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Is it safe yet?
With only 5 locked threads on the frist page....Is it safe yet to come in and read what happen yet? http://community.realityt
13 messages
12-24-05 09:22 PM
Apprentice PTTE finale
Sorry about the delays, I was on vacation and the holidays caught up to me. But here is our final satndings, Good luck everyone! [b
3 messages
12-24-05 03:49 PM
Remember our little Becky trying anything to outgun Randal? She even said something about raising $750,000. It's talked about on her off
52 messages
12-23-05 09:55 AM
Sandy the Wedding Planner
Has anyone seen the new show featuring one of the M & M Sisters? She's planning weddings for Hurricane Katrina survivors. I caught an episode a
0 messages
12-23-05 08:12 AM
Randal chatting Thurs. on at 4 p.m.
Randal will be chatting Thurs. on at 4 p.m. (ET). Go to to join in.
2 messages
12-23-05 06:42 AM
I don't believe he did it [View All]
What. a. jerk. ig_2100.GIF
226 messages
12-23-05 02:37 AM
Apprentae? Try "Hypocrisy"
Okay, regardless of who you believe should have won The Apprentice this time around, Randal clearly went against what Trump is looking for and his
8 messages
12-22-05 01:10 PM
Another word on editing, directing and image manipulation
Some people believe that Mark Burnett manipulates the images of the players on the Apprentice, that the actions of the players are scripted, and t
3 messages
12-22-05 01:42 AM
Tell Larry King: Trump Should Not Have Asked Randal !
Donald Trump will be on Larry King Live show January 6. I encourage you all to email the Larry King show(
5 messages
12-21-05 05:50 PM
I now believe the excerpt from the book in which DT was revealed as being a racist! [View All]
Ok gang, let’s look at this carefully. We all know, without question, that if Trump wanted to hire both candidates he would have. In the same
82 messages
12-21-05 05:38 PM
The World is Better off With Rebecca not being hired.
I think that while Randal was a bit selfish, he was picked first – hence being “The Winner.” He could have been gracious and said Rebecca woul
Ren Fisk
6 messages
12-20-05 11:56 PM
No ethics in business or life anymore
I think what disturbs me the most about this show, Trump, and things which have taken place ever season, are the lack of ethics. Trump has such
1 messages
12-20-05 09:17 PM
Randal is a big dork
I thought the most idiotic theing I saw was when Randall asked the people who thought he should win to stand when they were in the dark. That was reta
1 messages
12-20-05 04:49 PM
Defining a great manager, and who really was...
I posted something on another thread, but it was off-topic to that discussion so it's going to be buried. I wanted to hone in on, and explore wh
12 messages
12-20-05 03:02 PM
The BIG Surprise? Trump got TRUMPED! [View All]
Remember the ballyhoo about Trump's BIG surprise? From the TAPED edit on the show, it was clearly to name R&R joint apprentices. On TAPE, R
70 messages
12-20-05 01:08 PM
PLEASE READ--Board Guidelines [View All]
Edited for relevance and your reading pleasure. COMMUNITY GUIDELINES The message board community
29 messages
12-19-05 09:10 PM
I'm probably done watching...
Trump is a major richardhead for not hiring Rebecca. And the dipsticks that yell RACISM if you don't agree that both should have been hired can take
1 messages
12-19-05 01:34 PM
Rebecca Raised A LOT of money [View All]
Why is everybody saying that Rebecca didn't raise any money? The Yahoo Executives were so impressed by her work that they came to The Season Fina
36 messages
12-19-05 01:34 PM
Randall the idiot
I am so annoyed at the conclusion of the Apprentice. How dare Randall rob Rebeccah of a job that should have been hers anyway just to be a big jerk!
6 messages
12-19-05 11:46 AM
Trump is the chump, not Randal
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 06:31 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
Donald Chump
7 messages
12-19-05 11:02 AM
The best candidate won!!!!!
Trump made the absolute best decision in choosing Randal tonight!!! Hands down, he was the better candidate--education, experience, people
18 messages
12-19-05 09:43 AM
Thurs. Night Moments that made me go WOO-HOO!
Trump getting TRUMPED! was the highlight of the night for me. But there were other moments that made me go WOO-HOO such as: Randle turn
16 messages
12-19-05 02:33 AM
Trump's Theme Song
Trump would never stand for his theme song being a mere post under "Alla's Themesong" (and neither would I, to be honest}>) so w
10 messages
12-19-05 00:42 AM
Controversy & Manipulation [View All]
An Analysis of The Apprentice. After 4 or 5 seasons of watching this show, I am truly convinced that the purpose of this show is to creat
32 messages
12-19-05 00:29 AM
Stop blaming Randall!
I'm extremely angry about the backlash that Randall has been receiving since the finale of the Apprentice. Why is everyone turning against Randall%
1 messages
12-18-05 10:29 PM
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