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Pala Ferry
Haven't seen this anywhere so I hope I'm not duplicating anything. As Sun, Jin and Sayid were leaving the boat, there was a quick flash to th
2 messages
10-18-06 04:41 PM
Season 3 spoilers from
I'll try to put in some filler here. This is information copied from Information on first several episodes and some potential spoi
1 messages
10-17-06 11:06 AM
10/11/06 Episode [View All]
Ok, I was in the seeming minority that liked last week's episode. This week? I was disappointed. We didn't get anything to chew on. %0
33 messages
10-15-06 03:54 AM
New Lost Preview....
Check it out.... nY&eurl=
4 messages
10-13-06 12:42 PM
Juliette and Ben
Let's try to figure these two out. Faux Henry is really "Ben" and is definitely the leader. Juliette is apparently also
7 messages
10-13-06 08:57 AM
lost vote out contest here is a free and easy to play vote out style game that uses the characters from lost as the people we pla
0 messages
10-11-06 12:49 PM
What did everyone think? [View All]
Honestly, I thought it wasn't too spectacular. It was definitely interesting to say the least, but I was a bit frustrated with it. Once again,
Das Mole
50 messages
10-10-06 10:37 PM
Which Lost Character Are you Quiz? [View All]
Your results: [b]You are [font size=6]Mr. Eko[/font][/b] Mr. Eko 65% Claire
28 messages
10-10-06 10:34 PM
Remember Last Year?
This forum is certainly different than last year. Remember all the hype?? ds/User_fi
maroonclowns mom
12 messages
10-05-06 12:43 PM
Dominic Monaghan on Jimmy Kimmel
I just caught the tail end, but he said a few interresting things. He knows how the season ends. Jimmy asked about the creature, and
Cathy the Canadian
7 messages
09-19-06 12:21 PM
Lost Experience? Video link...
[ c&mode=related&search=|The Video] Anyone know anything about this? Supposed
1 messages
09-16-06 04:59 AM
Season 2 DVD
Has anyone looked at the "Connections" special feature on the season 2 DVD? One the numbers screen, if you watch #8, there is what looks l
0 messages
09-15-06 03:44 AM
Cops arrest another 'Lost' cast member...
So, are we going to see [ /1804273-ap.html|Mr. Eko] get written out of the show this coming
2 messages
09-07-06 07:12 PM
cd-rom for lost viewers
i have heard there's a cd-rom that the show is releasing, i think the cd features exclusive interviews with the creators of the show and a sneak p
2 messages
09-07-06 12:48 PM
more 'LOST' illusions....
Okay.... I know. I'm probably seeing things, but since I had nothing better to do, and this forum will be slow for a while, I thought I'd to
13 messages
08-17-06 01:53 PM
Possible Season #3 Spoilers?
Checking on another board(what other boards?!!!!!) and found a link to this. Pretty interesting but I have no idea
4 messages
08-17-06 08:21 AM
Lost re-runs no longer being shown?
My 'Direct-TV' on-screen guide, has LOST re-runs coming on at 8 PM every Wednesday. however, when wednesday arrives, they change it, and p
3 messages
08-12-06 08:39 AM
Jack's Marriage
I watched most of Orientation the other night. In case anyone forgot, this the one where Desmond runs out of the hatch, Jack follows him and Desm
2 messages
06-19-06 12:06 PM
Next Seasons newcomers!3 to start
My PC keeps crashing so forgive if someone's already noted this info.Just read (TV Guide I believe) that there will be 3 newbies added to the L
0 messages
06-11-06 10:01 AM
From the people who brought you . . .
Only in Kenya and Badger, Badger, Badger, might I present their Lost spoof? ht
2 messages
06-06-06 11:37 AM
Lost Merchandise
There are a number of interesting products in the works for all of us Lost fanatics. On May 22, Ubisoft announced that it has a Lost video game in
2 messages
06-04-06 09:42 AM
Joe Inman & Kelvin
There has been some speculation on whether Joe and Kelvin are twins or one of them is using a fake name. Damon and Carlton say in their pod
1 messages
05-30-06 12:46 PM
Lost Connections
The link has a chart of how all the people on the island are connected. I don't know where it came from or how valid it is, but it has some distu
2 messages
05-30-06 00:00 AM
The squeaky wheel...
...gets the oil. I guess they heard our complaints about the repeats, but is this solution much better? Essentially, the season will
14 messages
05-28-06 08:28 AM
East Coast Spoiler Thread Season 2 Finale: 05-24-06 [View All]
Season 2 ends with a bang! Let's keep discussion of the show on this thread until the westies have a chance to see it. http://com
84 messages
05-26-06 11:02 PM
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