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2 thoughts/questions??
Forgive me if this was brought up before on any of the other 600 threads. lol Anyone notice that in all of the flashbacks death is a topic either for
8 messages
09-28-05 11:42 PM
The Diary [View All]
from the ABC website html At first I thought it was Locke's, but now I think i
67 messages
09-28-05 05:22 PM
Lost Season 2 Episode 1 Discussion [View All]
Tonight the long awaited season premiere. I just thought I would get things started as the opening segment has just gone off and we have some good stu
93 messages
09-27-05 03:09 AM
Lost 2.2-3 Plot Spoilers
Minor spoiler here, but I'm starting a new thread since it doesn't seem to fit anywhere else... blah blah blah, ok, that should be enough fi
4 messages
09-26-05 10:11 PM
The magnet connection
Like the rainbow connection, only different. It doesn’t seem to be discussed much, but I am very interested in the magnetic field Jac
2 messages
09-26-05 04:00 PM
For anyone that missed the show or wants to see it again, the Lost website says the season premiere will be rebroadcast next Wednesday at 8. %0
3 messages
09-26-05 05:26 AM
This weeks episode was great! I have a couple of questions cause I dont get that much time to read the boards. 1. Why is there music play
1 messages
09-25-05 02:39 PM
any chemistry geniuses out there?
4 8 15 16 23 42 beryllium oxygen phosphorus sulfur vanadium molybdenum periodic table of element numbers? mean anything to anyo
7 messages
09-24-05 06:50 AM
Is someone keeping a time line on events before the crash? Some things we know like Danielle being on the island 16 years and Locke was in the whee
3 messages
09-23-05 10:20 PM
Desmond *spoilers*
FILLER*********************************- **************
14 messages
09-23-05 01:52 PM
All hail Vols!
Potential Season 2 spoilers within, so I'll just chat for a minute about nothing in particular. Damn, I need a pedicure... ok, that should do
Canada Girl
9 messages
09-23-05 11:00 AM
Sayid singing and dancing
Ok, so this isn't really about "Lost", but it involves Sayid so I wanted to put it here. Hope that's ok... Last night I rented
1 messages
09-23-05 10:55 AM
Coincidence? Or a little bit of insight....
Just found this article on another site, and thought it was interesting, since it mentioned John Locke (not the Lost one, but still, same na
2 messages
09-23-05 10:06 AM
Sayed and Charlie
i think Sayed told charlie about the drugs and stopped at the plane on purpose because he wants charlie to get hooked again. Some sort of revenge thin
3 messages
09-23-05 06:24 AM
I missed GMA this mourning could someone tell me what the Lost scene? :-)
0 messages
09-22-05 04:19 PM
Genetic Mirror Theory
This is a good read (on the ABC Lost forums). I haven't been able to find any supporting info, but it's interesting none the less... I hop
5 messages
09-22-05 12:44 PM
Oh my god that was the best season premiere I've seen in awhile they didn't let me down in showing whats in the hatch and the way Lock wanted to g
2 messages
09-22-05 07:26 AM
lost season 2
what is the deal with the quarantine sign on and inside the hatch?
2 messages
09-22-05 07:26 AM
season2 walt
why was walt dripping wet?we he was taken by thepeepshenever touched the water.did he escape? or is it just a trick from being on the islad so lon
1 messages
09-22-05 07:25 AM
It's almost here, folks! I just wanted to remind everyone that there will be an hour-long special preceeding the premiere this Wednes
13 messages
09-21-05 08:55 PM
I can't wait till tonight this is the best show I've seen in awhile I just got a few questions. Is the first episode a recap of everything that ha
1 messages
09-21-05 05:28 PM
Plot lines for season 2: [View All]
Before the finale Abrams said that casting was now being conducted for season 2. The way the information was coming out it appeared to me that he (A
59 messages
09-21-05 05:15 PM
my lost theory
Its aliens.All Aliens. Aliens will somehow be tied into the show... These people are being tested probably not even on a real island but ho
2 messages
09-21-05 05:06 PM
uk Lost website
not sure if this website contains any new info but thought I'd share... I'm from the US and recently moved to London where they've finally start
5 messages
09-21-05 04:34 PM
1st Episode Possible Spoiler?
Posted the link and it has directions on how to read the "spoiler" over on ABC message boards. I did not go there as I am undecided over whether
8 messages
09-21-05 03:57 PM
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