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If you have XM
and want to hear Trump brak, blather, and otherwise be a DAW about the upcoming season, tune in to XM 155 (Take Five) for the Broadminded sh
Cygnus X1
0 messages
02-24-06 07:43 PM
I know where you can see The Donald up close and personal
If ya'all really want to see him in person and you're gonna be in the San Francisco, LA, NYC, Atlanta, NYC or Boston click here: %3
0 messages
02-24-06 05:17 PM
Season #5 will premiere after the Winter Olympics: show moves to Monday.
And it'll be paired up with [b]Deal or no deal[/b], creating the first-ever block of Must-Not-Care TV.
8 messages
02-18-06 06:13 PM
where's randall's car?
not only did this year's apprentice end in such an unprofessional fashion but it seemed to be a set up- it seemed randall was poised to win. i knew
0 messages
01-21-06 00:28 AM
I interviewed Josh from the Apprentice
HI All: I interviewed Josh Shaw, the guy who got fired with his entire crew. He's a real prince. Check it out and let me k
6 messages
01-13-06 12:13 PM
Randal answers his critics
Randal answers his critics, some of whom have started a false rumour that he has been rude to Trump employees while on his new job. FAC
4 messages
01-13-06 10:16 AM
Bill re-negged on leaving, Kelly and Kendra doing well
Bill Rancic is staying on instead of leaving, according to DT on Larry King Live tonight. I would be interested in people's thoughts ab
12 messages
01-11-06 04:37 PM
thoughts for the future (sure hope this is not a duplicate)
So what is the concensus opinion about the future of the apprentice. I think I read somewhere (maybe even here) that Trump is going to move the s
14 messages
01-08-06 05:17 PM
The Apprentice on Larry King Live tonight [View All]
Just when this forum has [i]finally[/i] died down, now we have Randal appearing on Larry King tonight. One of the inevitable topics: Sh
50 messages
01-06-06 01:30 AM
A final word on editing... [View All]
Did anyone notice that each contestant who had something positive to say about Randal during the finale received a negative edit from Mark Burnett dur
68 messages
01-05-06 08:01 PM
I don't believe The Donald did it.
What.A.Jerque. --Singer
8 messages
12-31-05 07:11 PM
Official RTVW Summary - The Apprentice 4 Finale
[center][h3][font color=blue]Official RTVW Summary The Apprentice 4 Finale The Beginning of the End [
17 messages
12-28-05 06:36 PM
Get over it Rebecca supporters
Randall IS "The Apprentice". If anyone should be blamed for last Thursday's shanigan, it would have to be Mr. Trump. He should have NEVER pl
2 messages
12-28-05 01:32 AM
Donald Trump is the BAD GUY not Randall
Donald Trump only "asked" Randal his opinion so that he could appear to be the good guy when Randal did what any sensible Apprentice Winner would
Phat Girl Slim
2 messages
12-28-05 01:31 AM
I think Rebecca deserved it as much as Randall. Neither one impressed me much. I think it was unhuman of Randall to say no to Trump for Rebecca. I me
2 messages
12-27-05 08:03 PM
Next Apprentice Spin-Off Hugh Heffner???
Who thinks this one would be more successful than Martha's spin-off?
2 messages
12-26-05 03:47 PM
Is it safe yet?
With only 5 locked threads on the frist page....Is it safe yet to come in and read what happen yet? http://community.realityt
13 messages
12-24-05 09:22 PM
Apprentice PTTE finale
Sorry about the delays, I was on vacation and the holidays caught up to me. But here is our final satndings, Good luck everyone! [b
3 messages
12-24-05 03:49 PM
Remember our little Becky trying anything to outgun Randal? She even said something about raising $750,000. It's talked about on her off
52 messages
12-23-05 09:55 AM
Sandy the Wedding Planner
Has anyone seen the new show featuring one of the M & M Sisters? She's planning weddings for Hurricane Katrina survivors. I caught an episode a
0 messages
12-23-05 08:12 AM
Randal chatting Thurs. on at 4 p.m.
Randal will be chatting Thurs. on at 4 p.m. (ET). Go to to join in.
2 messages
12-23-05 06:42 AM
I don't believe he did it [View All]
What. a. jerk. ig_2100.GIF
226 messages
12-23-05 02:37 AM
Apprentae? Try "Hypocrisy"
Okay, regardless of who you believe should have won The Apprentice this time around, Randal clearly went against what Trump is looking for and his
8 messages
12-22-05 01:10 PM
Another word on editing, directing and image manipulation
Some people believe that Mark Burnett manipulates the images of the players on the Apprentice, that the actions of the players are scripted, and t
3 messages
12-22-05 01:42 AM
Tell Larry King: Trump Should Not Have Asked Randal !
Donald Trump will be on Larry King Live show January 6. I encourage you all to email the Larry King show(
5 messages
12-21-05 05:50 PM
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