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Casting Calls
At their casting calls, SO production goes for maximum drama, IMO. On another MB, a woman who had attended a casting call, was given an opport
3 messages
04-27-06 10:24 PM
LC's Accountability to HGs
What responsibility do the LCs have to the HGs when they know issues will overlap, such as Cassie's giving her son up for adoption and Antonia's
3 messages
04-27-06 01:52 PM
Reality4Diabetes Starting Over women
Reality4Diabetes is this Thursday through Saturday in Cincinnati, Ohio and will include the following women from Starting Over: Hannah%
3 messages
04-26-06 06:54 PM
Karinne (Christina's "mentor") is now a porn star
I'm trying this again (I got in trouble for posting it in the wrong place, so hopefully this is the right place)... It seems that K
10 messages
04-26-06 05:44 PM
Another Emmy for SO
They win for Best Single Camera Editing. [ t/visual_arts/14407907.htm|Story.] The r
Cygnus X1
7 messages
04-26-06 04:01 PM
Dr. Stan made me cry [View All]
He's comments at Kim's graduation were so thoughtful and moving. After Rhonda said for the millionest time, "you have truly started over."
28 messages
04-26-06 02:08 PM
What exactly did Summer do wrong?
I'm still very confused as to why Summer was kicked off the show. How did she mess with production? And, how did she hurt or indanger the other
0 messages
04-25-06 10:48 PM
What happened to accountability partners?
When Jodi mentioned that at Kim's graduation, I was suprised. They sure didn't stay accountable to each other. Last HG acounting I recall was
1 messages
04-25-06 06:15 PM
Has anyone sent a tape or went to an SO casting call?
I was just wondering if anyone out there on the boards has sent a tape or went to a casting call to try and get on SO. Of course I guess if anyone ha
BlueCollar Blonde
16 messages
04-25-06 05:56 PM
DO. NOT. POST. SPOILERS. outside the Spoiler Forum. EVER.
I just removed a thread which had spoiler information, and the two participants have been passed to the board owner so that he will consider removin
Cygnus X1
14 messages
04-24-06 10:45 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 11 [View All]
* summons Rhonda and Iyanla * Ladies, we need to find out how this new bean sprout diet is helping the HGs. Would you kindly throw t
Cygnus X1
49 messages
04-24-06 08:26 PM
I'm I the only one who really hates KIM
I dislike kim more than Tess and Nyanza from the firt show. She takes no responsibiltiy waht so ever. I can't beleive she's graduating.......
1 messages
04-24-06 02:49 PM
Do you think the SO women lie about their ages? [View All]
Have there been any SO women whose stated age you find hard to believe? Allison struck me as someone much older than 38-39.
31 messages
04-24-06 01:14 PM
Bosoms-of-Healing: Iyanla vs. Jodi [View All]
Their breast-fest nearly stole Lisa's thunder today. Who is better at using her chest for the greater good? IV or Toadie? (Beginning timefr
42 messages
04-24-06 01:07 PM
Be The Houseguest: Signup Thread [View All]
Okay, this is the next phase of this game: the signup and the rules. To have a permanent character, you'll need to sign up in this
Cygnus X1
156 messages
04-23-06 11:01 PM
What order did the HGs come into the SO house?
I have been trying to remember in what order the current HGs came into the Starting Over house but my mind seems just blank. Was Kim the first one in%
4 messages
04-23-06 10:49 PM
Starting Over, season 20 (just for fun)
Season 20 of SO, brings us the children of some of the ladies who have been in SO. I'm in the SO house because I came here as a very yo
11 messages
04-23-06 10:44 PM
What's the deal with BOR?
Ok maybe some of you can shed some light on this for me. We are three seasons into SO. That means there have been at least 24 women (not counting th
13 messages
04-23-06 08:25 PM
Life Has Never Been This UNREAL (Adventures in Editing)
It figures that SO managed to squeak out an emmy for editing. There has been a lot of fancy footwork in the editing department for a long time. I ca
1 messages
04-23-06 10:51 AM
Moderator Message: Please Read - responding to innapropriate threads
I know that the spamming messages, duplicate messages, and requests for information about things that a poster could find easily if they bothered
8 messages
04-21-06 01:57 PM
Word or catch phrase of the week?
Anyone ever notice how a LC or Dr. Stan will mention a word or use a phrase for a group topic and the women take it run a marathon with it? You will
14 messages
04-21-06 10:27 AM
Iyanla's Breast-fest part II: the newest breasts..
Ok so some of you may be familiar with an earlier thread on this subject: ds/cgi-bin/dcboar
0 messages
04-20-06 08:26 PM
Did you ever get the feeling...
Do you ever get the feeling that Dr. Stan would be the most popular choice for a life coach? He seems to bring these women back to reality a heck of
7 messages
04-20-06 07:26 PM
Jody's sensitivity....
Jody cries because she is REALLY a tender hearted person in a tough-gal exterior/persona. I know this because I WAS Jody at her age. I climbed to
0 messages
04-20-06 12:15 PM
More from Karrine
I guess Karrine doesn't make money from sex anymore... so why is she profitting off of a book about her sexual exploits, with a sexual picture of
0 messages
04-20-06 11:42 AM
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