picked Up for a Full Season[/b]%
7 messages
10-28-04 01:00 AM
Lord of the Flies
It seems inevitable to me that some comparison be drawn to "Lord of the Flies", here. Not because it's a bunch of people stranded by a plane o
3 messages
10-28-04 02:58 AM
Preview of next week's show?
We didn't get a preview on our feed. Was there one, and if so, could someone please fill me in! Need a little something to get me t
Canada Girl
7 messages
10-29-04 03:57 PM
So is Jack gay or what?
...not that there's anything wrong with that. It seems like Kate is flirting with him big-time, and Jack just doesn't seem the least bit intere
11 messages
10-29-04 04:09 PM
Somethin funny going on here...
Some thought I've had about oddities & social climate of the show. Please join in if you've noticed the same or something different. Things th
30 messages
10-29-04 04:23 PM
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