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Drama Preservation Society. [View All]
Also known as '[i]other[/i] reasons not to fire Dennis'. ... ...and I'm fresh out. Was anyone going
24 messages
04-01-09 08:08 PM
Things I've learned from Celebrity Apprentice
If I am in a performance review that I feel will not go well, bring in my mummy to defend me. Especially if she weren't at the events in question
4 messages
03-30-09 10:32 AM
Sunday Orig vs Saturday re-runs
Has anyone watched a regular Sunday ep and then watched the supposed re-run on Saturday night? DH turned the re-run on last night, but I swea
3 messages
03-22-09 11:23 PM
First impressions... [View All]
...aren't all that good. The personality problems are being thrown at us early, and we're clearly being asked to deal with them for a
22 messages
03-17-09 04:43 PM
new apprentice
Why in the world would you schedule The Apprentice on Sun. at 10 PM.? Like many people, I have to get up early to go to work, so I probably won%
8 messages
03-17-09 01:46 PM
Selling through comics? [View All]
I wouldn't trust this group to sell Hostess Fruit Pies. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f9396
22 messages
03-16-09 10:49 AM
Who wants to go back to the OLD APPRENTICE? Please!
This should be a text book case of how to RUIN a great reality show. Let's start these points? 1) Don't put two versions of the same sho
3 messages
03-05-09 04:14 PM
Celebrity Apprentice 2 Cast
Cast announcement with the charities they will play for rump_enlists_new_batch_of_celebri
11 messages
03-01-09 08:36 AM
Forum restored
This forum data has been restored Thanks, SB
0 messages
11-13-08 10:45 PM
Omarosa appreciation thread
All things positive about Omarosa go here. I'm thinking she's going to go far in this contest. She's also a fighter. Omarosa knows how to play t
20 messages
11-05-08 12:13 PM
Heather (x-McCartney) Mills trying to Trump the Donald!!
Did anyone else read where Healther Mills (aka the one-legged model/dancer/con artist who was once married briefly to Beatle Paul McCartney) w
3 messages
09-19-08 10:22 AM
Celebrity apprentice
I watched the "Finale" of the Celebrity Apprentice last night and was pleasently surprised. I have resisted watching in the past as I am not a bi
3 messages
07-15-08 08:20 PM
Piers Morgan
Is anyone else excited to see Celeb Apprentice winner Piers Morgan come back to America's Got Talent this summer? New season starts June 17th on N
1 messages
06-15-08 10:24 AM
For all the Trace fans
Hope this works... ds/User_files/47d14e96780ea606.j
6 messages
06-14-08 08:11 PM
Official RTVW Celebrity Apprentice Summary: Episode 13 & Finale
I was really looking forward to this finale. Even my dog got into the spirit of Trump. He channeled Trump once before but I didnít have a camera in
4 messages
06-12-08 03:11 AM
Finale...will there be a runner up prize?
If anyone is watching the finale, I have one opinion for you to agree or disagree with. No matter who wins, if Donald doesn't give th
11 messages
03-31-08 07:38 PM
Bittersweet victory? (spoilerish for those who are weeks behind)
OK. I looked and looked and didn't see any posts this morning on last night's finale. No 'be the' or any editing, etc. Not that I intend to
19 messages
03-30-08 06:16 PM
Who should they cast in season 2?
I heard they're definitely doing a second season of Celebrity Apprentice - who would you like to see compete? I was thinking [b]Pam
Cathy the Canadian
16 messages
03-28-08 07:09 PM
March 20th Ep [View All]
Don't tell me everybody was watching basketball and no one watched to see what would happen with the Brit, the Boxer, the model and the country
21 messages
03-26-08 08:52 AM
Official RTVW Celebrity Apprentice Summary: Episode 10
[center][h2]These Boots are Made for Walking[/h2] [center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files
3 messages
03-14-08 03:38 PM
28 messages
03-12-08 05:45 PM
Be the Celeb App 7 (Eps 8, 9 & 10)
......(an RPG, please see signups or feel free to post comments as a non-player) Ep 7.8 Who will America buy more product from?
7 messages
03-07-08 09:14 AM
New Rick Nelson song: Goodbye MaryiLu...
Well, all I can say is: it's about time! Is this girl just getting old, scared, freaked out, or what? I almost felt bad, imbarrase
7 messages
02-26-08 01:36 PM
Official RTVW Celebrity Apprentice Summary: Episode 8
Celebrity Apprentice Episode 8: Quality, Value and Convenience, Oh My! Previously on Celebrity Apprentice. After a 5th loss for E
1 messages
02-26-08 01:23 PM
Be the Celeb App 7.7
....(an RPG, please see signups or feel free to post comments as a non-player) Yet again, I say that no one is allowed to quit,
3 messages
02-23-08 10:34 AM
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