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this show is so awful
it takes all the fun out of engaging in criticism. whether it be the host, the cast,or the expert guests, its devastatingly
0 messages
08-15-00 08:32 PM
Is it just me...
Or would you rather see Chiquita Pugita win than any of the other "houseguests"?
Crazy Wubbles
2 messages
08-17-00 01:38 AM
Karens Banishment.
I was so Glad last night when Karen got voted out. I don't like the show it's boring, but I watched this last week just so I could see the
0 messages
08-17-00 03:32 PM
Whatever happened to...
Will and Jordan??? I think their 15 minutes of fame was really just that. The 15 minutes with Julie Chen, after they were banished. I know
0 messages
08-18-00 08:35 AM
jamie looks like she's always posing
is this girl real??? she seems to be fake and always aware of the camera. i'm not trying to hate on the girl or anything, in fact, i lik
4 messages
08-18-00 09:11 AM
Oh, The Humanity!
This group of hgs lacks flair. In a perfect world, we could vote people IN to the house. It would be a different sort of game....maybe
1 messages
08-18-00 06:04 PM
God Loves Curtis...
Because He turned the dim bulb in Karen's on. Seems that she now doubts Curtis voted for her, but " I really don't care who voted for me.....
3 messages
08-18-00 10:40 PM
Brittany the Tease
Betcha in the high school yearbook she was the one voted Most Likely to get date-raped.
6 messages
08-19-00 08:41 AM
What's with the challenges?
They aren't even real challenges. When I heard they will have challenges, I thought it would be just like survivor where they had to do something
1 messages
08-19-00 08:46 AM
Please, for the love of God,
STOP WATCHING THIS HORRIBLE PROGRAM!!!! I made the mistake of misplacing my remote last night during Survivor, and so I helplessl
4 messages
08-19-00 08:49 AM
Hmmmm innocent Brit....I am not so sure!
Check these pics out.....for someone who is such an innocent virgin..hmmm well you decide!!! http://users3.
6 messages
08-19-00 10:30 AM
or do all of the houseguests seem to be talking like Brittany? I swear to god I finished watching my beloved Survivor the TV was stil
2 messages
08-19-00 03:48 PM
Karen must go...
If you haven't called in to banish Karen, please do so before she hurts somebody in that place!
7 messages
08-19-00 10:52 PM
Come Join The Theme Song Hate Society!!!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-17-00 AT 07:57 AM (EST)[/font] Seriously, could they please replace it with "Feelings" o
6 messages
08-20-00 12:53 PM
Cass is the MOST annoying HG!!!
It's so obvious that she has no interest in the other HG's, but does she have to be so rude about it?? I tuned in last night to h
0 messages
08-23-00 07:44 AM
Karen - Instant Karma ws/story.tmpl?table=n&cat=50800&id=200008221632000129084 Karen banished from
0 messages
08-23-00 10:36 AM
BB not always what it seems
Read this article and find out why... < 2000/08/22/bb_web/index.html
2 messages
08-24-00 11:08 PM
How would you piss off Big Brother
If you were in the house, what would you do to personally piss off the head honcho himself? I would personally go into the red room like every 35
3 messages
08-24-00 11:23 PM
Is there anyway to...
manipulate the call-in voting so that the 6 people "marked for banishment" (ooooh) today can all be tied in the vote so that they all get elim
1 messages
08-25-00 11:00 AM
Big Bubba Bozos Miss Survivor!
Well, now I kinda feel sorry for the boobs. They don't get to watch TV tonite! :)
1 messages
08-25-00 11:37 AM
Sending another plane!
They are talking about sending another plane & banner to fly over the house if they can get enough people to donate the money. You can even vote fo
0 messages
08-27-00 07:47 AM
In for a surprise !!!
Hi, I'm new to this forum, and yes, I'll admit that it was because I spent all my time on the SB board. So if no one minds, actually I do
3 messages
08-27-00 02:13 PM
Where are they now???
Mega, Jordan, Karen? What happened to them? Is anyone following up on the Banished houseguests? I haven't heard a thing... It just goes
2 messages
08-28-00 10:45 AM
Will Someone PLEASE Explain this Show ?????
Hi all!, I watched the last part of BB tonite. This is actually only the third time I have had the pleasure <smirk> to witness thi
4 messages
08-28-00 11:06 AM
bb producers are evil.
that was really mean what they did with eddy in the red room... i was really happy to see him win. I was suprised that they had 'reward challenges%
3 messages
08-28-00 01:45 PM
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