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There's something about Andrea
Am I the only one that thinks she looks/acts like a guy? Don't be hate'n - I'm just making an observation.
10 messages
03-30-06 12:04 PM
Show repeat?
I don't ever post here, so sorry if this is in the wrong place. I know i've seen repeats of the Apprentice on one of the news stations like CNB
3 messages
03-29-06 01:17 PM
Subjectivity - The Apprentice's Downfall
Shows like The Apprentice are entertaining (at times), but ultimately leave viewers aggravated due to the fact that the results are completely s
5 messages
03-29-06 01:39 AM
Dan was right about Lenny
I think Dan was right not to bring Lenny in. He was right- this was not Lenny's fault because the team liked the idea. Trump was absolutely wrong an
4 messages
03-28-06 09:46 PM
Andrea and Tammy: An Item?
Much has been written about Andrea maybe being a man. Well, she does have a certain directness about her, and she doesn't dress all that
3 messages
03-28-06 12:22 PM
Synergy's Cereal Campaign: Doomed From Minute One
You only have my word for this, of course, but I knew Synergy's idea of the "From Father To Daughter" for the cereal billboard was a l
5 messages
03-28-06 10:13 AM
That's it [View All]
I've had it. This season is the worst ever. I am done. If I care I will come read the summary. Donald why'd you have to gang up on
42 messages
03-27-06 06:16 PM
This show has the worst of the worst...where did you get them?
I use to like this show but this time they have the worst of the worst on it. Filled with snobs and do nothing types with no creativity whatsoever. Th
9 messages
03-27-06 03:16 PM
It's A Boy!
Do you think he was born with a bad combover? ;-) 288846000.html htt
2 messages
03-27-06 01:22 PM
BTA week 4: No More Brent!
Welcome to Be the Apprentice Game, week four. Please remember that this is a role playing game and not a discussion thread. Please keep all role pl
6 messages
03-26-06 06:23 PM
"Donald.....YOU'RE fired!"
Why? Someone mentioned, wisely, that Brent might have squeeked by yet another week if he had just learned to keep his mouth shut.%
1 messages
03-26-06 08:29 AM
Official RTVW Summary - The Apprentice 5, Episode 4 [View All]
[center][h3][font color=blue]Official RTVW Summary The Apprentice 5 Episode 4 A bunch of morons actually want to w
28 messages
03-25-06 09:13 PM
It's that good ?
Was this an orignal tag? I seem to remember another ad campaign that used it. Can anyone else remember
4 messages
03-25-06 00:09 AM
The Apprentice: Salt Lake
thought you guys might find this of interest, it's a spoof I did last year of "The Apprentice". I'd be curious to know what people think.%0
1 messages
03-24-06 01:45 PM
Charmaine Did A Good Job!
I thought that Charmaine did a great job as project manager. It was smart for her to step up after she learned that Donald questioned her performance
5 messages
03-22-06 10:46 PM
Donald Trump is a dirty rat B#@$%%^
I hated the way he was talking to Brent. Why did he have to gang up on him like that? Why did he picked him to be on the show, when he already kne
2 messages
03-22-06 06:40 PM
Apprentice Loathe List 5.4: The Great Gravel Chug-Out.
'Cast to be fired.' Also cast to be at the bottom of the list for, well, as long as he lasted. Nice work, Markie-Mark. If you're going
2 messages
03-22-06 08:52 AM
lighten up on Brent and the editing [View All]
What's going on with the editing this season? Could they try any harder to make Brent look like a buffoon (and a pig)? They keep editing
29 messages
03-22-06 00:42 AM
Yeah, Brent's gone!!!
I love you, Donald! You da man! I clapped, cheered, laughed, shouted for joy...Donald just zoomed in and did what had to be do
18 messages
03-21-06 07:46 PM
Favorite contestant to get fired
Who is your favorite contestant to get fired in the past four seasons? Althought there were alot of people I liked in season four, I w
16 messages
03-20-06 11:41 PM
Can anyone tell me what tonight's projects involve? My DVR cut off the previews last week!
3 messages
03-20-06 07:34 PM
How could someone who did so little cause the most damage ?
Theresa showed a lot of potential in the beginning, was even impressive in an unflattering-to-the-boobs Costco shirt. However, she relegated hers
1 messages
03-20-06 07:03 PM
Official RTVW Apprentice 5: Episode 3 Summary - Please don't squeeze the Charmaine
Last week, on The Apprentice: Two teams comprised of 17 in[b]duh[/b]viduals who have no desire to work for or even with one another att
7 messages
03-20-06 09:56 AM
Religious Discrimination [View All]
I just saw the preview on Yahoo for tonight's episode. It shows that Lee & Dan, who are Jewish (Lee happens to be Orthodox), informing Go
21 messages
03-20-06 07:36 AM
Plan B: BTA Game week 3 [View All]
Welcome to week number 3, where our Trumpism of the week was Plan B. Gold Rush, you sure needed it!! Gold Rush- I can't be
23 messages
03-18-06 03:24 PM
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