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Is there going to be any money left for the finale?
Usually the last episode is a BIG money task. It seems like a lot of the celebs this time have already worked their contacts and brought in a lot of
3 messages
05-17-10 06:47 AM
Return of the hag.
*click* ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif [font size=1]We now ret
2 messages
05-10-10 12:57 PM
I think hell's freezing over.....
Voldemort..... a minister? ty-tv-villainess-omarosa-manigault-stallworth-entering-semin
5 messages
05-04-10 03:30 PM
And the Donald's Heart Grew Three Sizes that Day
So, did he really have a heart and couldn't fire anyone when as a group they raised over $300,000 K. Or is it that the only person
9 messages
04-27-10 04:54 PM
help me get on the apprentice!
Hey Guys - I auditioned for The Apprentice in NYC last week but want to show NBC that I would be an asset to the show, not only in chara
0 messages
04-07-10 05:21 PM
Now that he's had some practice in rigging wins...
...Donald went out and bought the WWE's 'RAW' franchise. -buys-wwe-raw-franchise-1
5 messages
06-24-09 03:28 PM
The (three-hour) finale. [View All]
I don't think I'll be watching. I can only put up with this group for 1/10800th of that time.
27 messages
06-08-09 03:08 PM
People and organizations still willing to be associated with Joan Rivers
Normally I'd present the standard line about reaching below the unreachable and wait for y'all to come up with something, but in this case I'm
14 messages
05-14-09 05:51 PM
If Donald Trump ran RTVW
Let's see. Newsome's currently in the running for Least Religious Poster because he managed to demonstrate 300% of the competition's dedicati
5 messages
05-11-09 01:46 PM
Badly-scripted soap opera. [View All]
Raise your hand if you believe both of this season's Final Two are there on merit, business sense, and accomplishments within the series. %
22 messages
05-09-09 01:30 AM
Did NBC screw up? Slipped that Rivers won?
I heard an ad on NBC last night saying "Celebrity apprentice Joan Rivers" was going to be on a talk show? Anyone else hear this? I couldnt r
4 messages
05-07-09 08:33 PM
Hitler! [View All]
Unfortunately, Joan can't automatically lose the thread, and Donald's not going to let her lose the show until he gets every last bit of drama
27 messages
05-04-09 04:25 PM
Just had Hershall's and Clint's Asian Chicken...
Sure am glad that Joan recommended the orange juice! But, I gotta say, DANG, THAT WAS GOOD! And only 5 points on the weight watcher's die
2 messages
05-04-09 11:26 AM
Any guesses as to what was on that mysterious note??
I think it said something to the effect of: Melissa has not raised a penny for any of these charities, and is totally riding on her mom
9 messages
05-01-09 11:44 AM
That is all. s/default/rolling.gif
1 messages
04-29-09 09:18 PM
Jesse James Appreciation Thread
I heart Jesse James!! He is one bold, cool, and wise dude!! I can see why Sandra Bullock waited for the RIGHT man to come along, and sh
14 messages
04-29-09 09:17 PM
A few words, woman to woman, for Melissa Rivers:
Get over yourself, Honey!! No one gives a rat's a$$ if the girls on your team are hurting your pretty stitched up face little feelings!
19 messages
04-29-09 12:41 PM
clint black
I will say that I always liked Clint Black,but after seeing him week after week he is the BIGGEST JERK.I only hope and pray that he doesn't treat
5 messages
04-27-09 01:24 PM
Are You Serious???
Ok...this episode's boardroom was ridiculous!! First of all, the double elimination because both teams sucked was obvious. My whole
17 messages
04-23-09 04:38 PM
This Show is Waaaaaaay too long
I'm sorry, it's boring. 45 minutes of boardroom is completely unnecessary and just... *snooze* They could definitely condense thi
1 messages
04-19-09 03:04 PM
Brandi Look Alike
Is there some reason why Brandi and Gene Simmon`s Shannon Tweed look so much alike? Maybe my eyes are deceiving me and I`m aware Shanno
maroonclowns mom
10 messages
04-16-09 09:41 PM
4/12 Annie Melissa get your Gun
Who [s]cares[/s] knows which episode this is. Course I missed the first half due to that stoopid golf that caused TAR to start late and
9 messages
04-16-09 09:20 AM
Just lost four viewers! This show sucks!
They just lost four viewers last night. Me, my husband, my sister and my mother are fed up. That boardroom was ridiculous!!!!! Boy wa
5 messages
04-14-09 10:08 AM
Celebrity Apprentice
How is it that Khloe gets humiliated on national T.V. for having a DUI and then that becomes the reason she is fired by Donald Trump when last season
3 messages
04-07-09 05:48 AM
The Face That Launched A Thousand Stitches.
Unlike Joan with the aging process, we couldn't try to deny this thread forever... ds%2
0 messages
04-02-09 09:09 AM
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