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Trump Wins!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 10:35 AM (EST)[/font] Trump wins as usual! He got someone else to make a dec
1 messages
12-16-05 10:40 AM
Rebecca Stunk
No way should have Trump done that to Randell. If ever he wanted to hire 2, Kwaime would have been the best runner-up. Rebecca continua
1 messages
12-16-05 10:37 AM
I think Randal should be fired
He showed after his comments tonight that he was LYING and NOT SINCERE AT ALL! That was such a low class move of him to do that to Rebecca... I'm
11 messages
12-16-05 10:29 AM
Randal is Selfish & Cold Blooded - Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
I am glad to see so many people had the same reaction I did to last night. I had been thinking for awhile that Trump was leaning towards hiring both c
0 messages
12-16-05 10:25 AM
Randal is an arrogant, greedy, jerk-off... wouldn't share a cookie
In a move that bespoke of his true character Randal hi-jacked an opportunity for Trump to hire both candidates. Why? He didn't want to share the
20 messages
12-16-05 10:24 AM
Randal is selfish, insecure, immature and has "NO CLASS"
Randal showed his true colors when he didn't give Rebecca a chance to work for the Trump org. That was the move of an immature and insecure person.
pink lady
0 messages
12-16-05 10:18 AM
Trump should be Fired!
Either Trump had a weak moment or he is looking for more ratings which all of you are playing into. I personally think Randall should have agreed tha
0 messages
12-16-05 10:11 AM
I really feel for Rebecca!
Last night's Apprentice finale has left such a bad taste in my mouth. I'm an avid Apprentice watcher and have been since season 1. I predicted ear
3 messages
12-16-05 10:09 AM
What's wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 00:37 AM (EST)[/font] Look, I like Rebecca. She's nice, smart, and has done
67 messages
12-16-05 10:06 AM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 08:53 AM (EST)[/font] I've been up all night (working the overnight shift), s
9 messages
12-16-05 09:57 AM
Randal of all people!
As a black man, I am completely disgusted that Randal perpetuated elitism and exclusivism by actively denying Rebecca an opportunity she has at the
32 messages
12-16-05 09:53 AM
Randal is the Apprentice
The attitudes expressed here is just further evidence of the old adage in the black community about being better than everyone else in order to get wh
35 messages
12-16-05 09:33 AM
Randall Hand-Picked from the Get-Go - minorities, glory, humanity
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 04:37 AM (EST)[/font] XXXXXXXXX PLEASE READ ME AND COMMENT! XXXXXXXXX
3 messages
12-16-05 09:33 AM
Randall's Fault or Trump's?
At first I was very disappointed in Randall, and to some degree, I still am. But in reality, wasn't it Trump's mistake? If he had looked
3 messages
12-16-05 08:39 AM
Who else is tired of this show? [View All]
I am done with watching the Donald treat people like shite, editing make them all look like a bunch of idiots (or worse yet, casting intentional
41 messages
12-16-05 08:18 AM
Sent to NBC/Universal about Randal's Backstabbing! Send one TOO!
Sent to: I was disgusted and horrified to see how UNGRACEFUL Randal was in the face of a great triumph. Th
2 messages
12-16-05 07:59 AM
Randall...the real loser
I was rooting for him the whole way but not hiring the runnerup was just as bad as not checking the weather and not putting the correct number on an a
lcpl hicks
3 messages
12-16-05 07:52 AM
Apprentice - the Musical [View All]
i swear - he really said that it would happen. So, I want your votes and ideas here. Who will the characters be and who will be cast as them? w
23 messages
12-16-05 07:46 AM
If Rebecca were ugly or fat everyone would agree with Randal
Rebecca was pretty so nobody cared that she failed the last task. Randal said she was not ready and after he won he did not change his mind.
7 messages
12-16-05 07:19 AM
Lessons From The Apprentice
I wrote a book called Lessons From The Apprentice with success and business lessons based on the first three seasons of the show. In June, my agent
1 messages
12-16-05 05:04 AM
Rebecca v. alla
let me just say, if you believe alla is a better apprentice candidate than Rebecca: STOP TYPING AND STAY AWAY FROM ALL APPRENTICE
3 messages
12-16-05 04:15 AM
Randall Randall Randall
Randall is a good hire, I think he nipped himself in the butt for not letting DT hire Rebecca. I believe Rebecca has or HAD enough respect for Randa
0 messages
12-16-05 04:04 AM
Congrats Randall
Randall is smart, smart enough to know how to use the system. Apparently he didn't like working in the real world as an engineer for which he was
0 messages
12-16-05 03:32 AM
So much for Trump's decision being made easier!
LOL! I KNEW when he said he was relieved that they picked two different projects he had intentions of hiring both. I guess Donald doesn't have muc
6 messages
12-16-05 03:03 AM
F*** you randal
you WERE a great leader and friend and nice guy but in the end, you proved your ego was bigger and more important than all of your busine
2 messages
12-16-05 02:29 AM
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