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Official Lost Podcast: The Man Behind the Curtain
Mild spoiler alert--Future plot points and minor clarifications from last week discussed Not sure how many of you listen to Damon Lindelof
Ice 9
8 messages
05-13-07 07:27 PM
Okay I do not not if anybody has seen this, but I was able to capture a screenshot of Jacob in the chair.. Sorry the photos are a little large
5 messages
05-11-07 04:11 PM
5/02 episode [View All]
Can I just say I love this show? Everytime we focus on different characters i am thinking 'Man, I love this character! I'm glad we get to
36 messages
05-08-07 04:00 PM
LOS ANGELES - ABC is attempting to rescue once-hot "Lost" by ending the show in 2010. Bowing to the fact that convention isn't working for t
1 messages
05-07-07 09:17 PM
End Date Set for Lost m/lost_dc_2 Looks like we have 3 more seasons of lost. http:/%
Road Kill
2 messages
05-07-07 01:09 PM
4/18 Episode
Nothing quality to add.... But Damn Sawyer is H.O.T !!! Sssssss, I was practically drooling.
13 messages
05-03-07 08:26 AM
Lost exc. producers on the radio....spoilers
Ok....the morning guys have the exc. producers on the air right now and they are giving out some I'll put it in hidden text and make thi
1 messages
05-02-07 10:30 AM
4/25 [View All]
Weren't Jin and Sun just so darn cute together? Juliet keeps confusing us with glimpses of redeeming behaviour. What is up with Patch? How di
31 messages
05-01-07 04:53 PM
What Happened to Oceanic 815?
In preparation for tonight's episode, where we hope to get more "answers" to what the outside world has been told about the fate of Oceanic 81
Ice 9
0 messages
04-30-07 05:35 PM
Lost Guest Appearance SPOILERS
I am terrified of reading most Lost spoilers, but I love looking up guest stars on future shows and speculating on them. Since others don't like
14 messages
04-27-07 09:04 AM
Woman who fell from the helicopter
I'll put some spoiler text here in case anyone doesn't want to read my theory. La la la. Please show more Jin and Sayid, soon, real soon!
Canada Girl
3 messages
04-19-07 07:10 PM
3/21 Episode
I guess I'll get us started this week! This was another good episode. I like the week-to-week continuity. The big question So who el
17 messages
04-19-07 06:13 PM
Lost Spoilers....
Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah
1 messages
04-19-07 03:02 PM
Naveen Andrews Sighting
I was at Neiman Marcus in Honolulu and was standing next to Naveen Andrews. The salesman was asking him questions about Lost and he said their will b
1 messages
04-19-07 12:57 PM
Nikki and Paulo
Honestly, I was angry and disappointed by how abruptly they were removed from the show. Here's a paragraph from the most recent issue o
6 messages
04-18-07 09:39 AM
4/11 Episode [View All]
La la la. Spoiler space. Not sure how much I've got to put in here. Isn't it funny how TV shows can create different emotions? At the
33 messages
04-17-07 11:41 AM
4/05 episode [View All]
While I watched Lost tonight, I had two warm purring kitties on me, a package of fat-free fig newtons, and my DH next to me. It was indeed a gr
23 messages
04-09-07 02:11 PM
3/28 Episode [View All]
I still love Lost. Nikki and Paulo...Not a lot of plot development but what a great episode anyway. Saw lots of familiar faces and had a nice little
35 messages
04-05-07 08:47 AM
william mapother
i know this isn't "really" about lost...but if you look closely at a pic of william mapother (tom cruise 1st cousin)from the others and the
4 messages
03-29-07 07:27 AM
Next Season Scheduling
They do really listen to us! Looks like Lost will run like 24 next season, beginning in January and running without repeat until June. %0
1 messages
03-20-07 02:19 PM
Lost Spoiler! [View All] Corvis2~.gif
40 messages
03-20-07 12:03 PM
3/13 Episode [View All]
And how is it that I get to start a thread about a new episode? Someone is falling down on the job! :-) This was a "meh" episod
26 messages
03-19-07 11:41 AM
3-8-07 episode
I have to say, I am starting to like this whole 'New one every week' thing. It's nice to never be disappointed by a rerun. Although if it wa
17 messages
03-09-07 03:45 PM
The women of Lost in Stuff: Yunjin Kim on the cover HOT!
I saw this at the store and they are also up online....Ouch...those are HOT! Kate, Shanon, etc. also have pictures in the mag. but I
5 messages
03-07-07 11:25 AM
2-28 episode [View All]
Well, tonight, to continue our awesome ever-changing weather, tonight we had tornadoes! All around us, all night. Needless to say, we di
23 messages
03-07-07 05:58 AM
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