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Trump looked unhappy talking to Katie
On the morning show, Jerk made that dumbass analogy about gold metal which is pathetic. Trump looked disgusted to me. I think if it was Marsha
0 messages
12-16-05 07:28 PM
Rebecca hired by Yahoo!
Inside Edition just announced that Rebecca was hired by Yahoo! Good for her - she deserved it.
3 messages
12-16-05 07:17 PM
Yahoo! ... a bunch of chumps
IMO ... Yahoo! came off looking not too genuinely interested in giving back to the community. They were clearly more interested in product placemen
1 messages
12-16-05 07:07 PM
Finale as unjust to Randall as to Rebecca
Amongst many other errors (Randall's "I am the Apprentice" slip), I find it most offensive and disheartening that Randall and Rebecca were
2 messages
12-16-05 06:34 PM
Trumps Secret Plan To Fire Randall!!
Trumps Secret Plan To Fire Randall!! Trump planned to fire Randal from the beginning but Randal was just too smart for him and beat him
1 messages
12-16-05 06:25 PM
True Color
Can You say RACISM ? If Rebecca was black Randal would have said hire her. maybe We can get Jesse jackson to fight for Her. No Class !!!!!
1 messages
12-16-05 05:49 PM
white america out to lynch Randal!!!
its a shame that the first minority to win was the first asked to share victory. mmmmh........things still havent changed in corporate america.....the
1 messages
12-16-05 04:42 PM
Randall didn't say NEVER hire rebecca
Last night Randall didn't tell Trump not to hire Rebecca EVER. "He said if you want to hire her, don't do it tonight". Now, whether
0 messages
12-16-05 03:42 PM
Randalls Faith
This is an excerpt from Randalls website( th/index.asp "God has truly blessed me. He has bless
15 messages
12-16-05 03:36 PM
Randall's lack of vision...
Randall is as good as they come, in some things. But he failed at his very first task as an employee of the Trump organization. Fact is%2
0 messages
12-16-05 03:31 PM
Randall Not a Team Player
This is how I would compare the situation.Trump is like the Yankees and they want find the best Shortstop. They have a competion between Jeter and Aro
lcpl hicks
0 messages
12-16-05 03:17 PM
A Different Different Perspective
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 03:10 PM (EST)[/font] Someone offered the following flawed analogy: "L
0 messages
12-16-05 03:02 PM
A Different Perspective
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 02:26 PM (EST)[/font] Lets say your kid spends 6 months getting ready for a spelling
0 messages
12-16-05 02:24 PM
Randal lost
It's a shame that in one moment all his hard work goes down the drain and now he looks like a selfish jerk. I think his is the better person for the
lcpl hicks
0 messages
12-16-05 02:17 PM
Trump should FIRE Randal immediately.
Hey guys, new poster here... Not only was Randal's move last night unecessarily selfish and classless, but it also proved a lot about
0 messages
12-16-05 02:07 PM
I lost all my admiration and respect for Randal when his ego wouldnt let Trump award Rebecca a second apprenticeship. Who is he to not let her get a h
0 messages
12-16-05 01:43 PM
Randall Is No Jerk - He Was Right
Why is Randall considered a jerk when he was right in saying, "it's the Apprentice, not the Apprenti,"? Why should he endorse hiring som
8 messages
12-16-05 01:04 PM
Fire Randal
After last night, Randal showed he has no morals, class, or integrity.
0 messages
12-16-05 01:03 PM
rebecca's fundraising total??
Does anyone know how to find out if any of the envelopes from the EGF?Yahoo fundraiser came in? Maybe they did make money after the fact. Should
1 messages
12-16-05 12:43 PM
Randal was setting up for a lawsuit...
In hindsight it is so clear now. Randal was going to get that job and no one else was. His question of the ex-candidates getting them to a
0 messages
12-16-05 12:41 PM
Oxford U.? So what? Show some class instead ...
It's not the school, it's whether you're all that special as a result of having gone to a particular school. Sorry, Randal didn't impress
1 messages
12-16-05 12:18 PM
Trump's revealing hint
After he asked Randal and Rebecca which jobs they would choose, and each of them chose different ones, Trump said something like "Well, this m
4 messages
12-16-05 11:18 AM
Trump Wins!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 10:35 AM (EST)[/font] Trump wins as usual! He got someone else to make a dec
1 messages
12-16-05 10:40 AM
Rebecca Stunk
No way should have Trump done that to Randell. If ever he wanted to hire 2, Kwaime would have been the best runner-up. Rebecca continua
1 messages
12-16-05 10:37 AM
I think Randal should be fired
He showed after his comments tonight that he was LYING and NOT SINCERE AT ALL! That was such a low class move of him to do that to Rebecca... I'm
11 messages
12-16-05 10:29 AM
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