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Leslie: Do You Really Think She's Only 28?
Leslie is an extremely attractive woman. She really looks great-for someone who's 38 going on 39. Trouble is, her age is listed as 28 years old.
8 messages
05-01-06 11:13 AM
Who's Going Up? Who's Heading Down?
Well, we're down to the final eight, so things get tight from here on in. No more coasting-everyone has to produce on each task. It
1 messages
04-30-06 02:58 PM
Is Andrea asexual?
She sure acts like it. No libido at all (or a pulse for that matter). A.L and Morrisey could have an interesting chat I'm sure.
1 messages
04-30-06 02:50 PM
BTA Game: Week 9
Welcome to week 9 of your job interview...please remember that this is a role playing game, not a discussion thread...please keep all role playing c
3 messages
04-29-06 08:06 PM
Official RTVW Summary: The Apprentice Episode 9
[font color=red] This weeks Apprentice starts with last weeks board room, where Leslie, whom I didn't even know was on the show tried
1 messages
04-29-06 06:09 PM
I called in last night to vote Tammy off due to
she left the book on the island
8 messages
04-26-06 09:38 PM
Lee vs. Charmaine and Andrea sux [View All]
Unlike prior episodes, where they pretty much dominated, I feel Synergy pretty much skated by in both of last night's episodes. They were less c
23 messages
04-25-06 09:28 AM
Brain Damage: The Guy Who builds The Room The Kids Love Gets The Ax
When the kids came in to judge the rooms, they smiled politely at the room that won. When they came in the room which lost, their eyes lit up and
18 messages
04-25-06 09:10 AM
Official RTVW Summary: The Apprentice - Episode 6
[center][h3][font color=blue]Official RTVW Summary The Apprentice 5 Episode 6 (with an added bonus recrap of Episode 5,
3 messages
04-25-06 03:11 AM
Charmaine: Helpfully Stepping Up Or Just CYA
Charmaine made much of the fact that she tried to get Lenny to prepare for the meeting with the execs, and how upset she was he didn't do it. She
3 messages
04-24-06 06:47 PM
The Appretnice 5 Official Episode 7 Summary
I apologize for being so late with this. I tried to recap both of the episodes, but then I got too busy and never had time to finish. So, you no
Scuba Steve
0 messages
04-24-06 12:22 PM
Synergy Drama Against Michael
This is about how the group especially that obnoxious guy Sean hates on Michael. And I just watched the episode where Synergy won while Mic
9 messages
04-24-06 01:12 AM
Give a Shoutout To Lee Bienstock on a Blog started by Cornell students and friends (He Reads It!!)
Hi, As I'm sure you guys know, Lee Bienstock is a Cornell grad
1 messages
04-23-06 06:35 PM
Despite her loss, Tammy seems capable of being an "Apprentice." What is Andrea even doing there with all of her millions? %0
0 messages
04-23-06 05:56 PM
Hey Trump got it right...TWICE!
I can't believe Trump finally fired the right two people. Lenny was a disaster and Leslie was the problem with her team losing. Trump has got to f
Wacko Jacko
3 messages
04-19-06 09:34 PM
I could not locate Apprentice last night?
Could anyone tell me when it will be on again?
4 messages
04-19-06 09:29 PM
BTA Game: Weeks 7 and 8
Sorry I'm so late in starting this thread today!! Welcome to weeks 7 and 8 of the Be The Apprentice Game! Please remember that this is a role
4 messages
04-14-06 02:29 PM
Apprentice Double episode HELP PLEASE!!!
Help please, I was out of town on Monday and set up my VCR to tape the 9PM episode of the Apprentice and unfortunately missed the second. Last nigh
Ponce de Leon
1 messages
04-13-06 05:46 PM
Would Trump ever hire someone without ANY experience?
Does anyone remember the "teaser promo" for the very first Apprentice? I remember that it was Donald in either a helecopter or limo talking abo
8 messages
04-13-06 08:59 AM
Trump is killing The Apprentice
Last night Mr. Trump's ego was the most bloated I have ever seen in any episode before. Bryce's closing comments were absolutely correct. He pro
11 messages
04-12-06 06:28 PM
Two is Too Much
I am on Apprentice overload. What was “the Donald” thinking running 2 shows back to back? I am rung out with the angst of th
2 messages
04-11-06 03:57 PM
Loyalty and Boardroom Inconsistencies
1. It makes sense for Rebecca to defend Toral in the boardroom, simply because of her sense of loyalty. 2. It makes no sense for Bryce to def
3 messages
04-11-06 11:20 AM
Tarek vs Lenny who do you think will b fired soon?
I think if you look closely these is like small version of Book Smarts vs Street Smarts. The most opposite set of ppl in 1 team! Tarek is
8 messages
04-11-06 09:55 AM
Andrea Lake - Cheapskate!
I refuse to believe Andrea's not the victim of evil editing, b/c otherwise I can't imagine why people would want to work with her and her atti
1 messages
04-11-06 09:35 AM
Lenny Would Have Made The Deal At Two Bucks A Pop
Lee and Lenny turned out to be great friends. But there is a difference between the two. Lenny is from Russia by way of the Israeli Army, and when
2 messages
04-10-06 11:15 PM
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