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Has there been a final decision about the show?
Forgive me if I missed a previous posting addressing this question but has the decision been announced whether there will be a season 4 or has the sho
1 messages
07-08-06 10:58 AM
Rhonda never gives up on love!
From watching Rhonda the last two seasons it seems she's keen on forcing many women to date. Isn't that your right if you don't want to date?
6 messages
07-06-06 09:53 AM
No Couples Reunion?!?!
What, no reunion of the doomed three couples? We don't get to see how they killed those plants that represented their relationships?
4 messages
07-05-06 04:36 PM
Please, No More Superhead!
Can anyone please tell me exactly what about using your mouth as a human garbage can, keeping notes about being a HO and writing about HOin through
19 messages
07-05-06 03:37 PM
Be the Houseguest Roleplay -Week 21 [View All]
There seems to be some confusion about whether or not we have already had the talent show. We have not. So - everybody meet at Pink's ton
92 messages
07-05-06 10:40 AM
About Blog Entries
This is an excerpt from our community guidelines: [b]You should NOT post information that is copyrighted or owned by any individual o
1 messages
07-03-06 09:38 AM
The number of previously locked requests should be a hint that those posts are not welcome here. This site does not condone the unauthorized distribu
1 messages
07-03-06 09:35 AM
Ebay items up for sale a 5k t-shirt and a Medal
I just found this on another board someone is selling there 5k T-Shirt and a Medal from Christies 5k Race. Here's the links: %0
0 messages
07-02-06 09:51 PM
the dog
unfortunately i am at work when this show is on so i can see it but not hear it. did they mention what kind of dog was on todays show? any info woul
8 messages
07-02-06 04:22 AM
Save the show! [View All]
If you want to save the Starting Over show, call 818-777-0244 between 8:00 and 5:00 PST. The votes are being collected and counted. If even pe
Lady Cleo
53 messages
06-26-06 06:07 AM
Just got hooked to the show!
I just started watching the show last week and I am already confused. I looked at the main website, but none of the current cast is on there. The cu
5 messages
06-23-06 09:36 AM
Rhonda on Christie [View All]
In her latest book, "Do I Look Fat in This?", Rhonda seems to share many of our sentiments on Christie. On page 19... "Christie
24 messages
06-22-06 07:58 PM
Starting Over Scrapbook
oops, wrong category, I'll try this again. Now someone is selling their personally kept SO Scrapbook. Buy it now for $150. It's a
8 messages
06-21-06 09:47 PM
Cocktails with Jill Jodi and Laura Allen - with a COVER charge?
From: "Jill Tracey Ink!" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Subject: Join us fo
80 messages
06-20-06 03:23 PM
Christina crying
When they showed Christina crying on her bed today it did not sound like her it sounded like Jessica. Did anyone else hear this? Just wo
0 messages
06-20-06 12:44 PM
Be the Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 18 [View All]
Looks like plans for the talent show are well underway. But for the love of that is holy, PLEASE don't put Christie in charge! This o
59 messages
06-20-06 01:11 AM
'Iyanla's Closet'...on sale today
On Iyanla's Innervisions website, it states she is speaking today in Maryland, seats are $65. per person. "Iyanla's Closet" is open 2-5
20 messages
06-19-06 05:47 PM
Missed Last Week's Episode
Does anyone have a copy of thur/fri episode -- Work It Girl & Knocking The Hustle (June 15/16, 2006). I taped the show(s) b
0 messages
06-18-06 08:11 PM
Tapes Of Starting Over
Does anyone have all the seasons taped? I just started watching the 3rd season, and I really liked it. If anyone has copies, I would be willi
1 messages
06-18-06 08:43 AM
If you could interview SO ladies who and what would you ask?
Other sites get all of these fluffy interviews with SO grads. So, I thought perhaps if we left some questions for them like cookies on x-mass eve fo
9 messages
06-16-06 01:46 PM
Iyanla, in a new tv show
From IMDB: She plays 'cheryls mom' "The Last Stand, a drama that chronicles the life of four very different people attempting suc
11 messages
06-15-06 11:56 AM
Rushing the graduating
(i'm behind on SO so please bare with me) Has anyone else noticed that when the season is coming to an end they really seem to rush the gra
2 messages
06-14-06 09:34 PM
Rhonda giving high school grad speeches
HANCOCK — Hancock High School’s 76 graduating seniors were just days removed from their last assignments when Rhonda Britten gav
11 messages
06-14-06 09:29 PM
Does Jessica get on anyone's nerves?
Does Jessica get on anyone's nerves? While watching her the first time around I never cared much for her but this time around through the reruns I
0 messages
06-14-06 08:45 AM
SO limited edition talking bobbleheads
If SO put out bobbleheads of the LC's and HG what would they say? IV- I smell a lie. Tell the Universe what you want. Be a great day!
12 messages
06-14-06 08:41 AM
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