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Where did all the steps go?
What happen when the girls would work towards their goals and be rewarded? All I see this year is them sitting around gossipying and eating. This s
5 messages
04-03-06 09:04 AM
What blows me away, is that it is such a priveledge to be chosen as a houseguest and what RESISTENCE some of the ladies have to doing what the LC'
11 messages
04-02-06 02:01 PM
Unity Exercise
When the ladies in the SO house today had to do the Unity exercise and go through the "barbed wire fence" I thought they did a really good job in
9 messages
04-02-06 01:28 PM
Stupid isms coming from the life coaches [View All]
Live in grace, live in life, live your life in grace Do these two ever say anything useful or intelligent?
44 messages
04-01-06 09:22 PM
Missed today's show! 3/31 BUMMED!
Any way I can get the show? I record it every day, but my box was full (didn't realize it until now, when I went to view today's episode%
1 messages
04-01-06 11:44 AM
Rhonda's Marathon
Has anyone heard how Rhonda did in the LA marathon?
2 messages
04-01-06 02:57 AM
Kim and Kelly
I put this in the wrong forum before. It was my first post. But I wonder if anyone else feels the way I do. I was upset by the way Kelly was talking a
1 messages
04-01-06 01:59 AM
Lisa #1
Does anyone know if Lisa #1 from Miami ever graduated? I was watching the show when Rhonda went to check up on her and questioned her parents then
2 messages
03-31-06 07:46 PM
SO myspace pages
Hi! Im a regular readed or the SO posts, but new to posting myself. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any links to the ladies myspace pages%
1 messages
03-31-06 10:30 AM
New Fan of Starting Over
Hi every one. I am up (late or up early)thinking about this show and was wonder how popular it is. To my suprise very. I am a NEW SO fan and am le
1 messages
03-31-06 10:28 AM
Cassie in the confessional about Kelly.
I loved Cassies remark in the confessional about Kelly when she stated " I hope she gets pissed." Kelly still doesn't get it even though Rhond
4 messages
03-31-06 02:50 AM
The S Factor
Hey all! What did you think about Christie and Lisa at the S Factor?? I thought it was very cool. Christie was a little star struck I thin
8 messages
03-31-06 01:05 AM
Anyone tape of Rhonda in Miami??? (today's show)
Hi...did anyone tape this? I'd like to watch this episode, but missed it! I'll pay to have it sent...please post your contact info so I ca
2 messages
03-30-06 10:42 AM
Starting Over All-Stars
Hey, I just had an interesting, but somewhat frightening idea. I know that there is uncertainty about the future of SO, so maybe they should ha
10 messages
03-30-06 06:35 AM
SO house decorating question - white paneling
Have you all noticed the white paneling that is half way up the walls all over the SO house? Is this simply called "white paneling"? I'm as
6 messages
03-30-06 06:23 AM
Dr Stan and the meal ticket!
What's with the repeat dinner assigment??? Dr. Stan did the same thing with the first Lisa! Is this some new therapy that I haven't hea
4 messages
03-29-06 09:10 PM
Kelly and Kim's Fight [View All]
I just started tuning into SO again and am wondering what started Kelly and Kim's fight? And what do the other housemates think about it?
46 messages
03-29-06 05:02 PM
Iyanla chasing the women threw the house with her air horn and yelling like a banshee [View All]
I'm sorry but I fail to see how this contributes to emergency preparedness for the housemates. Is Iyanla planning to be there in time of flood or fi
22 messages
03-29-06 10:29 AM
Thank you Dr. Stan
I love the way Dr. Stan handled the situation with Kelley and Kim. I was getting really sick of them both feeling self-righteous about their position
4 messages
03-29-06 10:16 AM
jill's dad [View All]
did they ever show is face?
21 messages
03-29-06 00:14 AM
Reunion Shows
I wish that SO would have reunions or update shows every few months or so often, so that we could see how the former guests are doing out in the "
6 messages
03-28-06 11:13 PM
Where is Iyanla? [View All]
I am very much a fan of Iyanla and I have been wondering what's up with her absence from the show the past few days. It seems like they have Dr. St
35 messages
03-28-06 09:08 PM
How does SO insult the viewers….let us count the ways: [View All]
1. Season 3 2. How they handled TJ, one of the only “real” people on the show IMO. 3. The briefly posted statement on t
52 messages
03-28-06 07:35 PM
I'm beginning to like SO again!
I was watching the show today and thinking that I have actually been enjoying it more these last couple of weeks than I have all season. It has almos
8 messages
03-28-06 11:37 AM
The Pool of Life exercise...
Did anyone else think that this annoyingly ineffective exercise was a total waste of time? Yeah, so what, after 5 hours of begging, bullying%
0 messages
03-28-06 08:24 AM
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