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Randal's Questionaire
On the Apprentice website, Randal's page has a questionaire. Number 7 is the most interesting. When asked what his definition of success is, R
D Trump
16 messages
12-18-05 05:39 PM
george's insight
randal kept alluding to his superior 3-0 record compared to rebecca's 1-2 record. At one point, George said to randal, "Regarding your record%
10 messages
12-18-05 11:53 AM
Finale stuns even Trump
Finale stuns even Trump Moments after Randall Pinkett was selected by Donald Trump to be the "Apprentice," he made it clear he didn%2
Master B
0 messages
12-18-05 02:31 AM
randall's decision ... premeditated?
Did anyone else notice when Randall asked the other candidates to stand up if they supported him he said something like "If you believe I should be
6 messages
12-18-05 00:01 AM
Trump showed great character in the finale
Example 1. Standing behind Randall's wishes. Though I can't believe Randall was so selfish and insecure after he had already won, I a
7 messages
12-17-05 11:35 PM
Trump Fires Randal!!!
You are a loser.
D Trump
4 messages
12-17-05 11:03 PM
Alla's Themesong
"I'm your private Apprentice Your Apprentice for money I'll do what you want me to do. I'm your private Apprentice Y
18 messages
12-17-05 09:09 PM
Poor Randal!!! [View All]
First he loses his grandma and now he's stuck with those catty witches!!! I was hoping he could tell them he didn't want to switch teams.
35 messages
12-17-05 08:20 PM
Randal's reality
Has anyone here looked at Randal's resume or his company website? He really has 1 year of work experience (Lucent, 97-98%
12 messages
12-17-05 03:40 PM
Moderator Comments - Please Read
You'll notice a number of locked threads this morning on the forums. This is a threaded community, which means that we prefer posters to join exi
7 messages
12-17-05 03:33 PM
Apparently randall opted out of taking English in his degree programs
"Aprentii" isn't the plural of apprentice. It's apprentices. But that's what happens when you opt out of English for Ebonics. The man who tr
15 messages
12-17-05 03:28 PM
Alla is a b*&%$
I haven't always been a big fan of Alla to begin with, but after tonight's episode, holy crap! What a #####! Her remarks were so
26 messages
12-17-05 01:51 PM
Die-Hard Beckyites IN THE MINORITY!
Check it out: rentice_4/rebecca/index.html
1 messages
12-17-05 10:44 AM
Rebecca did WIN the final task
Randall's task brought in $11,000. Rebecca's task brought in $100,000 (Yahoo donation). The fact that Yahoo decided to split it amongs
2 messages
12-17-05 10:07 AM
Be The Apprentice: The Finale
Where did the weeks go? It seems like just yesterday that you broke your ankle Rebecca. Randal, Randal, Randal. How could you not check the weat
4 messages
12-17-05 08:52 AM
Bad Night...Better Morning
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 10:54 AM (EST)[/font] Well last night's turn of of events was a little shocking....
12 messages
12-17-05 08:43 AM
Randall is Really Humpty
Randall lost all of my respect when he did not suggest to hire Rebecca, as well. For God's sake, they even chose different projects. Isn't b
0 messages
12-17-05 06:13 AM
Does Rebecca have integrity?
What kind of integrity does Rebecca really have? She had a responsibility to raise money for the AIDs foundation. Because she wanted to win she did
0 messages
12-16-05 11:44 PM
Rebecca still comes out on top
After being screwed over by the classless acts of her teammate who managed to blow his entire season's edit in about two seconds (paraphrased from
2 messages
12-16-05 11:26 PM
rebecca's ankle
i have read from insiders that Rebecca's ankle was fine after a few weeks, and she just milked it to get sympathy from Trump and others. I wouldn
1 messages
12-16-05 09:33 PM
Randal's nastiness
Randal displayed incredible nastiness with his comment, "I run companies, she writes about them." He wasn't running companies at 23. He's
0 messages
12-16-05 09:25 PM
For all his supposed education, isn't it amazing that Randal doesn't know the plural of apprentice? Last time I checked it's apprentices,
0 messages
12-16-05 09:21 PM
"Man, you're tough"
Access Hollywood reporter asks Randal at post-boardroom event: "What was the first thing Trump said to you after the show was over?%2
3 messages
12-16-05 08:39 PM
Randal knew it was coming. He said during the debate, "If you think I should be named the 'single and sole' apprentice tonight please stand u
3 messages
12-16-05 08:18 PM
Rebecca job offer
Does anyone know how much Randall will make? All they say is a hefty six-figure salary. Well look who else has an offer with a
1 messages
12-16-05 07:46 PM
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