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Lee should have been fired [View All]
I can understand and appreciate his religous devotion, but why should he get not one, but two free passes from the boardroom? The first time tha
145 messages
06-06-06 11:17 AM
Isn't Sean breaking the first Rule of Executive Leadership?
Thou shall not cavort with the hired help ?
16 messages
06-06-06 10:39 AM
This is a spoiler-free zone.
Please confine all discussion of tonight's episode to the East Coast Spoiler Thread until after midnight EDT tonight, so as not to ruin any surpri
5 messages
06-05-06 08:38 PM
Trump refers to his most famous "Apprenti!"
I guess either Randal had it right last season, or Trump has it wrong this season. The man called his children his apprenti. I can't imagine he'
11 messages
06-04-06 11:22 PM
Was anyone else really put off by Liz?
I was really offended by the way she treated Lee. She should be such a snob about how much money she gets or how she gets it. She was really rude, a
9 messages
06-02-06 08:21 PM
BTA Game: Week 15 Final 2
Welcome to week 15 of the BTA game...please remember this is a role playing game and not a discussion thread,and please keep all role playing commme
7 messages
06-01-06 07:24 PM
who won?
I'm a nurse and I missed the episode. I have looked everywhere and I can't find out who won? Please fill me in. Thanks.
2 messages
06-01-06 07:12 PM
What a painful episode to watch [View All]
How much more blatantly obvious can they make it that Lee is bound to fail? 1. Lenny. 2. Listening to Lenny (Pepi who?). 3. Suc
25 messages
06-01-06 02:28 PM
Ten ways Lee can win.
10. Gee, who knew the first symptom of that incredibly deadly, highly contagious disease was coughing up blood? 9. Friend of uncle's
3 messages
06-01-06 02:09 PM
Where the heck is Randal?
He BETTER be on the finale episode, or I'm going to stop watching this show (if it doesn't get canceled). Haven't all the other previous
8 messages
06-01-06 01:09 PM
Donald co-hosted Live with Regis & Kelly today.
Did anyone see it? Find anything vaguely interesting during it? See if they made him change his tie for the appearance? Figure out how they w
1 messages
05-31-06 05:26 PM
The British are Coming!
Notwithstanding the biased fact that I am British what is up with that? I know he is a newly made American but is there really such a thing that ex
0 messages
05-31-06 02:58 PM
Where can I see re-run of yesterday's The Apprentice?
What SF Bay Area television stations (or network stations) will re-run yesterday's episode of The Apprentice. Looked all through TV listing sch
2 messages
05-31-06 01:53 PM
What Prize Loyalty?………Know why Carolyn was laughing to the ground?……..To Pepe or not to Pepe!……….Lee’s Claim to Fame
BREAKING NEWS: Lee has just signed up with the Russian Army, where Rationale is secondary to Loyalty, where it’s shoot first-ask questions la
0 messages
05-30-06 08:10 PM
Brent Butting in
Is it just me, or was anyone else really annoyed by Brent butting himself in every forseeable camera angle when Lee was choosing? He even had the
1 messages
05-30-06 06:28 PM
Apprentice not on NBC's Fall Schedule
My news paper lists the fall schedule for NBC. The Apprentice in not assigned a time slot. Does this mean the show is done or that they are going to
Wacko Jacko
9 messages
05-30-06 01:59 PM
Roxanne couldn't have cut it
How idiotic was it that Roxanne wasn't willing to "throw Allie under the bus," to win? Initially, I could understand that she wanted thing
1 messages
05-30-06 11:54 AM
Remaining Two [View All]
That Roxanne and Allie go the boot is no biggie. The uniforms sucked. They did not understand the input of the hotel staffers who would be wearing t
38 messages
05-30-06 08:42 AM
Photos of the uniforms?
I messed up my taping of the show and am dying to see photos of the uniforms. There is one shot of them on the NBC page but it's not very revealing
5 messages
05-30-06 03:51 AM
Be The Apprentice week 13: Anyone still care?
Welcome to week 13 of the BTA game, please remember that this is a role playing game and not a discussion thread... Synergy- Allie%2
2 messages
05-26-06 07:33 PM
Will we ever see George & Carolyn again?
Maybe they finally came to their senses and figured that since they are now multimillionaires (and at least I hope so with all of that airtime),
2 messages
05-25-06 03:20 PM
Ok, seriously? Like they pack up every time.....
I find it hard to believe that these contestants have to pack their bags EVERY time they go to the board room. And honestly, how is it possible tha
1 messages
05-25-06 05:14 AM
Is it Possible for Trump to be even more of an ##### then he already is?
Trump has reached new heights, I did not think he could possibly reach, of how to be a horse's #####. It is a given that his monument
mocha madness
10 messages
05-24-06 02:34 AM
Why did Synergy lose?
Is it fair for Tammy to claim that sabotage and disloyalty caused the loss? Or did the team lose because Tammy wanted the project to be all about h
9 messages
05-19-06 03:46 AM
*Official RTVW Summary - The Apprentice 5:Week 12*
[center][h3][font color=blue]Official RTVW Summary: The Apprentice Episode 12: School Days [/center][/h3][%
5 messages
05-17-06 08:18 PM
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