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My dog Vincent
Anyone notice when Ana was sitting with Vincent, that Vincent took off like a bat out of `ell. Wonder what he saw?
maroonclowns mom
2 messages
01-20-06 09:29 AM
That Twin Beach 5Z GWN6.....
I just wanted to mention something I noticed.... When the plane is turned upside down in the forest.... the Numbers are not there that were there when
9 messages
01-20-06 08:23 AM
All God's Children
Holy religious overtones Batman. I haven't quite gotten my head around an analysis yet but the imagery cannot be ignored. I wa
11 messages
01-19-06 09:59 AM
The Monster
We got a good first look at the monster last night. The best that we've had actually. And I thought we would open up discussion on it. 1
15 messages
01-18-06 04:23 PM
This is our Island
At the end of lsat nights episode. I heard someone say "this is our island" Who?? Does anyone know what`s coming next week?
maroonclowns mom
16 messages
01-17-06 01:40 PM
"23rd Psalm" Episode Discussion [View All], basically there's one thing in particular in this episode that I really didn't understand, and that made me feel tempted to just chan
Das Mole
73 messages
01-17-06 05:29 AM
Eko and the Island
Now, I don't know how credible this is, nor when it was written, but I got this off of iTunes, the description of [i]Lost[/i]...%0
Das Mole
1 messages
01-15-06 06:28 AM
video game?
Someone at work says her son has a video game called "Eco" or something similar- that is about a man with a stick that fights a black smoke. Anyon
10 messages
01-13-06 09:56 PM
This could potentially have spoilers, so be forewarned. (I'm not sure if they are actual spoilers but I found something that is worthy of discu
5 messages
01-13-06 04:29 PM
Tailie Pleads Guilty
Yesterday Cynthia Watros, AKA Libby, pleaded guilty to drunk driving. Watros cooperated during the arrest on December 1, unlike Michelle Rodrig
0 messages
01-13-06 12:43 PM
Deleted Scenes from LOST Season One
For Christmas I was given the LOST Season 1 compilation from my sweet hubster and of course, I went right to the things not shown on TV. There were
12 messages
01-13-06 08:41 AM
Episode Lists
All the Episodes From Jan 11 - Feb 15 8 pm Lost: Revelations Discover the complete story of the grueling first 48 days on the island for
2 messages
01-12-06 11:31 AM
Well HELLO, my darlings! This is JoWanda Rivers and I'm tellin' ya' - I am thrilled! Just friggin' THRILLED!%0
4 messages
01-11-06 08:34 PM
Spoilers for 1/11 episode
Here's some spoiler information from and the weekly Lost podcast. ******************%
4 messages
01-11-06 03:28 PM
Two More Days
Anyone else excited? sMole/mystylesig.jpg
Das Mole
10 messages
01-10-06 04:13 PM
A "Lost" Love Child
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/43bf33a15ce90924.jpg [/center] Another Lost star is in
Stormy Valley
0 messages
01-06-06 11:23 PM
Lost... their licences
Seems some of the tailies have gotten into some trouble: [b]'Lost' stars Rodriguez, Watros arrested[/b] HONOLU
14 messages
01-01-06 11:38 PM
Sayid in T.V.
I was reading this recap, and somebody posted, that Sayid was on the T.V. when Kate went and Visit her dad in the military. Can someone confirm th
6 messages
12-29-05 11:14 AM
Rerun this week - 12/14
Seems like Lost was a repeat last week. Is it a new one tonight (12/14) ? or when is the next new one if not tonight ? http:/
1 messages
12-14-05 06:45 AM
Untimate theory?
Haven't time to see if this was posted anywhere but I found it rather interesting....
4 messages
12-08-05 01:42 AM
East Coast Live Update Discussion 11/30/05 [View All]
Let's keep all discussion of tonight's show on this thread until the tailies have a chance to see the episode. Also, for the die hard
36 messages
12-05-05 10:07 AM
I Hate To Be The Bearer Of Bad News [View All]
But after next week's episode there will be no new episode until January 11th. ds/User
Devious Weasel
23 messages
12-05-05 09:07 AM
The Dark Horse
I believe Sawyer referred to the Horse as a Big Dark Horse, as opposed to a black horse. Traditionally a "dark horse" is a usually
18 messages
12-03-05 06:30 PM
The Computer
What is the best way to make someone do something? Tell them they are forbidden from doing so. Therefore, telling them DO NOT USE THE
17 messages
12-02-05 05:15 PM
Be in the hatch for a night or two
I'm sure this has been posted already, but I found this site where it is the simulated time and computer screen. You can enter the numbers and it
0 messages
12-02-05 10:13 AM
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