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Conferences American Idol Individual Contestant and Judge Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Courtney Love?
An American Idol [|ju- ge]? How fun! ds/
8 messages
02-03-07 03:32 AM
Paula drunker than ever!
[ w&eurl=|Paula was interviewed on Q13] (a Fox station in Seattle). Apparently, she had
14 messages
01-31-07 10:51 AM
Nakia - New york audition
This girl stole my heart. I was so sad for her when they told her no. It almost seemed that they where going to let her thru but then changed their mi
3 messages
01-29-07 08:28 AM
Edgy Blonde Girl who worked on her body for a year for Idol
Early fan of hers. Her voice is unique and sounds way older than her age. She's just different. Too many of the female good singers sound alike.
Jadens Mommy
8 messages
01-28-07 01:18 PM
Count me as a Jason Head fan
Jason Head, yes, or "Sundance" as he was known, is my early favorite to win it all. Simon was absolutely right. Plus, the guy's built li
Colonel Zoidberg
4 messages
01-25-07 08:32 AM
Simon was way out of line yesterday
I am soooo used to Simon's cutting remarks and merciless criticism, I don't even cringe anymore. Most of the people [i] are [/i] real
4 messages
01-22-07 07:34 PM
taylor Hicks
I think that he should not have won. I think the Mcphee should have. But i really wanted Chris to win he was my fav. sence the begining!!!!%
2 messages
01-22-07 07:30 PM
Helloooo....helloooohelloooohello... [View All]
*echo* Is anyone here? *Sings Prince song, taps dances and juggles* Early stand-outs from tonight? Any disagreemen
32 messages
01-19-07 11:56 PM
Season 5ÖPatrick Hall did a video
Well, Iím totally stoked about the new season coming up next week, arenít you? Have you ever been curious to know what the cast from AI Seas
0 messages
01-13-07 10:08 PM
A remake I'd like to see: Fantasia covering "River Deep, Mountain High" by Ike & Tina Turner. This is one of my favorite songs from the 6
6 messages
01-12-07 06:00 PM
Pickler - "Tonight Show" Correspondent
If you haven't seen this, you MUST see it. I never thought i'd say it, but she's brilliant in this. She should be doing this and NOT singi
6 messages
01-12-07 05:59 PM
Taylor Hicks, Idol Dishonest, Rule Breaskers???
Rumor from some record industry folks in Hollywood is that Hicks copyrighted someone else's song as his own for his current CD. rumor also that Hic
3 messages
01-12-07 05:52 PM
Daughtry Performance On Versus This Weekend!
FYI, you guys - Daughtry is going to be performing on the VS Invitational bullriding event from Madison Square Garden on January 6th at 7:30! I%
uglier than sarah w
2 messages
01-10-07 09:47 AM
Taylor Hicks HAS done what no other Idol could do
hi all - I finally picked up Taylor's CD this weekend. I had listened to it online, but i finally sat down w/ the headphones and had
2 messages
01-04-07 12:32 PM
My Destiny Katherine McPhee
Simon is right. I just listened to Katherine's "My Destiny" and it is awful. Of course, Simon was also right about "Somewhere over the Rai
14 messages
12-13-06 08:32 PM
Taylor Hicks sings national anthem ...
Photos of Taylor Hicks during his trip to Miami for the Nascar race where he sang the national anthem ...
0 messages
11-23-06 00:11 AM
Taylor Hicks...SEXY???
People Magazine is actually featuring Taylor Hicks as one of the Sexiest Bachelors?! Come ON! He's talented, and spastically entertaining%
11 messages
11-20-06 11:44 AM
Keep CONSTANTINE off the stage!!!!
OMG!!! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I logged in to see the news story about Constantine negotiating for a
3 messages
11-20-06 09:22 AM
America's Next Top Model Finalist....9/20/2006
Made a huge mistake by not putting Becky from cali in the final. I thought Becky should have made it in the finals b/c I do see a model in her. T.B.
0 messages
09-21-06 00:21 AM
Clay Aiken
Hi All - I don't believe i was using this forum during Season Two, but I was a huge Clay fan then, and thought he would take it all.
0 messages
09-18-06 10:03 AM
whats up w/ Ruben
Anyone know when Ruben is coming out w/ new cd or going on tour or anything? He is such a talented singer, I would love to see him in concert
5 messages
08-04-06 04:49 PM
Melissa needs to find a new agent
This strikes me as quite sad and screams "GET A NEW AGENT!!" She is way more talented than this. Why would she agree to this? C
4 messages
08-02-06 11:50 AM
Taylor Hick - Ford Commercial
Maybe Ford asked him not to spazz so much on their commercial, but his performance seems kind of bland. Not the good old Taylor stamp on it. And s
5 messages
07-11-06 10:03 PM
Voters All OVER
Personally, I was in love with American Idol this season-never missed an episode. I also beleive that the votes are messy sometimes. Honestly, it
0 messages
07-04-06 09:38 PM
Tayloy Hicks Wows Stadium of Fire Crowd July 1
30,000 people, essentially a sold out venue, gathered on July 1, 2006 for music, phone calls from families to troops, and fireworks. Le An
1 messages
07-03-06 09:32 AM
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