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Worst Contestants Ever!
All of the contestants this season are bad, with very little talent. It was a set up from the beginning. Carrie was Simon's chosen one from the
10 messages
07-07-05 06:48 PM
Song one tie, two definitely to Bo three to Carrie.. Bo wins!
I would say there was a tie in the first round but when Bo sang vehicle he knocked it out of the park for good securing victory. Carrie hits high octa
2 messages
06-29-05 07:15 PM
Carries Flash back :P
:P Did anyone notice Carries flash back at the ending of her last song had been changed. In the performance her voice cracked up at the end when sh
4 messages
06-29-05 07:08 PM
Clay Aiken
Does anyone have any news on Clay, and when he's going to record and possibly release a followup to "Measure Of A Man"? I remembe
1 messages
06-20-05 02:15 PM
Could Paula Abdul win American Idol?
Reset her age to the time when she first broke into music, assume she makes it to the twelve who'll be voted on by the public, and put the new j
8 messages
05-29-05 11:34 AM
song requests for BO and CARRIE!
if i could choose the songs for Bo and Carrie i would choose "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynrd Skynrd and "Desperado" by the Eagles for Bo, and
9 messages
05-27-05 10:33 PM
Guess Paula's Distinguishing Characteristic
According to the New York Daily News, Corey Clark is about to go on the offensive. Or be offensive. Itís hard to decide. You can read for yourself
Devious Weasel
17 messages
05-26-05 03:31 PM
If given the opportunity Bo should sing a song from the band Creed maybe "higher". He sounds a lot like the lead singer Scott.
8 messages
05-25-05 10:11 AM
what's with the shades?
Why does Bo feel he needs to wear the sunglasses all the time lately? Hung over? Stoned? Needs to hide? What's up? http:%
19 messages
05-25-05 07:47 AM
bo dice [View All]
If Bo wants to win and be the next American Idol, he must sing "SWEET CHILD OF MINE" by Guns and Roses next week!!!!!!!!
115 messages
05-23-05 01:41 PM
Vonzell 4/12 [View All]
am i the only one not all that impressed w/ Vonzell? Yeah, she can sing, but unlike others (Const, Bo, Nadia) i think she's doing m
28 messages
05-22-05 04:06 AM
Should Randy produce Bo or Carrie's album?
This has been something I am very concerned about. I have no clue if Randy has experience producing a country album, but maybe they should get someo
1 messages
05-20-05 05:06 PM
Link to Bo's a cappella
Does anyone have a link to a clip of his a cappella performance? I missed it and have heard so much about it. Any help would be
2 messages
05-20-05 03:20 PM
Bo, Bo, Bo
Would it have killed you to wear shoes? ds/User_files/3f414a577bdc1efa.gif
Devious Weasel
17 messages
05-19-05 05:56 PM
Will the ACMA's effect Carrie's voting?
Bad luck for Carrie as the Academy of Country Music Awards is tonight of all nights. Does anyone feel like I do that this is very detramental to Carri
5 messages
05-19-05 00:27 AM
Simon's Strategies
Here's my theory for this season: Simon loves Carrie (that's obvious) and he has to know that his comments spark huge knee-jerk votes from
17 messages
05-18-05 08:20 PM
Why was Vonzel so upset last night? Why did Paula ask her if she was OK?
20 messages
05-18-05 02:14 PM
Vonzel May Go Tonight
Vonzel seemed out of her element last night. She appeared to not do as well as Bo and Carrie and was very nervous. It may come down to Carrie vs Bo.
Former CBSer
2 messages
05-18-05 12:14 PM
ROMANCE [View All]
has anyone ever heard anything about romance between any of the american idol contestants. im not sure why i ask that but every time i watch the show
24 messages
05-17-05 09:32 PM
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