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D.H.A.R.M.A. Initiative
I've read on a few other sites that the Lost creators have confirmed that Dharma is an acronym. I'm not sure how important this may be, but can
1 messages
03-02-06 02:24 PM
4/6 Episode Discussion [View All]
Well, here we go. Boone is struggling and Jack sent Kate to Sawyer to get all his alcohol. What happens next?
48 messages
03-01-06 08:31 PM
"I am lost" game on ABC site [View All]
Questions, Answers, walkthroughs, and discussion about how it relates to the show (maybe some hints or speculations). Who's tri
109 messages
02-25-06 10:39 AM
East Coast Spoiler Thread: 02/15/06 [View All]
The wait is over and here we are again. Is the stranger one of "the others"? Let's leave all the talk about it here until "the westies" ha
44 messages
02-24-06 09:36 PM
Companion to Fester's Puzzle Thread
To support Fester's argument about how [i]Lost[/i] is like a puzzle, I thought you all might enjoy this post from another board. Very in
0 messages
02-17-06 08:05 AM
Descriptions of next week's preview
Damn Canadian feed didn't show a preview! I'm jonesing here, give me a Lost fix! ds/U
Canada Girl
4 messages
02-16-06 07:24 PM
Kristin Spoiler
I just was reading a Kristin's latest column and found this spoiler ***********************
4 messages
02-16-06 04:29 PM
Sawyer and Charlie
I found the idea below on another website. What is everyone's opinion? I'm always coming up with excuses for the bad guy, but I hadn't tho
1 messages
02-13-06 03:30 PM
lost ,season 2 on dvd?
i'm a 1st timer. i've watched lost season 1 on dvd from blockbuster and was hooked. but my problem is that i refused to watch what's on tv now b
3 messages
02-13-06 03:23 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread; 02/08/06 [View All]
Sorry for the late start. Please keep discussion of tonight's show here until the westies have had a chance to see the show. http:/%2
36 messages
02-13-06 09:19 AM
Locke And Charlie Thoughts
The episode Fire and Water was I admit not one of my favorites but I believe that it provided some valuable insights into the Lost puzzle. Some of thi
10 messages
02-13-06 01:21 AM
Pilot Repeat
According to TV Guide they are repeating the 2 hour pilot on Feb 18. Anyone know why? That seems a strange one to repeat.
3 messages
02-11-06 07:16 AM
The Lost puzzle [View All]
I’ve thought about this “Lost” fatigue amongst us that seems to be prevalent during Season 2, and I’ve come to a conclusion about it. “Lo
25 messages
02-09-06 01:26 PM
The Last 10 minutes
Could someone please give me a brief summary of the last 10 minutes. We lost our satellite signal at the very beginning of Sayed and Hurley scene? A
1 messages
02-09-06 12:38 PM
Podcast Spoilers
This week's podcast has a couple of little spoilers about Fire + Rain and The Long Con. There was also an interview with Evangeline Lilly. %
1 messages
02-09-06 08:34 AM
What Are They Doing?
OK, so I was thinking about the show a little bit earlier today, and I thought of something that perhaps is a reason that the show hasn't been t
Das Mole
0 messages
02-08-06 05:55 PM
East Coast Discussion Thread 01/25/06 [View All]
Another new episode so keeps discuss it in this thread until the westies have had a chance to see it.
53 messages
02-07-06 06:44 PM
Raise Your Hand [View All]
If you wanna smack Jack around a little. *Raises Hand* He's starting to drive me crazy. Aside from medical crap, he's
Canada Girl
27 messages
01-31-06 10:44 AM
Lost List... Unanswered questions [View All]
I've started a little list of questions without answers. It's a work in progress. Please help. Review [link:lostquestions.blo
24 messages
01-28-06 06:12 PM
Sun's kidnap
Pics and press release [ opic.php?t=400&mforum=circleof|here.] http:/%2
7 messages
01-28-06 05:01 PM
Easter Egg in Fire + Water
On the podcast this week they say there will be an easter egg during a flashback in Fire + Water.
11 messages
01-28-06 11:39 AM
During Charlie's dream they showed a closeup of his hand. His knuckles were bandaged and he had F.A.T.E. written across. I checked his h
5 messages
01-26-06 06:53 PM
The Sickness and Locke
Forgive me if this has already been discussed. I look through some threads and couldn't find anything that jumps out at me. I've been
0 messages
01-26-06 01:12 PM
East Coast Discussion Thread 01-18-06 [View All]
We have a new episode tonight! Let's keep discussion here until the westies have a chance to see the show. Will we see the monster agai
49 messages
01-25-06 10:52 AM
NO, NO, NO, I don't want another repeat
TV Guide shows 2/1 as a repeat of Numbers. It seems too soon for another repeat. Does anyone know how long of a break we'll have this time?
3 messages
01-23-06 07:03 AM
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