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Conferences Starting Over General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Reruns of past season
Does anyone know if reruns of past seasons of SO are showing anywhere? If so where, when and on what stations.
5 messages
09-18-06 08:19 AM
Poem said by couples
Did anyone catch the complete poem said by the couples at the end of the show? It was beautiful. Thanks.
0 messages
09-15-06 08:25 PM
Does anyone know if any of the houseguests from season 3 go to church or what their religious beleifs are?
I know this sounds like a weird question but I always wanted to know if they went to church or what religion they were.
14 messages
09-15-06 02:51 PM
Starting Over being cancelled?!!! [View All]
I emailed my local TV station this week to find out why S.O. isn't being shown. Here is the response I received back from the station:
151 messages
09-14-06 12:02 PM
I can't believe it! Starting over is not returning? WHY? It is the best day time show in America. I don't watch TV but this show has tou
1 messages
09-13-06 10:50 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Finale Week [View All]
*sees FedEx package on desk* [i]TO: Jonathan Murray (things were so much better with Mary-Ellis) Bunim-Murray Production
Cygnus X1
204 messages
09-13-06 01:46 PM
Farewell to Starting Over Roleplay
*For those of us that must have one last "Hurrah!"* *Lisa places floating candle in the pool and walks to podium*
10 messages
09-13-06 01:36 PM
Moderator Message: The RTVW SO Forums FAQ List [View All]
Has now been posted in the [ s/DCForumID57/4241.shtml|Individual Houseguest Forum.] It's long%2
Cygnus X1
27 messages
09-11-06 09:46 PM
Enough with the graduations already!
These hour-long graduations every day are SO boring! If they're trying to make me realize how much time I wasted watching this show so I won't m
17 messages
09-11-06 02:01 PM
Just when you least suspect it...........
More SO!Too bad it has to be crappy "relationship bootcamp".I wanted every one of those miserable,boring couples to get divorced.At least that
13 messages
09-09-06 09:06 PM
Welcome to SO season 4.We've made a few changes... [View All]
Welcome to SO house,slickeronstate.We do think we can help you!You should know we've had to economize a little bit.The SO house is now a trailer
60 messages
09-09-06 02:44 PM
[b]DING DONG! THE WITCH IS DEAD [/b] [i]Houseguests[/i] Ding Dong! The Show is dead. Which old Show? The Sta
0 messages
09-08-06 09:49 PM
Cassie1 was such a biotch to Dr. Stan!
Dr. Stan asks "How have we at SO affected your life?" and Cassie says with a look of disgust, "You weren't there." She's just as class
11 messages
09-07-06 05:18 PM
New Season?
I live on the East Coast, and the 9am Starting over on ABC has been replaced with Ellen. I still watch reruns on TV1, but can't find where the
1 messages
09-06-06 12:52 PM
Fearless Message Board
Does anyone know when the Fearless Living Message Board is coming back? I read somwhere on this MB, that it might not come
1 messages
09-01-06 05:33 PM
Anyone happen to know Jessica's last name?
0 messages
08-30-06 10:19 PM
Moderators/SO Board Future???
Hi y'all, just wondering what's going to happen around here for the SO boards now that we are getting to the end of summer? Are you planning
1 messages
08-28-06 08:59 AM
It's official there will be no more SO
Rhonda has officially posted on her website that there is no season 4 for SO. If you want to read it go to her website and read her blog entry for 8%2
1 messages
08-27-06 02:55 PM
Is it going off the air?
So is it true? Is Starting Over going off the air? I've read and heard a couple of things that it is BUT haven't seen anything on the show t
0 messages
08-26-06 11:41 PM
Andy Page is so lame... [View All]
I have been watching since the beginning, and I can honestly say I haven't seen one good "makeover" come out of Andy Page. And for all her spe
37 messages
08-26-06 12:03 PM
Rhonda's Boot Camp - Huge Disappointment!!! [View All]
I attended Rhonda's Body Image Bootcamp in Austin, Texas, which was based on her book, "Get Over Your Body and On With Your Life.' My exp
24 messages
08-23-06 00:35 AM
Let's Chat! - Thursday 6pm Pacific [View All]
Regular chat scheduled for Thursdays at 6pm Pacific. What time is that for me? Eastern - 9pm Central - 8pm Mountain -7pm%0
32 messages
08-17-06 08:54 PM
Be the Houseguest Roleplay CALL [View All]
Calling all current and past houseguests!! Get out those sigs and dust them off! And let's have a fun game next week. Check both si
45 messages
08-16-06 00:09 AM
I think the LCs cross the line too much
I really liked the premise of the show in the beginning but the life coaches tend to step into the area of psychology way too much in my opinion. Ins
18 messages
08-12-06 09:35 PM
Starting Over DVD
Hi Does anybody know if there is Starting Over DVD's? I missed a bunch of episodes from season 2 and 3 and wanted to chatch up on them.
2 messages
08-11-06 07:43 PM
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