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Is it is not going to be on in South Florida? (M)
The TV station says NO but when you look at the Starting Over website says noon. But I have a DVR and does not show up on it. That is horrible if no
35 messages
10-10-05 07:55 AM
New season
Can someone inform me about the new housemates and the reason why they came to the SO house? Thanks.
0 messages
10-10-05 12:01 PM
I am curious why the message boards for Starting Over
were moved here. I'm new to this website, although I watch several "reality based" television programs including Starting Over ,
1 messages
10-10-05 08:29 AM
please respond to my posts!
Why is no one responding to my posts?
1 messages
10-10-05 12:21 PM
whats with the
"desperate attention whore postings" is that suppose to be funny? I just noticed it. Does anyone know why this site has this for the post levels
1 messages
10-10-05 04:04 PM
anyone from the old message board on here? they have really changed things around haven't they?
catcher block
1 messages
10-10-05 08:59 PM
This season's episodes
Hi everyone!!! I live in the New Orleans area. The channel that carries SO is not airing it at the time that is listed on their webs
1 messages
10-10-05 09:01 PM
Can someone tape for me?
Help! I need someone to tape Starting Over for me from Oct. 24-Nov. 18. I will pay for all tapes and postage. The show no longer plays in my area
bonkers bev
1 messages
10-10-05 10:01 PM
Please anyone from the old faith boards around?
I'm in desperate need here people!
1 messages
10-10-05 10:02 PM
Trying to Start-Over Myself
Hello everyone! I am a new member here and I love Starting Over. I got hooked on the show during Season 2. The girls on the show were
10 messages
10-11-05 11:32 AM
what is going on?
is it just me,or is the whole Lisa thing being treated like a REAL baby very strange?it seems like she is very fake.,,,and only on the show
1 messages
10-11-05 12:14 PM
TVGal's Spoilers
Does anyone know if TVGal is doing spoilers this season?
1 messages
10-11-05 12:13 PM
10/11 EPISODE...I can't believe what I am seeing..
I missed yesterday's episode because of the Columbus Day parade, but when I tuned in today, I couldn't believe my eyes. There was Lisa, a 4
1 messages
10-11-05 12:14 PM
Couple boot camp
I really enjoyed the last season with the couple boot camp. I have been glued to SO since SO season 2. But this new season (3) is just horrible. I
1 messages
10-11-05 12:43 PM
What's Happened to this Show?
I had really enjoyed the past seasons of this show and thought there were real and solid life skills being taught. The women were visably growing, a
11 messages
10-11-05 01:27 PM
Somebody should call child welfare....
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-11-05 AT 01:42 PM (EST)[/font] I mean come on, Lisa cant go out with the women and has to ha
1 messages
10-11-05 02:23 PM
About posting links for other forums/sites...
While we are allowing posters to link to other sites, we ask that everyone doing so follow a few simple rules: - Post the link once - r
4 messages
10-11-05 04:49 PM
Beckybeans is right !
I did the search and certain features are similar but what convinced me that this is the same person is what the Frontier quoted from her and it sound
1 messages
10-11-05 04:51 PM
SO fires ENTIRE Web staff (from Jason's Webpage)
---------------------------------------- -------------------------------- August 07, 2005 By Jason Toney http:%
29 messages
10-11-05 08:34 PM
starting over website episodes
what's with the no name episodes?
0 messages
10-11-05 06:30 PM
couples - Where are they now?
Where can I find out what happened to the couples that were on? I went to the "where are they now" and they don't have them on there yet. Does
0 messages
10-11-05 05:03 PM
where are they now
Did anyone notice that the Where Are They Now for season 2 does not even list Lane among the graduates. Several past hg's have empty info. and peop
3 messages
10-11-05 11:00 PM
Rhonda's assignments v. Iyalana's
I have been watching SO since the first season and I'm just so curious to know why Rhonda's assignments are so extreme compared to Iyalana's or
1 messages
10-12-05 12:52 PM
Iyanla's outfits
Don't you think Iyanla would be well advised to get a fashion makeover?those outfits are really something, she had a clown outfit on the first d
30 messages
10-12-05 02:48 PM
What happen to Monday's show???
Did I miss Monday's episode or did they gave the show at some other time? I live in New York City and at the time they give Starting Over at 12PM
1 messages
10-12-05 04:23 PM
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