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Episode #12: jingle all the way home.
In which Donald completely runs out of justifications for keeping someone and actually finds it serving as an obstacle to doing so. Well, there's
7 messages
05-03-12 09:54 PM
Episode #11: destination depennestration.
In which the magician learns that the only rule governing the trick is 'I wanted to make you disappear.'
4 messages
04-25-12 04:59 PM
Episode #10: dance, puppets, dance.
"The first rule of improv is 'always say yes.'" "The first rule of being a Real Housewife is 'always say @#$% off.'%2
8 messages
04-21-12 06:11 AM
Episode #9: honesty is such a lonely word.
Thus providing more insights into what Donald would have been like as a political leader than he ever wanted to give the public.
10 messages
04-12-12 10:50 PM
Episodes #7 & 8: when in doubt, fall asleep.
I gave up on the night when Donald essentially asked the women to justify not going over to the men's guidebook sales area in order to steal the ten
5 messages
04-03-12 10:03 AM
Episode #6: life's a beach and then you're fired.
But if either presentation would have been able to disguise the fact that Crystal Light is essentially low-calorie Kool-Aid, they would have handed
5 messages
03-27-12 01:26 PM
Episode #4: funny script or die.
'So what's the plan for this one?' 'I get an Andretti to make a two-hour unpaid commercial for Buick where I'm the only person
11 messages
03-24-12 02:16 AM
EP 5. A Mercy suicide.
Ta Ta Tia. Dang, I thought that this was the Episode where 110% Lou would be sent packing.
6 messages
03-23-12 01:45 AM
Addition to the Apprentice drinking game.
I have decided to replace ugly tie shot with Ugly shoes shots (say that 5 times fast!). Sheesh! Between [s]Debbie's[/s]Debor
0 messages
03-12-12 01:20 AM
EP 3 Incompetence or deliberate assassination?
It really should not have come as a shock who won. With the subjective judging, as long as the woman did not insult the Hair, they had it in the
8 messages
03-11-12 03:25 PM
Episode #2: mid-evils.
All in favor of firing Donald and replacing him with James Lipton, raise your hand. *counts* Well, that's more votes t
17 messages
03-01-12 00:37 AM
Feb 19th - New Season
& I may be only one watching :-) Again, I have never heard of a lot of these people. But then I don't get out a lot so...
15 messages
02-27-12 03:25 AM
Episode #11: the liar and the hag.
[i]the liar and the hag the liar and the hag oh no a horror show the liar and the hag[/i] http://commun
1 messages
01-18-12 11:41 AM
Final 2
I finally got to see the episode where Star got fired. Loved it. Of course Survivor was on Sunday, so I was recording TCA. Until DH went to t
17 messages
05-23-11 12:00 PM
Obama roasts Trump at White House Correspondent's Dinner
Even more amazing we now know what was going down. s4&feature=share
6 messages
05-17-11 01:02 PM
What do you think of this season?
What does everyone think of this season so far? I personally love it! Let get a vote going. Vote here -
3 messages
05-17-11 01:47 AM
Episode #9: trumped.
'Dear Donald, If you persist in questioning my birthplace, beliefs, credentials, and existence as a human being on this planet,
7 messages
05-03-11 05:01 PM
Episode #8: and not only that, they all forgot to mention the 10% birther discount.
The amazing thing isn't that the Drama Preservation Society is back in action. The amazing thing is that it actually took a week off before roaring
6 messages
04-30-11 10:30 PM
Episode 8 intro
I was wondering if anyone else noticed Garry Busey being voiced over in the recap of episode 7 at the beginning of episode 8? He says "
3 messages
04-26-11 00:26 AM
Episode 7: Go Fly a Kite
Who will give me ideas for titles now? :-) I thought Meatloaf was about to have a mental breakdown. Lil John just set himself
8 messages
04-21-11 08:00 PM
Episode #5: the art of establishing your presidential platform. [View All]
So if you were paying close attention last night, you would have seem Donald carefully place the following planks. 1. Sharing is an act
22 messages
04-14-11 12:25 PM
Episode #4: the six-percent solution.
Raise your hand if you couldn't get past the pixelation. *looks around* That... is a lot of hands. http:%2
11 messages
03-30-11 09:00 AM
Someone told him this locked up Final Two.
Actually, it was just 'locked up'. rd-hatch-ordered-back-prison-miss-celebrity-appr
2 messages
03-25-11 04:30 PM
Star Jones vs. Dion Warwick
What does everyone think about the attitudes of these two when Lisa was project manager? Please take my poll...
10 messages
03-24-11 04:27 PM
Episode 3 - Celebrity Apprentice
Oh, this should be fun. Create an ad campaign for Camping World - can you see these prima donnas doing anything resembling camping?
10 messages
03-22-11 10:10 PM
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