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Celebrity Apprentice Loathe List V1.0(nly)
Place our current thirteen in your personal order from least to most loathed, adding commentary as desired, and show what you currently think of t
1 messages
01-04-08 09:07 AM
Celebrity Apprentice Game and Office Pools
I'm actually excited about the new version of Apprentice coming back. I think Gene Simmons is the early favorite. Like him or not, the guy sells p
0 messages
12-30-07 09:00 PM
Celebrity Apprentices premieres 1/3/08
Blame the writer's strike -- if NBC wasn't this desperate for programming, we might have held off on the suffering until March. Here%
14 messages
12-22-07 02:46 AM
16 AMERCIANS & BRITISH WANTED FOR A NEW TV Business SHOW pize $1 million
We are looking for sixteen candidates to take part in a brand new TV Real Estate show. The Winner will receive $1,000,000 ( USD) towar
0 messages
12-02-07 11:51 AM
Noooo - another season of Apprentice!
Looks like they didn't cancel the show after all. mentNews/idUSN0643251420070707?fe
18 messages
11-08-07 10:52 AM
Does anybody know this?
In the Apprentice series 1- 5, everytime there is a boardroom showdown, the camera cuts away to the skylines of New York City. During that phase i
0 messages
10-18-07 10:45 PM
Hello everyone
Hello everyone, This is noamna say good day to all i m new here. Glad to be here.
2 messages
06-24-07 07:43 PM
Donald starts reality show to look for next wife!
Or maybe I'm just reading a little too much into this? t-trump-developing-lady-or-t
1 messages
06-15-07 07:00 PM
Donald a Quitter? pprentice-star-donald-trump-nbc-you-cant-fire-me-i-quit-5200.php Isn't that hypocritica
Wacko Jacko
7 messages
06-13-07 07:21 PM
Stefani's hair
What is up with the color of Stefani's hair? Did anyone else notice and wonder why her hair was almost a strawberry blond, or a red/brown dur
Blitzen Vixen
7 messages
05-27-07 02:07 AM
Interview with Stefanie Schaeffer
Here's an story from Stefanie Schaeffer, about her victory: [url][/ur- ]
3 messages
05-18-07 02:00 AM
Bill Rancic's batch still the best (despite the Omarosa factor)
All 6 seasons have proven one thing, it's hard to find good help these days. It seems that all the highly-qualified and really interesting applic
2 messages
05-06-07 03:55 PM
Did anyone notice if Michelle was there last night??
I didn't recall seeing her when they all came out, but I may have to re-watch it to check. Also, any catches of Omarosa in the audien
5 messages
05-06-07 03:52 PM
Question: What Donald said to James at the end?
Donald said something to James at the end after he announced Stefani as the winner. He made said something about some comments that James had made th
13 messages
04-25-07 01:10 PM
No wasting time. Guess who is posing for Playboy?
Yuck! Wrong contestant. She'll be on the cover....wonder if it will help or hurt magazine sales?
Wacko Jacko
3 messages
04-24-07 07:10 PM
The Winner of Apprentice 6:
And the winner is.... . Stefani is the winner! But what is this stuff about comment's James' made? Any
8 messages
04-23-07 05:29 PM
Whyis Nicole so bent on getting Trump to notice that she is hot?
First with the rollerskating and then with the mouth wash ads. She makes comments that she hopes Mr. Trumps notices how they are using their fe
10 messages
04-23-07 10:39 AM
Kendra Todd - Apprentice 3 winner - hosting on HGTV
I happened to catch Kendra Todd on the HGTV show "My House is Worth What?" last night. She was acting as host of the show for a house in the Mi
5 messages
04-22-07 00:03 AM
SO, Trump is choosing his Apprentice based on LAST NIGHT???
Wow, this really IS lame!! They do a commercial about smelly spray stuff and THAT'S the Apprentice Hook?? What? No Olympian%
20 messages
04-21-07 11:59 PM
Unless he screws up big time in the finals, James could very well be the new Apprentice
But first, I'd like to point out that Trump used the word "apprentices" as opposed to "apprenti". Why do I think James will win
1 messages
04-17-07 11:04 PM
Who would you hire?
I know. Some will say I wouldn't hire any but lets see who you would hire if you were order. Here are the contestents....
Wacko Jacko
9 messages
04-17-07 02:56 PM
I appreciate James
As an immigrant,their family came to USA when he was 4 and they have nothing.He suffered much more than other candidates.So even if he's no
5 messages
04-12-07 07:58 PM
decision based on "determination of hispanic decent"
The producers made an assumption that 50% of the mall's customers are Hispanic and fire Aimee under the assumption of communicating in Spanish. B
16 messages
04-12-07 12:32 PM
The Apprentice: PTTE
Is anyone interested in a PTTE game for Apprentice? I would be willing to host. If you're not familiar with this game I'll explain:
4 messages
04-11-07 10:52 PM
NBC to TRUMP: "You're Fired!"
Com'on! What was Trump thinking? Big Mistakes! 1) Dumping Carolyn for Ivanka (she has no history in business) 2) Leaving N
17 messages
04-11-07 09:48 AM
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