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Ep. 5.5: "This Place Is Death" [View All]
Yes, I'm jumping the gun a bit, but i'm excited about this week. I think a major change is coming up: more Hot Pockets!!! Oops! Shou
40 messages
02-18-09 01:16 PM
I'm such a loser.....
...Christian Sheppard came to me in a dream. Seriously...I was supposed to get up early on Saturday morning to go for a run and I had a dream in whic
3 messages
02-16-09 09:20 AM
Jeremy Bentham - John Locke
Now that we know who is in the coffin, I thought I would bump the obituary. It confuses me even more. Does Locke have a lot of time off the Island
6 messages
02-10-09 01:17 PM
Different time zones
Wouldn't it be cool to have an episode where you're watching 4 different plots in different time zones at the same time or possibly show the time
1 messages
02-08-09 02:46 PM
Episode 5.4: The Little Prince [View All]
This episode is Kate-centric, which is good cuz we need some female hotness to offset Sawyer's shirtlessness. [i]Episode 5.4: "
57 messages
02-06-09 09:35 AM
Ep. 5.03: Jughead [View All]
Another great episode of Lost on tonight. Will there be more Hot Pockets thrown? Will more noses bleed? Will Paula and Kara REALLY make out? Tun
41 messages
02-05-09 02:39 PM
The Little Prince
NO it's not about Davy Jones or MRC. ds/User_files/497b45794a89d326.gif [font
2 messages
02-04-09 08:58 AM
Because You Left/The Lie [View All]
Welcome back all to Season 5! Finally season premiere time! Just a few more hours! It's 2 two hour episodes tonight after the
112 messages
02-03-09 10:37 AM
Charles widmore/others
In last night'e episode we learn that Charles widmore was on the island in 1954....we already suspected that he hadsome connection with the island..
2 messages
01-29-09 03:10 PM
What makes you 'Special'?
Now we have Desmond added to the 'Special' list and yet the characters identified as special seem to have different powers. Walt:%
7 messages
01-28-09 02:23 PM
The constant/Desmaond/NOW.....Question [View All]
For those of you who can remember....give me your thoughts please.. In the constant from last season, if you remember, after the blast
25 messages
01-24-09 03:30 PM
January 21 premiere, back to Wednesdays
Looks like LOST is moving back to Wednesdays this season, and we have a premiere date of January 21st. [i]Also, ABC is scheduling
15 messages
01-20-09 04:08 PM
Jack's reason for lying about Oceanic 815
Just watched the season finale repeat last night. Made me wonder about two questions: 1) Why did Jack decide Locke was correct and the
0 messages
01-15-09 07:52 PM
Casting Lost spoiler
When I first read the headline, I was shocked, but it turns out we don't have to worry about the headline. Is this enough filler for the link t
2 messages
01-05-09 02:03 PM
Season 4 Online Game Let's play.
16 messages
01-05-09 12:12 PM
Season 5 Previews 9o New season trailer is up. So did I see the small plane that killed Boone fall off t
2 messages
11-25-08 11:07 AM
When is the new season starting?
Season 4 was some of the best television ive ever seen. I cant wait for the new season. When did they say its going to start?
1 messages
10-03-08 09:44 AM
Lost Book Club
Neat link on ABC that has all the literary references in the show. Shall we have our own version of the RTVW Lost book club? Check it out. [lin
0 messages
09-08-08 07:54 PM
Season 5 - Spoiler Thread
Although the show won't air until January information is starting to come out so it might be a good time to start this thread (if not...go ahead a
1 messages
09-08-08 07:51 PM
Michelle Rodriguez (Ana-Lucia) Back in Season 5!!! TVGuide-News-Blog/Todays-News/Lost-Casting-Michelle/800045678 Okay, it's only o
0 messages
08-26-08 12:38 PM
Emmy Nominations
A little better than last year. Finally a well deserved Outstanding Drama nomination! Also, Michael Emerson for Supporting Actor. S
1 messages
07-31-08 05:00 PM
Part 2 & 3 - There [View All] ds/User_files/3e6a35ff0cd4b0d0.gif ds/User_files
73 messages
06-23-08 11:04 PM
Octagon Global Recruitment
Got this e-mail from Octagon. There was a CC to Hans Van Eeghen <hansvaneeghen@octagonglobalrecruiti-> Let the games begin!%0
1 messages
06-19-08 05:11 PM
Part 1-There's No Place Like Home [View All]
Another Wizard of Oz reference? So excited! I guess we get to see how the O6 came to be and how they get off. One other
37 messages
05-30-08 12:07 PM
Jack's Appendectomy Scar
I couldn't find if this had been addressed before and it's been driving me nuts for weeks now. Since I didn't tape the episode with the Jack an
9 messages
05-30-08 11:47 AM
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