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Finale Clues in Previews
During the Alias finale, ABC showed lots of Lost previews. We saw Desmond (as had been previously reported). Locke trying to smash the compute
1 messages
05-24-06 08:10 AM
East Coast Spoiler Thread Discussion 05-17-06 [View All]
We have a new episode tonight. Let's chat about it here until the Westies have a chance to see it. http://community.realitytvworld.
22 messages
05-22-06 01:53 PM
Station Logos
As we discover a new station on the island, let's post vidcaps of them on this thread so that we can try and decipher their meaning. So far, it
15 messages
05-19-06 01:22 PM
Lost on Wikipedia
Everything you need to know about lost, the interactive game going on, theories, etc. is here. I've used it to catch on everything
0 messages
05-19-06 12:31 PM
TV Guide Spoiler on the final episodes
Well the new TV guide came yesterday, and it has Sawyer and Kate on the cover. Inside is two pages of text regarding the end of season 2. It has l
11 messages
05-16-06 04:33 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread 05-10-06 [View All]
I hope this week is as exciting as last week. Keep all discussion in this thread until the westies have seen the show. http://communi
25 messages
05-15-06 01:02 PM
I can`t help but wonder. Will Michael be trustworthy or have the Others sent him on a mission?
maroonclowns mom
14 messages
05-12-06 11:14 AM
FInale Cast Spoiler
Check out the cast list for the finale on to see what actor comes back playing a different, but known character.
6 messages
05-11-06 06:14 PM
Thomas Mittelwerk
I was perusing around the Hanso site last week and did an internet search on Thomas Mittelwerk. There was really nothing that came up that was "Lo
2 messages
05-11-06 03:04 PM
5/10 Episode Preview Clips
AOL has two clips up for tonight's show, but they may tell you more than you want to know, like who died and what happened to Henry.
0 messages
05-10-06 12:34 PM
East Coast Spoiler Discussion Thread: 05-03-06 [View All]
We finally have a new episode! Let's talk about it here until the Westies have a chance to see it.
38 messages
05-09-06 05:52 PM
Five menu choices: 1. General Information 2. Alvar Hanso 3. Dr. Thomas Verner Mittlewerk 4. Hugh McIntyre 5. Pet
5 messages
05-09-06 11:41 AM
The Black Cloud
One of the biggest occurrences on Lost that does not seem explicable by anything other than the supernatural, is the Black Cloud monster. %0
6 messages
05-07-06 12:35 PM
Bad Twin Published? /05/ [
3 messages
05-05-06 01:59 PM
I Am Lost
I can`t seem to figure out the time line of when Anna Lucia went to Australia with Jack`s father and Jack having travelled to Australia to pick up
maroonclowns mom
14 messages
05-05-06 01:07 PM
Oceanic Air on a Fox sitcom
[ -oceanic-airlines-doing-on-fox/|here is the article] And the screen capture
2 messages
05-05-06 07:29 AM
Lost sites
Found this on Also has anyone been to the Dharma site in a while
0 messages
04-27-06 11:57 AM
East Coast Spoiler Discussion Thread 04/12/06
We have a new episode tonight and let's keep the chat here until the westies have a chance to see it! http://community.rea
15 messages
04-25-06 10:45 PM
Spoiler - Libby
1 messages
04-19-06 06:30 PM
The 10 Commandments
Didn't know where else to poast this. I'm sure I would have been throttled if I started another biblical thread on OT. Saw a bit of th
1 messages
04-13-06 02:49 AM
SPOILER! The return of....
Hey, it is a spoiler. I'm not gonna type it here where you can see it. You have to look inside to see who will finally be earning that paycheck.%0
4 messages
04-12-06 02:49 PM
Lost numbers and the Cultural Revolution in China??
I was reading an article in the NYtimes about the Cultural Revolution in China and something popped out at me. There was a Red Guard group
1 messages
04-10-06 12:08 PM
East Coast Discussion Thread for 04/05/06 Episode [View All]
Let's hope more information is revealed about the hatch. Keep the chat here until the westies have had a chance to watch!
28 messages
04-10-06 10:10 AM
Kristin Newest Spoilers
These are HUGE. I understand Kristibn has a good reputation for spoiling non-reality show, so I expect these are probably accurate. Follow this li
6 messages
04-08-06 08:51 AM
NO, not another rerun
I've been excited that a new episode was coming on this week and looked to see what next week's show will be about. But it's another rerun. %0
17 messages
04-07-06 02:07 PM
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