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A question about "You're fired"
Sorry, I'm not really a fan of the show and I only catch it from time to time and see it in commercials, but I really couldn't find something
4 messages
08-21-06 03:49 PM
Tana now doing Bedazzler commercials.
What a surprise. The real shock would be if they talked her into taking cash instead of being paid in beads. And the EPMB legal boilerplate is havin
3 messages
07-10-06 08:04 PM
Re: Why didnt Trump discuss the final task AT ALL? [View All]
did anyone notice that in that last board room, Trump did not evaluate the final task? usually he tells them who won the task, gives them feedba
sexy caramel
22 messages
06-23-06 04:53 PM
The finale
Is it me or was that finale extremely boring? I would have prefered to just find out who won instead of watching that for 90 minutes! It was obvio
3 messages
06-12-06 04:51 PM
Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... [View All]
Lee does not look like an Apprentice. He looks like a schoolboy. Sean, on the other hand, dresses for success and exudes the confidence of a bus
22 messages
06-12-06 09:54 AM
Sean and Tammy
I would seriously question the seriousness of the romance given what Sean did at the end of the show,riding off into the night without Tammy.If that
13 messages
06-10-06 09:54 AM
Age discrimination???
Trump constantly makes negative references to a candidate's age and inexperience. If this is such a big deal for him, why does he continue to sele
3 messages
06-07-06 08:37 PM
Pepi - Character Assination????
What are your thoughts about how Pepi was portrayed? I personally think it was out of line. So what he was the second/third person fired. They
Wacko Jacko
9 messages
06-07-06 04:28 PM
BTA Game: The Interview
Whew! The finale is finally over. Donald, I can't believe that you asked my opinion then didn't wait for my answer as to who should be the app
2 messages
06-07-06 02:31 PM
Sean wins :( boo hoo in my books Lee is the real winner!!!
I can't believe they picked Sean that pompous Ken/Barbie doll eck. Well Donald, you get what you hire...another peacock for the set. %0
15 messages
06-07-06 07:19 AM
I want to take part
Hey guys, Am resident in Switzerland, will complete my MBA in 4 months, and am looking to work for Trump! Am African fro
SAM Jalloh
1 messages
06-07-06 06:20 AM
why does America hate Lee? [View All]
when they do the "get rich with trump" contest, Lee always gets at least 20% of the vote for most likley to be fired- even when his team has d
65 messages
06-07-06 00:41 AM
Lee should have been fired [View All]
I can understand and appreciate his religous devotion, but why should he get not one, but two free passes from the boardroom? The first time tha
145 messages
06-06-06 11:17 AM
Isn't Sean breaking the first Rule of Executive Leadership?
Thou shall not cavort with the hired help ?
16 messages
06-06-06 10:39 AM
This is a spoiler-free zone.
Please confine all discussion of tonight's episode to the East Coast Spoiler Thread until after midnight EDT tonight, so as not to ruin any surpri
5 messages
06-05-06 08:38 PM
Trump refers to his most famous "Apprenti!"
I guess either Randal had it right last season, or Trump has it wrong this season. The man called his children his apprenti. I can't imagine he'
11 messages
06-04-06 11:22 PM
Was anyone else really put off by Liz?
I was really offended by the way she treated Lee. She should be such a snob about how much money she gets or how she gets it. She was really rude, a
9 messages
06-02-06 08:21 PM
BTA Game: Week 15 Final 2
Welcome to week 15 of the BTA game...please remember this is a role playing game and not a discussion thread,and please keep all role playing commme
7 messages
06-01-06 07:24 PM
who won?
I'm a nurse and I missed the episode. I have looked everywhere and I can't find out who won? Please fill me in. Thanks.
2 messages
06-01-06 07:12 PM
What a painful episode to watch [View All]
How much more blatantly obvious can they make it that Lee is bound to fail? 1. Lenny. 2. Listening to Lenny (Pepi who?). 3. Suc
25 messages
06-01-06 02:28 PM
Ten ways Lee can win.
10. Gee, who knew the first symptom of that incredibly deadly, highly contagious disease was coughing up blood? 9. Friend of uncle's
3 messages
06-01-06 02:09 PM
Where the heck is Randal?
He BETTER be on the finale episode, or I'm going to stop watching this show (if it doesn't get canceled). Haven't all the other previous
8 messages
06-01-06 01:09 PM
Donald co-hosted Live with Regis & Kelly today.
Did anyone see it? Find anything vaguely interesting during it? See if they made him change his tie for the appearance? Figure out how they w
1 messages
05-31-06 05:26 PM
The British are Coming!
Notwithstanding the biased fact that I am British what is up with that? I know he is a newly made American but is there really such a thing that ex
0 messages
05-31-06 02:58 PM
Where can I see re-run of yesterday's The Apprentice?
What SF Bay Area television stations (or network stations) will re-run yesterday's episode of The Apprentice. Looked all through TV listing sch
2 messages
05-31-06 01:53 PM
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