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American Idol 5: Official 'Simon is a big, fat, doodiehead' thresd.
[font color = purple]All retorts to Simon's unfair assessments of the contestants should be placed here. http://community.rea
11 messages
01-20-06 01:32 PM
Crazy Dan?
Wasn't that the name of the bare-footed flake who kept waving his arms? Why is he going to Hollywood? He really was not that good and his schtic
9 messages
01-20-06 11:07 AM
A Question That Really Must Be Answered
It's been almost 3 years now, and I really can't figure it out. Recently I received an iPod. And of course (along with "Vehichle"
11 messages
01-19-06 10:05 PM
Bo Bice's "The Real Thing"
Bo has hit a homerun w/ his debut CD. I went and bought it the morning of the day it was released. Its a damn good CD, and i think he is going t
13 messages
01-19-06 05:37 PM
Justin Guarini's New Jazz CD -- you can listen to clips and buy it now at
Just thought I'd give anyone who's interested a heads-up. Justin released his new jazz cd this week. You can order it at his new site, Jus
1 messages
12-12-05 04:56 PM
Bo's CD Pushed Back
I was scanning to see if any title information had be released for Bo's debut CD, and I see now its been pushed back a couple weeks.%
0 messages
10-25-05 08:09 PM
new jim verraros pic
did u see the pic of jim verraros? that pic is really nice~!!
Master B
0 messages
10-21-05 03:45 PM
las vegas
hey i heard that if u go to the cingular store on east flamingo this saturday u can win a pass to skip the audition line at the final auditions in veg
1 messages
10-06-05 12:08 PM
Paula is now being investigated
If I were her, I would throw in the towel. n_en_tv/tv_idol_inquiry
4 messages
10-02-05 07:31 PM
OMG guys so my boyfriend interns at US Weekly and they have pictures of LaToya and Usher out to dinner in LA a couple of nights ago...can u believe th
3 messages
10-01-05 08:24 PM
Bo Bice
Any word on the progress Bo is making on his debut CD? With his illness and medical condition, i'm sure it will be delayed. Any info appreciat
2 messages
09-30-05 09:48 PM
George Huff on Inside Edition. New Orleans
They were with him when he went back to see what had happened in New Orleans where he grew up. The Apartments he grew up in were OK, but
0 messages
09-12-05 07:11 PM
According to last week's Entertainment Weekly, Mikaylah will be playing Fran Drescher's cousin on Fran's TV show. http://com
Devious Weasel
1 messages
09-09-05 04:06 PM
[font size="1"]http://community.rea- [table style= "filter:gl
3 messages
09-09-05 02:03 PM
the concert tour
i went to one of the concerts on tour the other night. it was really great. everyone sounded awesome. constantine and carrie got the loudest applau
0 messages
09-03-05 12:56 PM
Paula is staying on American Idol
Why would she put up with all the hastle of it. n_tv/american_idol_abdul%0
2 messages
08-21-05 11:50 PM
Josh Gracin's video
His current video, something about a bed, is running the top 10 on is VERY racy. Anyone seen it? He is married and the girl he is get
3 messages
08-16-05 09:18 AM
Carrie on Ellen
Yesterday, 6/8, Carrie was on the Ellen show. Interview was the same old "I wasn't sure if he really called my name," etc.... Then she
4 messages
08-12-05 12:44 PM
JPL is still around!
[font color="maroon"]From Foxes on Idol (RNO): [i]Jon Peter Lewis a.k.a. JPL, is booked as the headline performer for
3 messages
08-11-05 11:52 PM
Bo's marriage
I'm surprised no one's talking about this here! Any thoughts, anyone? Let me start by saying I wish them the best. I'm all for marriage
4 messages
08-10-05 11:58 PM
Latoya's New Single
Has anyone heard her new single Apperciate? My aunt just sent me the video, cuz she works at universal, so she always knows what is going on in
0 messages
08-03-05 05:45 PM
I have been noticing that Simon's opinion is all that matters to the contestants. When Randy starts talking, you can see that the contestants
8 messages
08-03-05 07:24 AM
Kelly Clarkson
hey guys, just wondering if anyone saw Kelly's live performance sunday, July 17, in Miami, FL. I thought it was really awesome, she sounde
2 messages
08-02-05 11:50 AM
Kit Katt Carrie?
Hey all, was that Carrie Underwood I caught a glimpse of doing a 'Kit Katt' commercial? I just caught the last 5 seconds of the commercial,
3 messages
07-29-05 09:39 AM
Bo's Music
Hi all - Have we all recovered from AI withdrawel yet? Anyway, over the past couple of weeks, I've picked up Bo's sing
1 messages
07-24-05 03:09 PM
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