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Conferences Starting Over General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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SOH gives these daunting projects to the housemates, that supposedly or purportingly require assistance from the other housemates, yet everytime
16 messages
05-12-06 11:29 AM
SO house rules: no tv? but internet , magazines OK?
I hope this isn't a duplicate--I'm not very savvy at searching threads. Does anyone know what the SO house rules are? Radio and tv a
lia rose
5 messages
05-12-06 10:17 AM
Starting Over Reference
I was hitting up my celebrity gossip sites and came across a SO comment made on the Crunk and Disorderly site. The gossip was about Michelle Rodriguez
2 messages
05-11-06 08:16 PM
The Alcohol Ban
I must have missed something about the new rules of no alcohol in the house.I thought it was just for in the house.Were there rules stated that a HG c
2 messages
05-11-06 05:47 PM
Playing favorite - don't ya think [View All]
I see RB playing favorites so much. She doesn't do well with strong personalities like Niambi or Antonia. She tends to coddle the weak like Cassie.
23 messages
05-11-06 04:35 PM
I see where Jody gets her "good looks"...
Yikes..Her mom looks like Huey Lewis in drag.
2 messages
05-11-06 03:41 PM
Christy and alcohol
The girl's cant have a drink in front of Christy, whats with that??? She says Niambi needs to grow up?? Its her that needs to grow up. W
2 messages
05-11-06 03:39 PM
Cassies Good Morning Song and Dance
I think Cassie may have scared her son away if he saw her "good morning" song and dance. I was good for some laugh's though. Forgive me cas
0 messages
05-11-06 03:10 PM
Getting on the Show
Does anyone know if submitting a videotape is the only way to be considered for the show? Other than the live casting calls of course. Any info wo
4 messages
05-11-06 01:14 PM
No career skills in the house
I think one reason many of us become frustrated with the women is the lack of "real world" skills. It is hard to think of one woman in the 3 seas
7 messages
05-11-06 07:40 AM
Theme Foods of the Houseguests
Cassie's might be Fudgesicles since she's prone to fudging on the truth. ;) ds%2
14 messages
05-11-06 00:50 AM
Dating Over
What do you guys think to start a TV series ( reality that is ) call it Dating Over ( not Starting over ) about real people with their real br
1 messages
05-10-06 11:38 PM
The smokingest SOH
This has got to be the smokingest SOH ever! Only six of this season's HG's haven't smoked there. Allison, Antonia, Christina, Kelly, L
8 messages
05-10-06 06:27 PM
Jodi and Christie in bed, AGAIN!
Today's bedroom scene, starring none other than Jodi and Christie, was disgusting. Especially the way Christie kept stroking Jodi's hair. They
12 messages
05-10-06 03:12 PM
Exercise suggestions for the SOH coaches
I think the LC's need to put all the HG's in inflatable sumo wrestling outfits. Then have them go out in the yard and have a go at each other. The
5 messages
05-10-06 02:20 PM
Antonio Gets On My Nerves..COME ON IN!
I'm sorry, but this particular guest has disaster written all over her. I don't know how she survived in the real world. She's beyond unreal
1 messages
05-09-06 12:10 PM
Career Aptitudes of the Housemates
The DAW thread got me thinking about careers that the SO housemates have an aptitude for. Kelly: Interrogator at Abu Ghraib prison or Gu
14 messages
05-08-06 09:47 PM
Did anyone else notice the script at BOR?
When Iyanla was writing something on her clip board I could see it was a script laying out Who asks what. I mean come on I knew it was scripted but w
13 messages
05-08-06 09:35 PM
Nambi's Mantra - Pagen/Christian
What was that mantra that was given to Nambi after her BOR? Something akin to "In you God is well pleased"? If you're a Christian, does t
6 messages
05-08-06 09:29 PM
Most memorable moments on SO Season 3 [View All]
Bizzare, funny, touching, photos....what's your most memorable moment(s) from this season's SO? There must be a ton of them! %
35 messages
05-08-06 07:32 PM
IV's stupid card game
How in the world can Iyanla equate the way they searched for cards to the way they live their life. One simple (stupid) game is not necessarily r
12 messages
05-08-06 07:12 PM
Meet Lanre-Personal Trainer to the Stahhhs
Here's what it says on his website; Lanré Idewu comes from a long line of healthcare professionals, but chose not to follow in thei
7 messages
05-08-06 05:55 PM
SO for men??
I am probably one of a handful of men nationwide that watch SO regularly and like it for what it is and how it helps people. I am also straight! I w
11 messages
05-08-06 04:46 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 13 [View All]
Let's see now. Glad to dispense with Povich. I know . . . I'll send him to tour with R. Kelly. Chances of getting Tyra as an LC: al
Cygnus X1
72 messages
05-08-06 03:30 PM
BOR Niambi
What was IV saying to Niambi after the BOR was finished? and then the other HG said it agian and got in anohter group circle.
1 messages
05-07-06 01:18 AM
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