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2-21 [View All]
So while last week I was shivering while we huddled on the couch watching the show, tonight we had the windows wide open and enjoyed a nice 55 degre
43 messages
02-27-07 09:33 AM
Is Desmond on the wrong show?
Anyone else get the feeling that Desmond is going to pop up on Heros?
3 messages
02-22-07 08:27 AM
It's a Valentine's Day episode - 2/14 [View All]
Well since DH and I don't give too much weight to Valentine's Day, we were probably more excited that we got to see a new episode of Lost (and
35 messages
02-21-07 12:42 PM
2/7 Episode [View All]
Filler. It was on early tonight in Canada. Gee there are some good things about being buried under snow and having frigid temperatures. J
28 messages
02-19-07 10:53 AM
Lost was 3rd in the ratings.....
I just heard on the radio that Lost finished 3rd for the night...even after CSI:NY.....OUCH! but not a big surprise in my eyes. I did not watch i
3 messages
02-15-07 08:13 PM
Mittelos Bioscience
Apparently an anagram. Lost Time seems too easy, but that could be it. Also has a website, but there isn't anything there....yet. %0
6 messages
02-12-07 10:13 AM
Who is Jacob? Is HE the big boss and Ben is just the front man? We have heard in the past that names matter so perhaps there is a clue in the na
2 messages
02-09-07 02:57 PM
LOST Season Three, Episode Seven SPOILERS
Hello LOST fans, if there are any left in this forum. It's been some time since I've been here, but I thought I'd post what I've recently
9 messages
02-09-07 10:26 AM
Groundfloor Lost fans, I need your help
I couldn't believe how far back the Lost forum on this site goes. I think you guys may have been the very first large forum for's the on
4 messages
01-24-07 08:06 AM
Coming up soon!
I can't wait. I just got lost in "lost" last october. I watched every single episode in 2 monthes and I can not wait for it to start again. I
0 messages
01-23-07 08:20 PM
New Lost Preview
.. available here: e8 Discuss... http://community.reality
2 messages
01-06-07 04:49 PM
Rank the Characters
We had this thread a while ago, but I thought I'd bring it back now that it's been a whole season since it was around. After a few weeks, I'
Das Mole
11 messages
01-03-07 08:17 AM
February? Really?
Did they just mention this now? Where have I been? No episodes until February 7th. Granted then we get 16 episodes in a row, but man, I don
10 messages
01-03-07 07:58 AM
Canadian Lilly
Finally, Canada has what it has loong needed, its very oown Evangeline Lilly fansite!
0 messages
12-29-06 00:02 AM
10/25 Episode [View All]
I have mixed feelings about this epi. On the one hand, they revealed that there are two different islands. On the other, they did not reveal muc
23 messages
12-28-06 11:53 AM
Golden Globes
Can't WAIT to hear what all the Kate-haters are going to think about this. Evangeline Lilly - Best Actress?
0 messages
12-14-06 11:22 AM
Murder most foul relaxing.
Let's say you have the power to kill one [b]Lost[/b] character. [i]Completely[/i] kill. Not only will this person no longer be
17 messages
12-13-06 10:31 AM
11/8 Episode [View All]
Ok folks, where are ya? So we're left to ponder for the next 3 months: What prompted [i]really[/i] Jack to cha
42 messages
12-11-06 03:10 AM
Anyone seen this yet?
I googled "Linus" and a Hanso Adoption site came up: ctMCn9IcCFS-cGgodiD0PfQ Offi
8 messages
11-08-06 08:41 PM
11/1 Episode [View All]
Thought I'd start up this week's discussion thread since nobody else has yet. I liked the episode. Of course, now there are more
Das Mole
34 messages
11-08-06 01:56 PM
Making a Documentary On LOST
Hey Guys we're doing a documentary on Lost Fans and we're looking for you and your ideas on the direction we take. Are you
1 messages
10-31-06 11:13 AM
Errors on the show
I remember reading in another post that the producers sometimes put deliberate errors in the show. Did anyone notice last week that Locke
1 messages
10-26-06 11:24 PM
WOO HOO!!!!! I just read this article that stated there would be no more repeats to interrupt the upcoming season. Here's a portion of i
6 messages
10-25-06 06:35 PM
10/18/06 episode [View All]
I think I missed something pertaining to what Hurley said at the end of the episode. Could someone post the jist of what happened between Hurley and D
33 messages
10-23-06 09:44 PM
Great episode! Locke has gone from being the great saviour to a creepy Others-esque character. Will Locke try to create a society like the Others.
0 messages
10-19-06 10:56 AM
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