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Pilot episode clue?
Ok so has anyone seent this?(Not a spoiler) 05/episode-101-pilot-object-with-jack
9 messages
05-30-08 09:44 AM
Dharma Orchid Station video! Ls&NR=1 Interesting!
15 messages
05-27-08 06:59 AM
help....i have this question
ok....way back...maybe the season finale of 2 seasons ago. there was a scene on a boat where i swear sun was just about to be shot and i th
3 messages
05-21-08 06:01 PM
5/8/08- "Cabin Fever" [View All]
So this is the last "regular" episode right? Next week is part 1 of the finale, then a week off, then the 2 hour finale. As gr
38 messages
05-13-08 12:10 PM
Interesting interview with Darlton 2008/04/lost_an_intervi.html At least I found it so. And I'm going to have to fe
1 messages
05-08-08 04:17 PM
Missing Pieces Video on ABC
When I went to check out the contestants from the Mole, I found this cool Lost: Missing Pieces video. I'll describe it in hidden text in case i
1 messages
05-08-08 02:11 PM
May 1st - Something Nice Back Home [View All]
I think there are only four episodes left. Whatever will I do? BTW, do you hate the new timeslot as much as I do. So...this episode i
27 messages
05-04-08 01:23 PM
4/24 The Shape of Things to Come [View All]
Lost returns! Lost returns! ...and on my Mom's birthday. How nice. From the ABC promos, looks like a big storm is a-brewing on o
49 messages
05-02-08 12:54 PM
Oh, not again.
Looks like the Lost Drinking Problem has made its move to Daniel Dae Kim: [ t-actor-kim-a
J Slice
9 messages
04-19-08 02:06 AM
The Oceanic Six? [View All]
spoilers...............................- ........................................................................................ Jack and Kate fr
22 messages
04-03-08 06:07 PM
Lost "Time Loop Theory"
I did a search for this URL before posting, and I didn't see anything on the board. I wish I could take credit for this, but I most c
1 messages
04-03-08 02:46 PM
3/20 Meet Kevin Johnson [View All]
Enjoy tonight's episode as we get ready to take a ONE MONTH break from LOST so ABC can air some other shows that were victim of the writers strike%2
50 messages
03-22-08 07:56 PM
Ji Yeon-3/13/08 [View All] spider senses are still tingling for Jin. :( Is Micheal in Sun's future? I am dying to read Moonie's thread bu
54 messages
03-18-08 01:41 PM
"The Other Woman"-3/6/08 [View All]
Based on last week's previews and off island incidents...I'm worried for Jin. http://community.realitytvworld
50 messages
03-13-08 01:04 PM
A plausible explanation/SPOILER?
A friend sent me a link to an interesting website that has a theory that explains so much, and I have been tempted to post it here but I don't wan
3 messages
03-12-08 06:31 PM
Watch with Kristin..... 5 clips from Ep. 3/13
Watch if you want.....I couldn't wait :-( and now I really can't wait :D. [ ail%2
6 messages
03-12-08 08:33 AM
The Constant- 2/28/08 [View All]
Yay another Thursday! I have read somewhere that ABC wants to run all 8 episode that were done already straight through. Once the stri
95 messages
03-07-08 08:58 PM
Odysee 5 and Lost
Several years ago there ws an interesting sci fi YV show called Odysee 5. The basic plot was that the Earth implodes while 5 astronauts are on a miss
0 messages
03-03-08 11:50 AM
"Eggtown"- 2/21/08 [View All]
Interesting to see what that episode title means! *jumps up and down* Thursday night finally! I think I prefer it on Wednesday
55 messages
02-29-08 08:25 AM
"The Economist" 2/14/08 [View All]
Happy Valentine's Day- a Sayid episode "Locke's hostage may be the key to getting off the island, so Sayid and Kate go in search of
52 messages
02-20-08 11:02 PM
If you had to decide... [View All]
who would you go with, Jack or Locke? I'll say Locke. As badly as I might want to get home I'd also think "living" is the main
27 messages
02-17-08 10:07 PM
Season 4 On-Line Game
There is a new on-line game that will only be up until the new season starts. It is at It features that guy Sam Taylor that I menti
1 messages
02-10-08 10:52 AM
"Confirmed Dead" 2/7/08 [View All]
Hmmm...interesting episode title. Do you think we will get some answers as to who survived the rescue? Or will it confirm that Christia
35 messages
02-08-08 02:57 PM
Become a Lostie, explore the island!
A while back I posted information about Lost memorabilia. Among the items I mentioned was a Lost video game that was in production. Well, the time
1 messages
02-06-08 04:29 PM
Beginning of the End-Season Premiere! [View All]
What? Nothing made for this yet? I can't wait! Only 2 more hours. Oh it has been a long time coming. Hope to see some [i]
52 messages
02-06-08 04:28 PM
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