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Karrine, Christina's "role model" now in porn
Found this link this morning: 96.htm I guess Karrine is now getting into p
1 messages
04-19-06 11:45 AM
Found this tidbit
Cincinnati, OH - Thirty or more reality television stars from shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, The Mole, Aver
2 messages
04-19-06 08:33 AM
Why don't they use their own bathrooms? [View All]
Okay we heard Kelly and Kim talking about using bathrooms in the morning and at night today. The HG's have a bathroom in their rooms that are fully
42 messages
04-19-06 00:47 AM
XXXtina's mentor, PORN STAR!
From Page Six: "April 18, 2006 -- KARRINE "Superhead" Steffans - the hip-hop hoochie who blabbed about hooking up with practicall
1 messages
04-18-06 07:42 PM
I hate the dining room chairs
they are big, clunky, and ugly. they have been an eyesore from day one. most interesting, they don't go with they table. i wonder if lisa%2
2 messages
04-18-06 09:47 AM
Jodi loves everybody? What's with that?
Why does Jodi fall apart when people leave the house? Bethany was there long enough to tell her story, get her steps, mull over staying or leavi
2 messages
04-18-06 08:25 AM
What do these guys do on weekends? I mean, I realize they have more "assignments" than what we see ... but there's got to be a lot of "do
9 messages
04-17-06 11:58 PM
double standard and bum's rush
I get really tired of the favoritism seen, when some hg's are in trouble everyday, like lanky Lisa the phoniest crier ever in SO house, or Jod
1 messages
04-17-06 11:48 PM
Niambi's my space
She uses the word "delicious"....nuff said. eaction=user.viewprofile&
4 messages
04-16-06 01:56 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 10 [View All]
*to the 320-person SO production staff* I suppose you're wondering why I've called you all here. So the alcohol is gone
Cygnus X1
42 messages
04-16-06 04:27 AM
List when and where S.O. is aired in your area! [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-08-05 AT 06:24 PM (EST)[/font] I thought it might be a good idea for everyone to list the city
160 messages
04-15-06 11:45 PM
Isn't that why they are in the Starting Over House?
I have been avidly watching SO for quite some time and just recently starting reading the boards here. One thing that I noticed is that t
14 messages
04-15-06 07:32 PM
air time changed
I live in Savannah, Ga. and SO normally comes on at 2PM, recently they have changed the time to 4AM!!!??? Has anyone else experienced
1 messages
04-15-06 05:09 PM
Blowing off steam?
Is it possible in the SO house? They can't drink now, there are rarely any real parties other than those that are part of an exercise and I can%
12 messages
04-15-06 02:10 PM
Is it just me or does it look like the ladies are constantly eating junk food?? [View All]
Is it just me or does it look like the ladies are constantly eating junk food? Jodi and Christie were eating a fudgesicals, Kelly was eating ice
33 messages
04-15-06 01:56 PM
Iyanla's cothing
I know I'm probably just one of a few people who love Iyanla's choice of clothing. I'm also a plus size and would love to know where she buys h
3 messages
04-14-06 11:57 PM
Double Standard Jodi and Food Addiction versus Alcohol Addiction
How come when it comes to a drinking addiction, EVERYONE in the house had to throw out ALL of the alcohol, yet, Jodi is expected to deal with he
12 messages
04-13-06 03:11 PM
Christie's response to Kelly's question?
Yesterday, when the group was in the kitchen after Lisa's graduation, Christie complimented Kim on how beautiful she was up at the podium when s
9 messages
04-13-06 02:05 PM
Starting Over Chat
We have discussed questions that have been raised over whether or not there is, or can be, an area added to the chat section for the discussion of
3 messages
04-12-06 09:42 PM
IV at group
Did anyone notice that IV, for the very first time, was silent during Bethany's story? This was probably very difficult for her to hear, as
19 messages
04-12-06 10:30 AM
Once again
Speculation about future shows takes place on the [b]Spoilers[/b] Forum. Nowhere else!
1 messages
04-11-06 08:40 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 9 [View All]
Whew. Another "graduation." Another Andy Paige [s]crime against fashion[/s] makeover. But at last, Lisa's gone.
Cygnus X1
26 messages
04-11-06 03:05 PM
kims perfect family
I thought they were a hoot! I was bummed when they kept cutting to lisa's haircut. (BTW Juan Juan and they call it Shwan shwan? give me a brea
0 messages
04-10-06 02:13 PM
Issues too big for the SO house to handle
The more and more I watch the show I think that some of the women have issues to big for the SO house to deal with. The severe childhood ab
3 messages
04-10-06 12:23 PM
That 70's Show
I found this exercise to be very enlightening. It was good for the ladies to look forward and think about what they would like to think about themselv
10 messages
04-08-06 06:48 PM
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