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The I Am Lost game on ABC... not there anymore???
I click the link,, to get to the game, and it's not listed anymore... There's a similar one, Mission Survival, but it's
1 messages
10-09-05 11:21 AM
Regarding the shark
Has anyone vidcapped the shark with the logo on his fin? I know that people have been saying that it had the same logo as the ones in the hatch,
shakes the clown
4 messages
10-09-05 09:15 AM
Vision of Walt
There is quite a bit of discussion about Walt's appearance in the season premiere thread. It seems most agree that he is speaking backwards and say
6 messages
10-08-05 11:13 AM
Episode Titles (Contains Spoilers)
I thought we should keep all of the episode title spoilers in one place so that we can keep all of the resulting discussions in one place. We can rev
17 messages
10-07-05 03:05 PM
Lost article in USA Today
Article talks about how they monitor fan message boards and also about what is happening in tonight's show. Here's the link.%0
5 messages
10-07-05 01:38 PM
U of M info and Lost in the papers today.....
The Free Press and News both had stories on Lost and the U of M connection. Only real info is both web sites were made by ABC. http:/%
1 messages
10-07-05 01:35 PM
The Third Policeman
was the book Desmond was reading. The buzz is that it was chosen for a very specific reason. Here's a link to what the book is about: %0
2 messages
10-07-05 12:45 PM
Character discussion thread [View All]
I thought it would be useful, now that we're getting more info on each character, to have a thread where we can go just to discuss character dev
124 messages
10-07-05 10:11 AM
Likely totally worthless speculation on the numbers.
I study T'ai Chi and some of us had noticed a fair number of chinese characters (Boone's shirt which I think was the number 1984, I think Shan
1 messages
10-07-05 08:47 AM
East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread until the West Coast has had a chance to watch. http://community
51 messages
10-07-05 07:48 AM
Was it just me or did the timer actually hit zero before Jack hit execute? Looks that way on the TIVO. Sorry if this was caugh
King Will
0 messages
10-06-05 03:31 PM
It's pre-show time!!! Comments, off-color jokes and fashion fiascos are the norm here! There's only one rule - Do
6 messages
10-05-05 06:16 PM
My lame attempt at an actual spoiler
blah Blah Blah Blah Blah In an interview with Damon Lindelof ( rans
3 messages
10-05-05 03:16 PM
Motivation - Locke's paralysis
This is just a general question. Locke was the only one who proved as a true miracle as he was able to walk after the crash. Facing possi
7 messages
10-05-05 02:13 PM
Vincent - My Mom's Theory
Sorry if this has been floated around before. I did a looksee. My mom's theory, and I think it s a pretty good one, is that everytim
19 messages
10-05-05 02:05 PM
Poll Question - How do you NOT want the show to end?
In other words, when the LAST episode finally plays, what would disappoint you for an ending? LOST meaning this or that etc. The meanings of nu
20 messages
10-04-05 02:22 PM
The Numbers
This could be way off base (no pun intended) but I was listening to Howard this morning and some dude called in and said the numbers are all retir
10 messages
10-04-05 12:52 PM
Polar Bear
Another polar bear! This time in Michael's flashback he gives the young Walt a stuffed polar bear. Is that the third reference? 1.
2 messages
10-04-05 10:53 AM
Lost Spoilers!!! the photographs
Here there be spoilers. If you don't want to see what's ahead, then please don't open this thread. Now, is that enough of a buffer? %
5 messages
10-01-05 11:36 PM
Kate goes down!!!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yeah, yeah, I knew you'd open this thread. http://community.realitytv
8 messages
10-01-05 10:13 PM
T Minus ... [View All]
...less than 18 hours! Are we all READY?!! I know [b]I[/b] am! Doc is our resident "Live-Feed Host%2
79 messages
10-01-05 01:50 AM
Snowman joke
Desmond asked Locke "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" There are rumors that Hurley told that same joke in season one. I don't
3 messages
09-30-05 09:13 PM
Bagua Logo/The Island
Snidget informed us that the logo used in the hatch (and on the shark) was a take off on the Bagua symbol Can any of the LOST community
6 messages
09-30-05 04:49 PM
Weak Hurley Connection
I have seen the rumor of Hurley telling the snowman joke sometime during last season. I have not been able to find any sign of it as of yet but I did
0 messages
09-30-05 03:56 PM
Question about the writing........
The second episode filled in the gaps for waht we were shown in the last few minutes of the first episode. I.E. What happended to Locke and Kate befo
15 messages
09-30-05 09:13 AM
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