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The Apprentice: Salt Lake
thought you guys might find this of interest, it's a spoof I did last year of "The Apprentice". I'd be curious to know what people think.%0
1 messages
03-24-06 01:45 PM
Charmaine Did A Good Job!
I thought that Charmaine did a great job as project manager. It was smart for her to step up after she learned that Donald questioned her performance
5 messages
03-22-06 10:46 PM
Donald Trump is a dirty rat B#@$%%^
I hated the way he was talking to Brent. Why did he have to gang up on him like that? Why did he picked him to be on the show, when he already kne
2 messages
03-22-06 06:40 PM
Apprentice Loathe List 5.4: The Great Gravel Chug-Out.
'Cast to be fired.' Also cast to be at the bottom of the list for, well, as long as he lasted. Nice work, Markie-Mark. If you're going
2 messages
03-22-06 08:52 AM
lighten up on Brent and the editing [View All]
What's going on with the editing this season? Could they try any harder to make Brent look like a buffoon (and a pig)? They keep editing
29 messages
03-22-06 00:42 AM
Yeah, Brent's gone!!!
I love you, Donald! You da man! I clapped, cheered, laughed, shouted for joy...Donald just zoomed in and did what had to be do
18 messages
03-21-06 07:46 PM
Favorite contestant to get fired
Who is your favorite contestant to get fired in the past four seasons? Althought there were alot of people I liked in season four, I w
16 messages
03-20-06 11:41 PM
Can anyone tell me what tonight's projects involve? My DVR cut off the previews last week!
3 messages
03-20-06 07:34 PM
How could someone who did so little cause the most damage ?
Theresa showed a lot of potential in the beginning, was even impressive in an unflattering-to-the-boobs Costco shirt. However, she relegated hers
1 messages
03-20-06 07:03 PM
Official RTVW Apprentice 5: Episode 3 Summary - Please don't squeeze the Charmaine
Last week, on The Apprentice: Two teams comprised of 17 in[b]duh[/b]viduals who have no desire to work for or even with one another att
7 messages
03-20-06 09:56 AM
Religious Discrimination [View All]
I just saw the preview on Yahoo for tonight's episode. It shows that Lee & Dan, who are Jewish (Lee happens to be Orthodox), informing Go
21 messages
03-20-06 07:36 AM
Plan B: BTA Game week 3 [View All]
Welcome to week number 3, where our Trumpism of the week was Plan B. Gold Rush, you sure needed it!! Gold Rush- I can't be
23 messages
03-18-06 03:24 PM
show chemistry
Is it just me or is there some kind of chemistry between Bryce and Tarek?
0 messages
03-17-06 10:45 PM
I SO wasn't big on the comedienne...
I was totally cringing during her schtick. Some folks are saying she was edited poorly... but she SAID all those things. Totally off color and inapp
5 messages
03-16-06 05:29 PM
This Season's Project Managers
Unlike the past couple of seasons, the Project Managers of the winning teams did not receive immunity for next week. The idea behind immunity was th
3 messages
03-16-06 05:26 PM
The Comedian from Apprentice on Comical Radio Friday 3/17
The Comedians name is Corey Kahaney, a comedy radio show based out of New York is going to have her on this Friday 3/17 sometime from 1-3pm easter
0 messages
03-16-06 01:30 PM
What's Synergy gonna do after they can the British guy?
Is it just me or does anyone else think Synergy is capitalizing on his (romantic?) accent. They used him to lure women into becoming Costco mem
1 messages
03-16-06 09:15 AM
Apprentice Loathe List 5.3: Retreat, men! Retreat!
Not that I think anyone else is going to join in at this point, but I am vaguely curious to see how long I can keep it going before i get bored. So
1 messages
03-14-06 07:39 PM
The Donald Copying Martha's Style
Has anyone noticed that this season of the Apprentice borrowed some of the elements from the Martha Stewart Apprentice? For Example:
5 messages
03-14-06 03:18 PM
Don't judge a book by its cover: BTA Game wk 2
I write this in a rush as I head off to work... **Gasp** Mr. Trump Sir, I can't believe that after how many seasons, yo
15 messages
03-14-06 01:46 PM
Stacy Deserved the Boot!
I can't tell you how excited I was to see Stacy get fired. After she accused Brent of assaulting, attacking (or any of a myriad of similar word
12 messages
03-14-06 08:30 AM
SYNERGY is a Misnomer
SANS Energy is more like it! They couldn't even get up earlier than noon. Sure Brent is annoying but this much I'll give him, he isn't the
0 messages
03-12-06 12:39 PM
RTVW Official Summary: Apprentice 5, Episode 2
[center][h2]A Definite Lack of Synergy!!![/h2][/center] Tarek returns to the suite to thunderous applause. It see
5 messages
03-12-06 09:58 AM
Official RTVW Apprentice #5 Ep. #1 Summary: 'Genius Has Its Limits': An Adventure In Rough Paraphrase. [View All]
{F/X and editing shots: a quick series of images, showing successful people doing various things all around the country. Just the usual stuf
25 messages
03-08-06 01:47 PM
a note for Mr Trump
Mr. Trump, Loved the plane on the first episode! Sad to say it seems as though several of your new apprentices-in-training need t
0 messages
03-08-06 02:56 AM
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