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I think the LCs cross the line too much
I really liked the premise of the show in the beginning but the life coaches tend to step into the area of psychology way too much in my opinion. Ins
18 messages
08-12-06 09:35 PM
Starting Over DVD
Hi Does anybody know if there is Starting Over DVD's? I missed a bunch of episodes from season 2 and 3 and wanted to chatch up on them.
2 messages
08-11-06 07:43 PM
Is the show really done?
I never missed a show. In all honesty though after the first year it did loose it's appeal. I think they got too caught up in production and locatio
1 messages
08-08-06 06:50 PM
This is really bothering me but does anyone else think that Allison is the voice of the new Venus Divine razor commercial??
0 messages
08-08-06 03:38 PM
Lisa's flirting coach?
A 20 something ex hooker giving a 40 something advice on flirting? Without exceeding the bounds of grace and good taste? And, coming across as a
8 messages
08-07-06 07:44 PM
8-4-2006 episode friday
Whoa what's going on Friday during the show new girl, Kim shows up. Then previews for Monday show, Lisa & Jill are the only girls left from Fr
2 messages
08-07-06 07:41 PM
Does Rhonda have any children and if not why
I was watching today's show where TJ had three babies to take care off. And I just wondered if Rhonda had any childern because I have nev
2 messages
08-05-06 06:14 AM
What was the bra expert store?
Does anyone remember the name of the bra expert store that the women all went to get fitted for new bras. I think that it was during the last season.
2 messages
08-04-06 02:49 AM
Is it true that S.O. has been cancelled?
Does anyone know if S.O. is being renewed for this upcoming fall season? I read somewhere (perhaps just a bad rumor on another message board) th
4 messages
07-31-06 06:36 PM
Starting over going off air?
I Live in Florida and our channel that carries Starting Over has told me that Starting over will no longer be on the air. Does anyone out there know a
0 messages
07-31-06 05:27 PM
links to SO ladies websites?
Where can I find links to the starting over ladies websites?
0 messages
07-29-06 01:06 PM
I know that there are people in your life that are toxic. Unfortunatly Lisa is one of them. YOU want to help her, she trys so hard, she is just so
1 messages
07-21-06 08:33 AM
Why Did You Choose Your Roleplay Houseguest?
We have had such fun this last week. And we can't forget the past weeks. We really came together as a great team. I can hear Antonia's voice, De
6 messages
07-19-06 09:09 PM
Rhonda's move to Colorado
According to Rhonda's latest blog, a she's just bought a condo somewhere in Colorado. And, t
4 messages
07-19-06 04:40 PM
Bunim/Murray's New Project
Looks like Bunim/Murray liked best what the fans liked least. Sure sounds a lot like Starting Over, doesn't it? Wonder if Rhonda and Dr Stan w
3 messages
07-17-06 03:54 PM
Roleplay Archive
I've been asked by several players about past games so here they are. If you're new to the board, you might enjoy reading some of the old thread
7 messages
07-17-06 02:05 AM
This site does not offer daily recaps of SO episodes. We have explored the possibility of providing these, but our regular posters are not interest
10 messages
07-16-06 04:37 PM
What happened Friday?
I missed Fridays' where some big thing was supposed to come out during group. The trailer showed Ronda insisting the women say what they really tho
0 messages
07-16-06 03:50 PM
Odds and Ends
Rana from Season 1 is coming to on Monday July 17 for a chat. Jill's chat was very interesting yesterday. There were
1 messages
07-14-06 12:45 PM
Young Black Entrepreneur - Name?
Did anyone catch the name of the young black entrepreneur who helped that one woman sell her necklaces?
2 messages
07-14-06 12:38 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 22 [View All]
Bad News Bulletin!!! Memo to all houseguests, life coaches, strange psychologists, and various other people hanging out at the
25 messages
07-11-06 04:00 AM
TV Guide and SO
Got my latest TV Guide in the mail and there are not one but two SO references within two pages of each other. One is about it being one
1 messages
07-11-06 00:15 AM
The new SO house [View All]
No, this is not a spoiler. In the spirit of the Lisa sightings (on the IHG thread), I thought you should know that B/M and NBC ha
46 messages
07-10-06 08:01 PM
Be the Houseguest Roleplay -Week 20 [View All]
Okay, let's get this show on the road! Someone did call the hot dog stand and inform them that we would be there, right? Wasn't that your
88 messages
07-10-06 10:18 AM
Really, why the demise of SO [View All]
Okay everyone, in your opinion, why do you really think Starting Over failed to succeed? I, like many, loved Season 1. And sea
75 messages
07-08-06 02:31 PM
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