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What ever happened to
What happened to Rona from the first season? Why did Ronda make the move to Califorina and Rona didn't.
9 messages
04-08-06 06:06 PM
I watch Starting over from overseas and I just watched the episode on the ladies getting blood tests. Brenda had an HDL of 90. I want to get in touch
1 messages
04-08-06 10:56 AM
Does Kim ever miss her son?
Is just me, or does Kim hardly EVER talk about her son, Jax. She's always on the phone with Jeff, her husband ... I've heard her ask once a
1 messages
04-07-06 10:54 PM
Where are ladies season 3?
I asked this before but I was in the wrong place I guess. What happened to up dates on season three ladies? How do we hear how they are doing?
cow lady
1 messages
04-07-06 06:17 PM
Rhonda's eye job [View All]
Judging from the fact that in one of today's confessionals Rhonda's eyebrows appeared halfway up to her hairline, she's either in a constant s
29 messages
04-07-06 10:55 AM
Least interesting back stories in SO3
Ok, this is a list of the ladies past and present in SO3 with the LEAST INTERESTING STORIES! The ones that made you wonder why they were put on t
9 messages
04-07-06 02:27 AM
Where does Starting Over find all of their "experts"
It seems like there is an expert for everything out there and Starting Over will find them. They have specialists who specialize in being special. B
3 messages
04-07-06 01:04 AM
The REAL problem in the house right now
Its not Kim and her lack of self-awareness. Its not Kelly and her anger and bitchiness. Its not Lisa and her bossiness. There is just no c
19 messages
04-06-06 04:46 PM
Will You Miss It If It Goes Away? [View All]
As much as I criticize the houseguests and Life Coaches, I know if Starting Over doesn't return next season, I will miss it tremendously!! T
28 messages
04-06-06 04:33 PM
Article: "The Crying Game" (SO mentioned)
[ ,8599,1178910,00.html|This article] (blog item?) in [i]Time[/i] magazine
Cygnus X1
6 messages
04-06-06 07:22 AM
What did you guys think of the girls actually cutting loose and having a few drinks. Granted, Christie was mad with Kim's drinking ... but this i
2 messages
04-05-06 09:20 PM
Starting Over Website
What the F is wrong with the people at SO? I went to the website because I wanted to see how old Bethany is. They have the FIRST Cassie on the "
4 messages
04-05-06 03:06 PM
the new cassie
ok let me start this over again. i'm wondering if anyone knows about cassie (NOT the cassie with the son she gave up for adoption/alcholic/rec
1 messages
04-04-06 10:39 PM
I, for one, am happy for Lisa. I think it takes guts for anyone to air their issues on national TV. So she had some resistance. I think she did
4 messages
04-04-06 10:26 PM
Sorry if this has been posted before but I can't find anything on it. I am also new to posting on this board so forgive me if I'm not in the right
1 messages
04-04-06 10:15 PM
SO HG Names - Deja Vu!
What are the odds that so many women would have the same or similar names? Name followed by Season: Bethany 2 Bethany 3 %0
0 messages
04-04-06 05:44 PM
Wow, what a heart wrenching story as a mother i could not imagine losing one of my kids...My heart goes out to her. It's gonna be a long process
1 messages
04-04-06 03:04 PM
Bethanys Story, the new housemate
I cannot imagine what it must be like loosing your child. I am VERY close to my daughter and she is my life. I really hope the SO house is able to hel
1 messages
04-04-06 02:12 PM
The Housemates
The new housemate, Bethany, has a very sad story. I was so glad to see the other women put their problems into perspective after hearing about su
0 messages
04-04-06 10:04 AM
can't believe Lisa is graduating
They are always going on about the integrity of the house and up until now I felt they held that belief in high regard. I can't believe Lisa is grad
2 messages
04-03-06 02:47 PM
Opinions on Starting Over?
Hi there, I'm part of a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, and we're doing survey research on makeover shows%
3 messages
04-03-06 01:58 PM
Overweight Women And Starting Over
The new woman entering the house is overweight. Why are the majority of the women that come in the house overweight? There are always weight issue
3 messages
04-03-06 01:55 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 8 [View All]
WEEKLY NOTES TO PRODUCTION STAFF From: Jon That fight between Kim and Kelly? Spectacular! I bet that gets those [s]n
Cygnus X1
44 messages
04-03-06 11:44 AM
Where did all the steps go?
What happen when the girls would work towards their goals and be rewarded? All I see this year is them sitting around gossipying and eating. This s
5 messages
04-03-06 09:04 AM
What blows me away, is that it is such a priveledge to be chosen as a houseguest and what RESISTENCE some of the ladies have to doing what the LC'
11 messages
04-02-06 02:01 PM
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