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Lil Rounds sigpic
Could someone please make me a Lil Rounds sigpic? If so, I'd really appreciate it. Belle Book
Belle Book
2 messages
03-12-09 03:19 PM
What is the deal with Tatianna?? [View All]
OK, I'm not going to be very nice here, but have a choice to agree or disagree, right? Just don't bite the messenger.
47 messages
03-06-09 08:13 PM
David Cook Single - Light On
Have you heard it? Waddayathink? It is very reminiscent of those power ballads from the 80's. Much better than Time of Your Life. Looking fo
11 messages
03-04-09 01:49 PM
I'm voting for Nick.
Because he was entertaining. Because he made me laugh. Because he would be the bright spot in every week. But most of all, because it'll kill S
9 messages
03-02-09 02:15 PM
Merle Osmond's Son
What happened to Donny Osmond's nephew who made it to Hollywood? I never saw him competing after he was suppose to be there?
3 messages
02-20-09 06:28 AM
Not to be mean, but wow-what was with Jackie Tohn's outfit??
I thought she was going to sing something from 'Dirty Dancing' in that Jazzercize outfit! Do these people not get some coaching from the hair a
6 messages
02-19-09 02:18 PM
Design For The Worst!
As some of y'all know, I'm a frustrated participant in the My Coke Rewards program -- which is allied with [b]American Idol[/b]. You
2 messages
02-18-09 03:23 PM
Joanna out, Felicia back in
Shortly after the West Coast saw the Final 36 show end, Fox has announced that Joanna Pacitti has be disqualified! http://www.rea
8 messages
02-14-09 12:43 PM
Lovin' my Milwaukee boys!!
Recently widowed Dave, and his buddy, can't remember his name-DARN! Vern? Victor? Whoever. Anyway, they both made it through, and de
10 messages
02-12-09 09:24 AM
Simon All you ever say is this is a singing competition. I fond you to be very inappropriate when it came to bikini girl. You looked like
1 messages
02-10-09 11:27 AM
OK, Taking a poll here: who would you like to see go through ds/User_files/482d81c622e14c54.jpg ds%2
6 messages
02-04-09 10:23 PM
Von Smith expression tracker.
So far, I've spotted three. 1. I am about to eat a frog. 2. I am currently eating a frog. 3. I am the frog.
4 messages
02-04-09 04:10 PM
Chris Sligh video performing "Here Comes Goodbye"; the song he wrote for Rascal Flatts
"Here Comes Gooodbye" is the new single off Rascal Flatts' new album and AI alum Chris Sligh wrote it. Here he is performing it: h
0 messages
01-28-09 04:06 PM
Pretty hilarious video
Here's a pretty hilarious video that Brian Dunkleman (the co-host from the first season) made about his decision to quit the show and living wit
0 messages
01-25-09 07:08 PM
Who is this FIERCE Contestant from NYC!??
I guess my original post was misunderstood. My user name refers to my website where im in DIER NEED to find out info on this contesta
1 messages
01-16-09 01:50 PM
I saw him tonight and he told Simon off then fell to the floor OMG! WHO IS HE!?? [img]http://dontfeedtheartist.files.word
1 messages
01-16-09 09:18 AM
The average and unattractive need not apply.
As Kara puts her foot in her mouth during Week #1. (Yes, we all knew this already -- but you're not supposed to say it out loud.) %
0 messages
01-15-09 10:43 AM
You will fall in love, I did
Nikki Tranquillo eaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=414147439
6 messages
01-08-09 10:41 AM
Paris Bennett gives birth to a baby girl
Former American Idol contestant Paris Bennett gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday, check out this article for more details. htt
2 messages
11-24-08 06:17 PM
Forum restored
This forum data has been restored Thanks, SB
0 messages
11-13-08 07:23 PM
Brandon Rogers Releases New Single Titled "Broken"
So check this out guys and gals! Brandon Rogers from American Idol Season 6 has just released a new single! The title of the track is "Broken"
0 messages
09-13-08 00:32 AM
ACE YOUNG whose lovin it?
Hey guys! Long time no see for good ol Ace, but has anyone checked out his new album? It came out like a month ago, I streamed it on imeem and
1 messages
09-09-08 08:04 PM
All for four.
Because three people voting couldn't tie. Because the opinion of a [i]sober[/i] female would be a refreshing change. %0
5 messages
08-26-08 08:50 AM
Clay Aiken to be a Dad
According to TMZ and other sources: -impregnates-someone/ I'm sure h
3 messages
08-15-08 12:28 PM
Ryan Seacrest is hosting the 2008 Emmy's
What isn't Ryan hosting these days...but I have to admit...I love him! I think it will be fun to see him host along with the other 4 hosts (Heid
0 messages
08-13-08 06:07 PM
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