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SO - then and now
The first season of SO was great. I was a fan of the show and felt the life coaches made a difference in the house guests lives. The women left the
11 messages
05-06-06 01:27 PM
Get some *NEW* HOUSEGUESTS, pleeeeeease!
The new season started in early September. Today is April 3rd (Lisa1's graduation extravaganza) and all I can think is...why oh why am I still
8 messages
05-05-06 11:47 AM
I see on Christies myspace site, that Christina is back. She is on ebay selling hats that she makes. Check out her profile on myspace. Says she d
1 messages
05-05-06 10:41 AM
Starting Over DVD's or Tapes???
Hi, does anyone know if any of the season's are available for purchase on DVD or Video? I'd love to give this as a gift to someone who doesn%
1 messages
05-04-06 07:06 PM
Rhonda's voice overs
I've noticed that there are a lot of re-takes with Rhonda. During her speach to Kelly and yesterday. It's like Rhonda, if you didn't get it th
11 messages
05-03-06 10:43 PM
Did anyone read this regarding Starting Over???? artingover/ Maybe the publicity needed to start a campaign to keep the show alive!%
1 messages
05-02-06 09:36 PM
Former House guests
I was wondering why the don't list all of the former guests from ALL seasons, on the Starting Over site. I just see #1 and #2. Would like to c
9 messages
05-02-06 06:41 PM
Shortning Bread?
I've noticed that, over the past few days, that when Iyanla enters the SOH, especially when she's working with a black HG, the turn to Sho
7 messages
05-02-06 06:33 PM
The Makeovers in the SO House [View All]
Can I get someone to agree with me???? Are these makeovers horrid? TJ looked awful..... Christina looked horrible.... these are beautyfu
Working Girl
51 messages
05-02-06 11:05 AM
Cassie and the adoptive husband's ex-wife?
Hey you wild and crazy posters! ;o) I was watching the flash backs of Cassie's story last week and they showed Cassie giving the ado
7 messages
05-02-06 08:19 AM
SO Still on in Raliegh/ Triangle Area NC.. even though no longer listed in cable guide..
There are NO listings in the Time Warner Cable listing.. but SO is STILL ON channel 218, from 12-1pm. I only just happened to check, because it%2
1 messages
05-02-06 08:16 AM
Just wondering
I found this....wondering if someone else read this...or got any other details!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0 messages
05-01-06 10:10 PM
So how great was David...
...the guy who found his birth mother, and told Cassie about it? What a sweet man. I think he really handled that situation the right way.
5 messages
05-01-06 08:05 PM
Mr Situation?
I must have missed a show. Who is Mr Situation and whats the story? Can anyone explain.
8 messages
05-01-06 02:35 PM
Theme Songs [View All]
I thought it might be fun to pick "theme songs" for the housemates, past and present, and even the Life Coaches. I haven't put much thought
44 messages
05-01-06 01:31 PM
Confused!! SO no longer being shown on NBC in the NC Triangle area???
Sadly I noticed a banner running across the screen on friday's show saying that come Monday (today) that SO will no longer be seen on NBC, but
2 messages
05-01-06 10:08 AM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 12 [View All]
I've decided we can't get enough product placement with just bean sprouts, so we're chucking that menu. Bring all the lard-filled-fats back.
Cygnus X1
84 messages
05-01-06 07:53 AM
Bringing back former house guests…….
If there going to bring back former house guests why don’t they bring back the people who actually wanted to be there and update us on how
2 messages
04-30-06 06:19 PM
SO's misuse of "addiction"..
I was a little disappointed today to see that Dr. Stan had signed onto Iyanla and and Rhonda's GROSS misuse of the word "addiction". How can Chr
11 messages
04-30-06 02:16 PM
Cassie and Antonia
Could you believe what Antonia said to Cassie! Where does she get off??? Okay, that being said, I just wanted to start this th
14 messages
04-29-06 06:22 PM
The SO chat room has arrived!
All praise and thanks be to Webby (the board owner)! There is now an SO chat room for your use. Click on "Live Chat" in the blue
Cygnus X1
9 messages
04-29-06 12:06 PM
Antonia at Kelly's graduation
Did anyone think it was odd that Antonia got up to speak at Kelly's graduation when she did not even know Kelly? It was also odd that she got up
3 messages
04-28-06 12:26 PM
Personal websites/email of SO housemates
Season 1 Amy Andy Paige Audrey Tucker
1 messages
04-28-06 07:59 AM
The lesbian from season 1 -
Does anyone remember the woman who entered the SO House near the end of season 1 (I think). If I remember correctly, she was new to the gay/l
1 messages
04-28-06 07:08 AM
Does anyone else think SO is running out of things to air?
Iíve noticed that there showing the whole graduation now, which is something they have never done. Is it because more women here have confli
11 messages
04-28-06 01:39 AM
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