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SOH Cleaning Crew??
I was just wondering who has to clean up the "messes" the HG's make when they are "instructed" to mess up the house/yard/pool/porch,
6 messages
05-23-06 12:18 PM
Series Finally?
I just saw a promo and it brings all the past ladies together for the SERIES finally, not the SEASON! I thought the show got pickled up again for
2 messages
05-23-06 11:41 AM
As a Black woman I find it strange how people on the message board keep calling Christie racist when Sommer confessed to being a racist or prejudice i
1 messages
05-23-06 02:33 AM
Hayley and Lynell
Did anyone else see Hayley and her pimp Lynell on the MTV show "Date My Mom" ? I don't know if it was a re-run as I only recently started to
5 messages
05-22-06 10:56 PM
starting over LIVE chat share this link in messages you post so that others can locate this great chat room. :-)
1 messages
05-22-06 08:37 PM
Mix N'Match the Houseguests a.k.a. Starting Over Roullette...
Here's how it works, pick any six houseguests from any season, and list what you think would happen.... Antonia (season three) %0
1 messages
05-22-06 03:56 PM
Let's Chat! - Thursday 6pm Pacific
Regular chat scheduled for Thursdays at 6pm Pacific. What time is that for me? Eastern - 9pm Central - 8pm Mountain -7pm%0
5 messages
05-22-06 02:57 PM
No consistancy with assignments or messages
I have been really disheartened by the mixed messages the life coaches have been giving the HG's. They always seem to be saying not to have expecta
5 messages
05-22-06 01:10 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 15 [View All]
Okay, how are the plans coming with the 5k run that will assure us of being renewed next year? Do we have any celebrities signed up for
82 messages
05-22-06 07:06 AM
IF there was a fourh season......
The first six hosueguests would be: The following are ones that never graduated: ChrisH-season one Very very strange person
9 messages
05-21-06 09:01 PM
Califonia Viewers... tell me your State is NOT like this [View All]
California viewers (are you out there?). I want to keep believing in the idealistic Californians who don't have to resort to the behavior dis
36 messages
05-19-06 05:05 PM
Rhonda's EyE bRoWs [View All]
I hope this wasn't posted before, I looked to see if it was...what the heck happened to them? Who jerked them so far up on her forehead? I w
23 messages
05-18-06 08:07 AM
Moments of S.O.
Season one: Setting: Season one: Group Ny was told the night before she is graduating. Brenda tries to set up
17 messages
05-18-06 07:04 AM
Antonia should have gone on Big Brother! Becoming stars!
I think Antonia should have audition to go on Big Brother. They would definitely put her on that show. If she win she would get enough money to pay of
0 messages
05-17-06 11:41 PM
Remember the S-factor workshop where Lisa II and one of her HM's went? I'm on the S-factor emailing list. And, just received an email announci
2 messages
05-17-06 11:18 PM
Thanks for the memories SO...but
Where will all the great posters be found after SO ends? How does one detox from this? I will miss you all.
1 messages
05-17-06 10:29 PM
Jill and her "Jodikins"
There was something unbelievably disingenuous about that. It just made me want to barf.It's like their making up stupid little pet names for one ano
7 messages
05-17-06 01:04 PM
Starting Over Renewed? Does anyone know?
Can't find any info. Anybody know if it is renewed or cancelled. Thanks.
0 messages
05-17-06 11:18 AM
This girl annoys me on so many levels!She's arraogant & selfish!!!!!How old is she?She breaks a tooth and wants to cal "Mommy"%3
1 messages
05-16-06 12:03 PM
Iyanla's Abrasive Approach
Has Iyanla gone mad??? Confronting HGs has always been part of her tactics but she has resorted to being outright cruel lately. It was bad enoug
17 messages
05-15-06 05:03 PM
The Dinner Argument
So far I haven't seen any post regarding the argument. If I am wrong direct me to the correct forum to view other post. That said. I
3 messages
05-15-06 04:36 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 14 [View All]
Boy, do those ladies flock to Lanre. Wonder what [s]makes him so desperate to be on here[/s] he's got that does it? Who el
Cygnus X1
32 messages
05-15-06 03:44 PM
Sommer's Male Dance Instructor
I saw him on some news show (EXTRA or The Insider or Access Hollywood) last night. They were doing a special on the prom dates of famous people. H
1 messages
05-13-06 12:58 PM
Alcohol in the House [View All]
Today is the last straw for me in terms of the double standards in the SO house. How dare Iyanla criticize them for drinking. And accusing kim of bein
63 messages
05-13-06 08:02 AM
Where has all the lettuce gone?
have you noticed that the women have been eating nothing but crap since kim left the house? kim was always eating a salad. must say that lisa1 ate
10 messages
05-12-06 03:56 PM
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