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Be the Houseguest Roleplay -Week 18 [View All]
Well, it seems that the [s]inmates[/s] houseguests want to have a talent show - laughable since none of them have any talent - that's wh
43 messages
06-13-06 02:38 PM
Rhonda's selling jewelry too!!!
On Rhonda's 'Fearless Living' website, in the 'shop online' store, I noticed she is selling a jade teardrop necklace with matching earri
7 messages
06-13-06 01:12 PM
i'm new to this....but i have a million questions i'm plus size and wanted to know if anyone knows where jill (last season) got her
1 messages
06-13-06 00:18 AM
Sommer's Dance Coach
Sommer's Hip-Hop dance coach was on the the 'So You Think You Can Dance' reality show tonight. He did a good job. I guess SO actually got a re
2 messages
06-10-06 10:00 AM
Those ceramic pears..........
I have searched high and low on the internet to find those cermaic pears! Anyone know where they can be purchased?! Thanks..........J
16 messages
06-10-06 08:09 AM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 17 [View All]
Has anyone seen Rhonda? I think she took it pretty hard that we won't be having any more "conferences." No, Maureen, you may NO
51 messages
06-09-06 06:19 PM
Season 3
Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone has any idea if they know if the SO website will be updated? I'm wondering what the SO season3 girl
1 messages
06-08-06 11:49 PM
Cashing in....FAME
That someone was in SO is fine. In fact, it is something quite brave. That after, they select to sell junk on e-bay is CRASS.
20 messages
06-07-06 10:45 AM
New name for Starting Over
If the Starting Over show is given a new time and a new place to be (WE, Lifetime or Oxogen) What would you call it? I would like to call
8 messages
06-06-06 07:36 PM
Life Coach for Life? Ha!
Where are the Life Coaches now that Starting Over has ended? Wasn't that the big, dramatic conclusion to every graduation? Lots of hugging a
6 messages
06-06-06 08:45 AM
"Bad Girls" SO 'replacement'?
Unfortunately, it appears Jonathan Murray has no interest in continuing to produce a show about ordinary women and has taken the low road %
13 messages
06-04-06 08:01 PM
Graduations in general...
It seems that the Starting Over House Guests either over-stay their welcome or graduate too soon. Do any of you agree? Also, who do you think over
19 messages
06-04-06 12:52 PM
Who do you relate to the most?
In each of the Seasons which of the ladies do you relate to the most and why do you relate to them, if you don't mind sharing. Here are
10 messages
06-04-06 07:22 AM
Don't have to wait till July...
Remember back when Season Two began and the Great Iguana referred to the fans of the show who post on message boards as 'miserable people with no li
5 messages
06-03-06 04:36 PM
season 3 from day 1 started today
So excited........reliving the excitement all over again.......
19 messages
06-02-06 01:34 PM
Where is SO on the East Coast?
Hello everyone I've been lurking, and I decided to post. I'm on the East Coast in NC, and it seemed that SO has gone back to the season with
0 messages
06-02-06 09:35 AM
Be The Houseguest - Signup Thread II [View All]
This is a continuation of the Be The Houseguest signup thread: ds/DCForumID91/1020.shtml
Cygnus X1
56 messages
06-02-06 02:12 AM
Where to find a REAL life coach?
While I would like to have a lifecoach, and go through some of the exercises seen on the show, I would not want to be videotaped throughout. %0
8 messages
06-01-06 09:25 PM
Vanessa is selling her SO diary on Ebay
Vanessa from season 2 (or her boyfriend)is back on eBay this time hawking her diary which she kept during her time on SO. It is listed as item Va
1 messages
06-01-06 12:02 PM
Iyanla-- No F-o-O? [View All]
I watched Oprah's Legends Ball, and noticed Iyanla was no where in sight. I know she was a former Friend of Oprah; why no more? Perhaps IV i
40 messages
06-01-06 02:06 AM
Song at the end of the final episode
Does anyone know the name and or artist who did the song played at the end of the finale when they showed "highlights" of the show? I thought it
3 messages
05-31-06 06:50 PM
I love this show and all the women. It may not always make sense but its one hour of the day that I really enjoy watching tv. Ali may have
17 messages
05-31-06 12:21 PM
31 messages
05-30-06 06:07 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 16 [View All]
*Note to Production Staff* This week is [s]a godsend[/s] the last week of the show people. Let's [s]avoid as many butt
93 messages
05-30-06 05:58 PM
Road race blues
Christie's 5k went off well on TV, but did anyone else notice there seemed to be few non-SO people involved in the race? And I'm gonna take a
16 messages
05-30-06 03:08 PM
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