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Missed Episodes
Anyone know how to get info on missed episodes? My local station didn't air a show on Fri 3/24, the day Christie met with her mother. I assu
1 messages
03-28-06 02:44 AM
I found this Picture of Iyanla.....oh wait its Whoopie Goldberg!! ds/User_files/44283f183e358019.jpg
4 messages
03-27-06 07:07 PM
Cassie confusion?
So Season Two Cassie is back in the house....why do they have a photo of Season One Cassie on the website? I just watched the recording
5 messages
03-27-06 04:59 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 7 [View All]
(Rule change ahead! Please read the fine print.) [i]Nestled in a lodge on the shores of Lake Tahoe.[/i] Nice bi
Cygnus X1
50 messages
03-27-06 04:18 PM
I guess the SO house doesnt really work otherwise why [View All]
would these houseguests who have already been at the house, graduated and return ie: Cassie, Maureen, Allisham,josie If they really did reac
23 messages
03-27-06 03:51 PM
Cassie's picture on SO website
Is this the same person we have been watching for the last week? 21 years old? I don't think so. Someone screwed up or this is a really old pict
1 messages
03-27-06 03:13 PM
Why is Cassie1 shown on the Starting Over site?? Is she coming back??
1 messages
03-26-06 08:56 PM
What is Rhonda's hi/story?
Can someone please tell me Rhonda's personal story/history? I've tried searching the message board and the internet but I can't f
5 messages
03-26-06 07:40 PM
PLESAE I missed fridays show
Could someone recap for me? I would really appriciate it. Thank you in advance. Blue
2 messages
03-26-06 11:10 AM
jodie and christie
I thought that it was kind of strange when jodie and christie all of the sudden decided to jump into the pool fully clothed. I must have missed somet
13 messages
03-25-06 09:48 PM
Did you see yesterday's show? When Kim was lying in bed with Christie, sucking up her, and Jodi's, sympathy? Just hours after she'd sa
4 messages
03-25-06 04:28 PM
Thread Removed & WARNING: SOHla
A thread was started about a typical day in the SO House. Unfortunately, this was a reposting of information from another site, the author of whic
0 messages
03-25-06 04:14 PM
I just love this show
Can anyone tell me their thoughs about the current houseguests? Cassie- so sad nothing happening for her. Christie-keep judgin
4 messages
03-25-06 00:37 AM
"Kelly and Kim - Kelly is trying to be a victim off of a real victim. NOW THATS CRUEL! "
Kim really does have issues that are real and she was abused and abandoned. I get frustrated with Kim sometimes too but I understand she is going thro
Candace T
1 messages
03-24-06 06:50 PM
I think I would have to agree that Kelly is going overboard with all this. She is getting on my nerves. I think Kim is handling the attitude better th
1 messages
03-24-06 05:49 PM
The "First New HM" syndrome
I have been thinking about this ever since Kim's appearance as a new house mate. As I watched her knocking on the door to enter the house for the fi
10 messages
03-24-06 03:02 PM
Has anyone hear about her tumor? Did it get removed?
0 messages
03-24-06 02:28 PM
Miss Kelly seems very mean and hard core about hating Kim. I think she wants everyone to be on her side like girls who are 12 years old.
Martha Mengarelli
1 messages
03-24-06 02:11 PM
Is it gossip or venting
I find it horrible when the housemates sit around and discuss another person.I am not a Kim fan but for everyone to sit around and discuss her does no
16 messages
03-24-06 12:42 PM
What's in Andy's car? [View All]
The size tags she cut out of Jodi's new petite plus size clothes, I'll bet. What else?
21 messages
03-24-06 09:16 AM
Does Anyone Know Where Iyanla Is?
I was just wondering if anyone knew where Iyanla is lately? Is she OK?
4 messages
03-23-06 00:33 AM
Infidelity re: Dr. Stan's "little talk"
Did I hear him say that men are biologically predisposed to cheat, and it's a womans' job to forgive and forget to keep the family together?%0
2 messages
03-22-06 04:31 PM
It's GOT to be almost time for a BOR...wouldn't you think?
Come on. Last season it seemed like they held one every other week or so.So lets play a little game. Who do you think will come up on the next board o
8 messages
03-22-06 11:27 AM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 6 [View All]
Bringing a HG's mother in as a new HG! What a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. This ought to send the ratings skyrocketing. %0
Cygnus X1
46 messages
03-21-06 10:26 PM
An interesting article about Iyanla...
There's also a little blurb in there from Alli-con. p?option=com_content&task=vie
3 messages
03-21-06 10:22 PM
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