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CASSIE???? oh my GOD!!
i missed 4 episodes because i was away and the vcr did not do its job.... and today i am seeing cassie's face on my TV again??????
1 messages
03-21-06 09:45 PM
March 20, 2006
Are we allowed to have a thread to "discuss the episode?" This way we can discuss the entire show instead of just individual housemat
7 messages
03-21-06 07:17 PM
Is it weird... [View All]
That just a couple months ago, I use to TVO this show and now, I could care less if I even see it?
31 messages
03-21-06 10:17 AM
Christie & Cassie
I think this is great....Cassie should take a good look at Christie so she can see what would have happened to her son if she kept him....
6 messages
03-21-06 07:20 AM
Why can't this show pick anyone attractive to be on it?!!!!!!!!
DO they go out of their way to find these unattractive women? Don't any attractive women show up to their casting calls? I mean these are not ev
9 messages
03-20-06 04:46 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 4 [View All]
[i]Robert Wright NBC/Universal CEO Dear Bob, Don't you have e-mail? Did you see we're getting good
Cygnus X1
77 messages
03-20-06 03:51 PM
Are you adopted? If so, how would you feel if your biological parent contacted you? Have you ever looked for your biological parents? Was ther
2 messages
03-20-06 01:52 PM
Starting Over cookbook
Why doesnt the SO show come up with a cookbook available for sale on line. The stuff some of 'the girls' cook on there looks scrumptious!!!%
6 messages
03-20-06 10:54 AM
Anyone else think "Feeling safe" is out the window at SOH?
Remember way back when Tess threw a plate and there was an emergency meeting? The ladies of the SOH said that they didn't feel "safe" with Tes
20 messages
03-20-06 08:27 AM
keeping current
as i have said before, i have only been coming to this site a few days, so please be patient with me. i started watching this show beca
1 messages
03-19-06 11:04 PM
Product Placement
Did anyone else notice the product placements? Besides Curves, 24 Hour Fitness,and Omaha Steaks everytime they cleaned, they show a close up o
3 messages
03-19-06 09:38 PM
All hg's should be required to have their nemesis show up
Then, all the houseguests could feel what Kim felt with her mom showed up. I think Lisa's husband should show up or the woman he had an affair wi
11 messages
03-18-06 08:05 PM
Kim was the most attractive woman on the show as far as looks go.
As far as outward beauty, she sure takes the cake. She is one beautiful woman:D xxxooo to kimmie
1 messages
03-18-06 08:09 AM
I'm Not Getting It!! [View All]
I just don't understand why Iyanla is making Lisa take blame for the husband's infidelity. Why isn't he being blamed for his own actions?%3
33 messages
03-17-06 11:55 AM
I hope Kim luck
I can't beleive how insensitive Kim's roommates are to her. She has had to live with the knowledge that her mother abandonded her. She is not goin
0 messages
03-16-06 06:41 PM
Andy Paige and Rhonda's voices are exactly alike!
Whenever Andy is speaking, I have to do a double take because she talks [b]just[/b] like Rhonda! The voice, the way she emphasizes her
3 messages
03-16-06 04:15 PM
I am new here and didn't know if there was a thread already about Lisa 1. I didn't get to watch Starting Over for a few weeks because it wasn't
1 messages
03-16-06 11:37 AM
Life Coach Free Episode 3/15
Hey all! I swear it was the Dr Stan and Andy Paige show today. I did miss some of the show making lunch but where were the life coaches. I kind o
4 messages
03-16-06 07:30 AM
Has anyone gotten a load of Passages Malibu, that 12-step place Christie's going to? We were treated to a little bit of its opulence on the occa
5 messages
03-15-06 09:18 PM
Where is Iyanla???
I have been missing Iyanla. I know she was sick when Jill was still there...But she hasnt been around very much. Does anyone know where she has been%3
1 messages
03-15-06 03:04 PM
Curves [View All]
I think they're sending Jodi to Curves because it's one of SO's sponsors. Just like they sent Jill to Jenny Craig. I've seen Jenny Craig and C
21 messages
03-15-06 00:04 AM
Ok i really am starting do dislike Kim more and more it seems to me that she doesnt want to give her mother a chance to re-enter her life i know she h
3 messages
03-14-06 04:18 PM
Rhonda's fixation on Kim's childhood
I tried posting a similar thread to this in the Individual Houseguests forum but my thread was locked.Evidently LC discussions belong here.My mistake.
1 messages
03-14-06 02:59 PM
DAW levels of the SO ladies...
Kelly- DAW level : Botox 'waiting list' spokesperson Jodi- DAW level: 'Dog the bounty hunter' stunt double Lisa1- D
3 messages
03-14-06 01:25 PM
Couples ceremony flowers
My husband and I are renewing our vows in July. Does anyone remember what Rhonda said red and white roses together signify? I remember thinking.."
1 messages
03-13-06 07:40 PM
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